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Age of Exploration: Ch. 1 - The War of Retribution
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April 15th, 1919

While work progresses steadily at the German Coalition’s exploratory mine, they have begun production of a ICBM silo. Along with having three missile silos,  it also has enough room to house ground forces,  and will immeasurably increase their military might. It will be finished in roughly one year from now.

The other empires are also pursuing their own mines, unknown to the Germans. The Russians in particular, have been making great progress towards this goal.

June 13th, 1920

The Germans have completed their first nuclear-armed missile base. An espionage team from the Commune of France however, has discovered the location of this base. The team is pinned down in a downtown city block, encircled by National Guard, while William the 2nd (German Coalition) and Josette Bureau (Commune of France) are participating in a heated debate.  Presedent Bureau is threatening to make their new weapon public to the other nations, while William is attempting to capture the French espionage team.

June 15th, 1920

German soldiers have raided the complex that the French espionage team were located at. Shots were fired, ten Germans were killed, and two of the French commandos before the assault was called off. President Bureau was outraged by this act of aggression, and there is yet another fierce argument between her and William. Forces on both sides are at the borders ready to receive orders, and things are looking down for a peaceful resolution to this.

June 14th, 1920

The Germans have launched another assault on the complex, and successfully surrounded the French commandos, who were then forced to surrender after one of them was wounded. They are then transported by truck to a military base in Berlin, and a room is transformed into a makeshift jail cell. William II has ordered a full interrogation, with any non-lethal force authorized. President Bureau is in the dark about what has happened to their team still.

June 17th, 1920

The Germans have had no success in procuring any sort of information from the team. William II has alerted President Bureau to this, and within hours, a trade is brokered - A non-aggression pact for ten years,  and not to alert the other nations to the presence of their new weapon. In exchange, the Germans will return the remaining members of the team unharmed, and restart trade between their two nations.

April 12th, 1921

The German Coalition have unlocked the secrets of Trans-Newtonian Physics, and are the first nation to enter thins new age. Immediately, they begin construction of more mines, and improved construction factories.

July 19th, 1921

During a party at The Commune of France’s embassy,  some drunken French soldiers severely beat and hospitalized the Russian ambassador. When President Matveyev heard of this outrage, he immediately mobilized his army, and started invading France. The German Coalition, seeing this opportunity as a excellent way to cripple the Russian Empire, joined the Commune of France to “Aid in the defence of our friends against the unprovoked Russian aggression.“ Both countries goals are to cripple the Russian Army,  while the Russians will aim at damaging the Commune of France economically, as well as militarily.

OOC: While, time to tell the French to engage the Ru-ohhhhh, nice move France, attacking someone when you don’t even have a army…

July 21st, 1921

The Germans have engaged the Russian 1st Armoured Division in combat, however the Russians pushed them back, reducing them to a estimated 88% combat effectiveness with no major casualties of their own. The Russians entered French territory, and are now attacking cities.

July 26th, 1921

Another German attack, but the Russians defended valiantly, and reduced the attacking 1st Infantry to 77% combat effectiveness.

July 27th, 1921

With no noticeable resistance, the Russians left one infantry batallion to continue attacking France, and took one armoured and one infantry battalion to attack Germany. The Germans are refusing to use their missile base,  because while it is true that they could wipe the Russian battalions off  the face of the earth, it would mean firing on their main industrial centres, and France, and it is not a loss that they are willing to accept. That may change though…

August 20th, 1921

A lot has happened in the war in this past month. The Russians have recruited three battalions of militia, and sent them to Germany. The Germans crushed one of the militia groups down to 50% effectiveness, and a infantry division down to 91% effectiveness. The siege of Germany is going well asides from the losses, and the Germans are being pushed back.

November 19th, 1921

With the war nearing winter, it has been fairly quiet. The Russians reduced the German 1st armoured down to 67% effectiveness, and are also reported to be developing a new combat doctrine, as well as equipment for a extremely effective defensive unit.

December 23rd, 1921

The Russians and Germans have agreed to suspend all combat actions for Christmas eve and Christmas day. That did not stop the Russians from attacking both of the German infantry divisions a day before it, and crippling both of them, down to half their original strength. The Russian units are still mostly intact, and the war appears to be going in the Russians favour. The British Empire is refusing to take sides, as they are not willing to loose what little they have left.

January 1st, 1922

The Russians have again decimated the Germans now, lowering their total combat effectiveness to 17% William II has reluctantly authorized the use of the missile bases on Russian civilian population, though it is unaware what effects the missiles might have. The silo immediately fires three nuclear missiles, targeted at major Russian industrial sectors.

Twenty-two minutes later

All three German missiles strike, with devastating results. While the silo’s are reloading, Russian administrators tally the damage. In total, the losses were:

1.8m civilian casualties
1 construction factory
1 research lab
1 maintenance facility
11 CI

However, the first salvo only made the Russians angrier, and now all their forces focus on the extermination of Germany. President Matveyev personally ordered all troops to minimize German infrastructure and industrial damage, as they would need to commandeer it to restore themselves to full strength.

January 3rd, 1922

The Germans have launched a second salvo of missiles at the Russians, this time killing 2.3 million civilians, and completely destroying 14 conventional industry. While the Russians don’t know how many more missiles they have, they still press forward.

The British Empire has now stepped in to destroy the Germans weapon, as it poses a considerable threat to everyone. Their troops have been mobilized, and are crossing the Atlantic right now, to Russia’s aid.

January 4th, 1922

A further salvo of three nuclear missiles hits Russia, killing 1.7m, as well as a large fraction of their industrial capacity, and the Russian Military Academy has collapsed on itself and in completely useless.
Russian scientists are recording rather deadly facts about these new weapons, their proof being the thick layer of dust that has been blanketing the Earth for the past four days.

January 5th, 1922

The last German missile has been launched. 0.6m civilian casualties have been reported, the Russian Deep Space Observatory has had it’s dome punctured and the dish rendered inoperable. Russian scientists have found an extremely deadly side-effect of nuclear weapons - they emit large amounts of radiation - small particles that mutate DNA, and that they stir up a large cloud of dust that can reduce the earths average temperature until it disperses. The scientists have invented a new scale to judge how severe it is, and rated the radiation and dust levels to be at 60, that means that the surface temperature will be half a degree lower, and the radiation will cause a estimated 0.6%  decrease in industrial complex efficiency, and 0.15% percent less growth due to the radiation.

February 21st, 1922

The Russian and British armies have restarted the invasion of Germany. However, when the Russian battalions begun massacring German civilians, (0.025m of them to be exact), a British battalion turned on them, and started shooting. The Russians killed almost half of them in a bloody week long battle before they retreated. The British Empire states that they went rogue, and were not acting on orders. Moreover, they no not sanction the act of killing the German population. Even so, relations are tense between them. The Russians have  eliminated one German infantry battalion, and the remaining two are at 5% effectiveness. Germany has tried surrendering to the Russians, but they have cut off all communication with them.

May 4th, 1922

All German solders have been killed, except those defending the Reichstag, so almost all German resistance has been neutralized. Russia is still not accepting a surrender, and is continuing to massacre German civilians.

May 6th, 1922

Two very very angry Russian infantry battalions, and the 1st armoured showed up on the Reichstag’s doorstep. After several insults were exchanged, the Russians started firing.

May 7th, 1922

Russian troops have broken through the outer perimeter, and are now trying to pierce into the building itself.

May 9th, 1922

The 1st Infantry have broken through, and are now clearing out the rooms in search of William II.

May 10th, 1922 01:16

Cathrine Petrinko and her bodyguards kicked open a door, and found William II. Killing his loyalists, they shot him in the leg, and carried him off like a prize of war. Sevral minutes later, they radio’d  General-Mayor Matysh Yerogav about their success, who quickly passed it on to President Matveyev.

May 14th, 1922

There was a great feast for all the commanding officers that lead the war, including the President. While they were celebrating, William II was chained to a chair in the interrogation room, with soldiers from the 1st Infantry “playing” with him. The Russian Militia was left in Germany to quell any unrest that was sure to happen, while the Governor General was preparing to annex Germany.

May 20th, 1922

The German Coalition has been annexed by Russia, all German citizens will be granted citizenship, and the country will be absorbed into the Russian Empire.


British Empire:
Population: 26m
Maintenance Facilities: 5
CI: 40
Research Labs: 1

Commune of France:
Population: 45m
Maintenance Facilities: 5
CI: 84
Research Labs: 1

Russian Empire:
Population: 250m
Maintenance Facilities: 8
Construction Factories: 7
CI: 222
Mines: 8
Research Labs: 2

Editors Note:
I did not see a war of this scale happening on the first episode, but hey, fighting is fun right?

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Re: Age of Exploration: Ch. 1 - The War of Retribution
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Oh dear. It's looking like it's going to be Age of Space Russians. Oo