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Age of Exploration: Ch. 3 - La Monde Russe
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January 2, 1927

The first Russian spacecraft has been designed today, and is already slated for construction. The Kiev Geological Survey Vessel has a max speed of 2000km/s, has enough fuel for three years. Once the shipyard has expanded, construction will start.

March 24th, 1927

Expansions to the shipyard have been completed, and the keel has been set for a new survey vessel. It’s first mission will to survey mars, and drop a geosurvey team on it to check for any minerals that they missed.

January 27th, 1928

Retooling of the shipyard has taken longer than expected due to neutronium shortages.  However, construction has begun on the ship, and it should be ready by October this year.

October 16th, 1928

The geosurvey ship has been launched. There is celebration across the globe , as the team boards the ship. Moments later, the ship departs from view in seconds, headed to Mars.

November 2nd, 1928

The geosurvey of Mars has been completed, and the team dropped off. There is Tritanium at a good accessibility, and a few others at low accessibility, but the amazing thing is that there is a partially intact abandoned colony on Mars, of unknown origin. The Geosurvey ship was going to start surveying the other planets, but it has been postponed to pick up a Xenology team.

June 11th, 1931

It has been going extremely slow for the past two years, with not much progress being made on translating the Martian ruins. A colony ship and cargo ship have been transported, but their construction will have to wait until the shipyard is expanded. Also, a new civilian shipyard is under construction.

August 7th, 1931

A sudden breakthrough on Mars today. The Xenology team have translated the language used on the ruins, the old inhabitants are known as The Bellassa Coalition, A highly advanced civilization (Classified TL5 by the team). There are 283 potential recovery sites, but that will have to wait until a Engineer Battalion can be transported there.

April 3rd, 1932

The first Mobile Infantry Battalion has been trained. While being slightly more expensive to maintain, they use Fast-Transport troopships to airdrop them to any battle on a planet. They have roughly the same defensive strength as a garrison battalion, but are also much more offensively powerful than regular infantry.

May 11th, 1933

The shipyard is now large enough to build 15000 ton ships, the exact size of the troop transport. It is being retooled for it now. One of our scientist have modified rail guns to be used by ground troops. They use battery power to launch small slugs at immense speeds, and will not jam. This is estimated to increase per-soldier effectiveness by atleast 20%.

May 15th, 1933

We have exhausted the Earths supply of Boronide, with Sorium estimated to run out within 4 years, Tritium and Gallacite within 7 years, and the others ranging from 27-250 years. Mars has large quantities of all but 3 Trans-Newtonian minerals, though some are at low accessibility. We have roughly ten years before this mineral loss will become critical, making the restoration of the Mars colony even more important - it no doubt will have some mining and industrial capacity, all we have to do is man the installations.

August 11th, 1934

The geosurvey team on Mars have finally, after six whole years, completed a full geosurvey of Mars. It is now clear as to why the aliens settled here - it is indeed a mineral-rich planet. Also, the troop transport will be finished in roughly five days if there is no delays.

August 16th, 1934

The troop transport has been launched, and is now transporting the engineer battalion. It will then start transporting troops to the colony to defend the engineers if anything should happen.

August 26th, 1934

One of the two space-faring corporations Vorokov Carrier Corporation has launched a Moskva Colony Ship. They will not be able to transport civilians to Mars or any other colony until cargo ships are constructed to bring infrastructure to other planets. Having civilian corporations controlling civilian aspects only makes sense, so no government controlled Colony ships will be build for the near future.

May 20th, 1935

The first recovery operation on Mars proved the building to be beyond repair, but a few months later, they discovered six highly advanced sensors that seem to detect gravity wells. It is not known what these could be used for, but they will be kept in the archives for later.

June 17th, 1935

Our engineers have restored a commercial spaceport from the abandoned city. It is running on computer control, though it is doubtful it will see much use for the near future.

December 25th, 2936

A total of four civillian ships have been launched, however they seem content with using 15000 ton ships as shuttles around Earth. A government controlled cargoship has therefore been slated for construction.


Population: 378m
Maintenance Facilities: 8
Construction Factories: 102
CI: 72
Mines: 53
Research Labs: 5
Fuel Refineries: 10
Ordinance Factories: 10
Fighter Factories: 10

Population: 0m
Mines: 2
Commercial Spaceport Level 1

272 Alien Installations
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