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WWIII Reborn: Prologue and Setup
« on: August 17, 2012, 08:41:35 AM »
WWIII Reborn

In December 2014, Spain's head of state declares a financial crack.  Spain can't repay debts, pensions, salaries, and Obbligations.
At that time, 120 Billions of euros were ready for use into BCE's caveau.  France, Germany and UK declared that the crysis showed
the world that the states couldn't repay loans.  In January 2015, Spanish civilians broke into BCE's caveau, along with Italians,
Irish, Portuguese and Greek people.  They take with them BCE's president.  When outside, they found UK, French, and Deutsch armies.
After the civilians refused to leave the cash (Gold, Stock actions, properties), the military forces open fire on the civilians.
This started WWIII.


JEA (Justice and Economy Alliance)

Czech Republic
USA (Joined in 6th March, the "Marsh Marcher" Operation Beginning)
Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand (Joined after 6th march events)
Croatia, Slovenja, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia (Joined after Serbian attack)
Turkey (Joined to gain territories from Bulgaria)
India (Joined in January 2016 to prevent further advance of chinese)

PENP (Preservation of the Economy and Nation Powers)

Baltic Countries
South Africa (Joined with UK as leader of the African Union)
China (Joined in April, as a result of a Trade embargo from JEA)
Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Albania (Joined after diplomatic insult)

Third Parties:

Pakistan: Declares war on Iran and then Iraq.

Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, (2016) Bangladesh and Malaysia, Thailandia and Birmania:
Indochinan war breaks off.

Indonesia: As a result of indochinan war, Indonesia quickly conquers Malaysia, and attacks New Guinea.

War outcomes:

Third parties:

Pakistan devoids of life Iran and Iraq.  100 million Shiite people die.  Sunni Alliance is formed.

Indochina.  Thailandia annex Cambodia.  India annex Bangladesh.

Indonesia annexes Malaysia and New Guinea.

(African Union annexes Australia.  The two forces destruct each other and riots cover the Australian land. )

Indonesia sneaks in and occupies Australia and New Zealand.

Oceania is formed.

Main war (Europe):

JEA avoids taking big chunks of territory.  Serbia is splitted between Kosovo, macedonia and Bosnia.
Nice and Savoy are italian.  Small parts of unrelevant french territories are Spanish.
Ireland gains northern Ireland from UK.  People are Happy of the new UE.
Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania join UE.  Referendum are indicted in Maghreb nations.  All join UE.
Turkey is allowed to join UE.  Eastern europeans were skeptical about industrialyzing promises from JEA,
but now their economies run smoothly.  Al qaeda cells are destroyed without pity.  A proper running UE is set for 2027.

(USA): No changes.  Wait, 26 M dead for an ICBM (New York is now a group of ruins) plus 24 M dead into war ops aren't "no changes". 

(East): Afghanistan joins Sunni Alliance.  More than 110 M Shiite people are dead.  Pakistani intelligence saves infos from leaking.
Actually, 110 M died across all Sunni alliance for "Spontaneous Shiite suicide" and "Shiite riots suppressed".

(Far East): Korea Joins Japanese Federation.  Philippines and Taiwan Join asking Protection.  Sakhalin, Kurils and Kamchatka join Japan.
Evidences for Prisons and genetic experiments are found in Kamchatka.  Tibet is released as sovereign state under Indian federation

(Africa): African Union loses all Maghreb.

2030 Setup:

World Population: 5350 Millions (-1. 9 Billions from peak population in 2015)

European Union

CI: 1500
RF: 15
GF: 6 AD / 10 INF

POP: 650 Million (12. 1% World pop)
Wealth: 90%

Old EU, East Europe, Turkey, Maghreb.
EU takes back the top 1 after 70 years of USA economic leadership.  Best industrial base, best research power along with USA.
650 Millions from Africa, Asia and Europe provide a lots of cultural variety and enough manpower.  Still, wealth Pro Capite is 90% of USA and Japan,
because of Eastern and Maghreb nations, altough they improved their economy, still lag behind in PIL.


USA: Great
Japan: Great
SAAS: Great (Old colonies and its 100 CI + 1 RF handled to them)
India: Good
Oceania: Good (Oceania's citizens in Australia in fact are happy, for EU and UK relief)
AU: Medium (Settled up maghreb defections)
CSCA: Medium (Didn't appreciate the gifts to SAAS)
China: Bad (Tensions ongoing and embargo still in place)
Sunni Alliance: Bad (Tensions over Turkish people joining EU)


War interventionist (Status Quo or better option)
Missile doctrine (Light and fast missiles)
Fastness doctrine


CI: 1200
RF: 15
GF: 5 AD / 12 INF

POP: 280 Million (5. 2% World pop)
Wealth: 100%

USA is facing serious crysis.  Canada joined in 2026, but the pop is still too low to run properly all the industries and research facilities.
NY is obliterated, by a simple, solo ICBM, altough much more powerful than 1945 bombs on Japan.  This profoundly shook USA population. 
The USA badly needs population and they might join a war to exploit a gain.


EU: Great
Japan: Great
CSCA: Great (Despite being rivals, CSCA and USA have a trade treaty and the relations are improving)
India: Good
SAAS: Good
AU: Good
Sunni Alliance: Good (having wiped out the responsibles for 11th september is only good for the USA)
China: Bad (Same reasons as EU)
Oceania: Bad (territorial rivendications from Oceania for all of Micronesia and Melanesia)


Peace-War Balanced
War Interventionist (Personal Gain)
Missile doctrine (Medium sized)
Armour doctrine

Japanese Federation

CI: 1000
RF: 12
GF: 4 AD / 8 INF

POP: 315 Million (5. 9% World pop)
Wealth: 100%

The Japan Federation include old Koreas, Philippines, old Kamchatka, and all Japan along with Formosa.
Japanese industry is at its peak.  3rd Power in world economic ranking, lost a position due to UE unification but gained one from China.
A small but very quality oriented army and a good research base tell that this nation can do well in space.
Needs population, altough much less than USA.


EU: Great
USA: Great
India: Great (Helped each other in the war and Japan supported Bangladesh annexation)
CSCA: Good
SAAS: Good
Sunni Alliance: Medium (little contacts)
AU: Medium (same as above)
China: Bad (Korea joined japan federation, rivendications in Indochina)
Oceania: Bad (Territorial rivendications in Indochina)

Honorful (sensible to insults/exaggerated rivendications)
War Interventionist (Balanced gain/status quo)
Long range weapon doctrine (Long range medium missiles, long range energy weapons (Particle Beam)
Balanced fastness/armour


CI: 800
RF: 9
GF: 3 AD / 9 INF

POP: 295 Million (5. 5% World pop)
Wealth: 80%

One may ask: "Wait a sec, what was South America doin' during WWIII?" The answer is: Protecting by radiations and building economy. 
And they did both things VERY well.  Medium wealth rose from 55% to 80%, pop never stopped growing.  The army never detached from
SAAS territory, but small groups of volontaries organized and went into EU or mainly AU fighting.
Industrial power almost doubled from 2005.  And this alliance (South American Allied States) Includes only the whole South America
WITHOUT Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador.  The SAAS is ready to kick the bucket and explore the space, as 4th Industrial power.


EU: Great (received all old colonies)
AU: Great (trade treaty)
Oceania: Good
USA: Good
Japan: Good
China: Good
India: Normal
Sunni Alliance: Normal (The SAAS doesn't believe the death reports of Pakistan)
CSCA: Bad (The SAAS demands that Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela are asked to join SAAS as on the South American continent)

Neutral Peace-Keeper or
Interventionist (depends from situation to situation)
Industrialist (lots of factory and shipyard construction, limited army research)
Short Range Beam Doctrine
Very fastness-oriented


CI: 700
RF: 7
GF: 2 AD / 12 INF

POP: 280 Million (5. 2% World pop)
Wealth: 70%

As for the SAAS, the CSCA (Confederated States of Central America) didn't join the war formally.  The Confederation formed before the SAAS and so
the could claim the old "Gran Colombia" and Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador joined.  The CSCA is more centralized, as Mexico and
Venezuela/Colombia handle much of the politics, altough for 2035 the nations would be disbanded into the CSCA.  The industrial power
and wealth is lower mainly because of the great frammentation of Central america, and the with lack of a powerful state governing
small states had to militarize for defending purposes (Mexico).  They share Industrial power and research power with China, altough
their more wealthy population puts them ahead.


USA: Great (Trade treaty)
Oceania: Great (Having improved relations, the CSCA tries to act as a peace-keeper between USA and Oceania)
Sunni Alliance: Good (CSCA trusts the death reports)
Japan: Good
AU: Good
China: Good
India: Good
EU: Medium (The CSCA didn't appreciate the old colonies given to SAAS, especially as those were on the border)
SAAS: Bad (SAAS doesn't accept the Gran Colombia rivendications of CSCA)

Peace-War balanced
Rarely Interventionist for personal gain
Balanced weapon doctrine
Slightly Armor oriented


CI: 700
RF: 7
GF: 2 AD / 10 INF

POP: 900 Million (16. 8% World pop)
Wealth: 45%

The once mighty country, home of more than 1. 3 Billion people is crushed.  Their industrial power is 20% less than before, they lost
30% Research power and 30% population in war ops.  Wealth didn't improve.  The army is still in rebuilding phase.  Diplomatics have never
been so bad.  Rumors of a conspiration against the Communist heads spread.  Sounds likely that the "Monopartic Democracy" is going to fall
(Wait, how can exist a MONOPARTIC democracy? It's nonsense. . . ) They occupy 6th position in world Industrial ranking.


Sunni Alliance: Great (They have an agreement on how to split the nomad states at the north of Afghanistan)
SAAS: Good
CSCA: Good
Oceania: Medium
AU: Medium
EU: Bad
USA: Bad
Japan: Bad
India: Bad

Civilian Riots (Political stab 70%)
Full beam doctrine
Balanced armor


CI: 600
RF: 6
GF: 2 AD / INF 8

POP: 305 Million (5. 7% World pop)
Wealth: 50%

The most unexpected outcome of the war.  Indonesian companies pushed for free pacific traffic, and the result is a Corporate government.
Wealth is very sparse across the Nation (Australia, Singapore) but still high enough to give a decent 50%.  The Oceania comprends
Indonesia, Malaysia, New Guinea, Brunei, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand.  They have a great margin of improvement.


CSCA: Great
SAAS: Good
EU: Good (European worries for Australian citizens fade as Oceanian treatment is very fair)
India: Good (Good agreements for Indochina)
Sunni Alliance: Medium
China: Medium
AU: Medium (Australians mad at the South Africans)
Japan: Bad (Disputes over Indochina)
USA: Bad (Disputes over Pacific islands)

Light missile doctrine
Fastness doctrine

Indian Federation

CI: 350
RF: 5
GF: 3 AD / 15 INF

POP: 1300 Million (24. 2% World pop)
Wealth: 30%

Now the most popoulous nation in the world, comprising almost 1/4 of Mankind.  The war was won, the army is big and organized, but
the toll on economic was high.  25% of Indian industries closed for economic restraints.  However Bangladesh's annexation added a nice
50 CI.  Indian federation puts its eyes on Indochina fore more industries, especially Myanmar's and Thai.  A diplomatic battle may occur with
the other powers.


Japan: Great
Oceania: Good (Two governments discussing on Indochinan question)
EU: Good
USA: Good
CSCA: Good
SAAS: Normal
AU: Normal
China: Bad (Ongoing tensions on Tibet)
Sunni alliance: Bad (Historical tensions even higher, India believs that Shiite were exterminated (reasonably))

Short Range beam doctrine
Balanced armor

Sunni Alliance

CI: 300
RF: 3
GF: 3 AD / 10 INF

POP: 295 Million (5. 5% World pop)
Wealth: 30%

The alliance commanded by Pakistan, sometimes imposed by force (Oman) is responsible for the biggest genocide of history.  Diplomatics
isn't that good, but better than Chinese.  China and Sunni Alliance agree on an equal split on Nomad states.
Wealth is low and very unbalanced, with 80% and over in EAU and less than 10% in Iran.


China: Great (Agreements over nomad states)
USA: Good (Afghanistan and Iraq wiped out? GREAT!)
CSCA: Good
SAAS: Medium
Japan: Medium
Oceania: Medium
AU: Medium
EU: Bad (Sunni alliance wants Turkey)
India: Bad (Can you think of better enemies than Pakistan and India?)

War oriented
Big missile doctrine
Very armour oriented

African Union

CI: 250
RF: 2
GF: 1 AA / 20 INF

POP: 700 Million (13% World pop)
Wealth: 15%

Many african states realized that only united they could stand against other powers.  Still, they got completely overwhelmed
by a more advanced EU.  Rely on numbers force and massive infantry.  Population is the poorest on Earth.
At the moment, no rivendications are present for any states.


SAAS: Great (trade treaty)
USA: Good
EU: Medium
Japan: Medium
CSCA: Medium
China: Medium
Sunni Alliance: medium
India: Medium
Oceania: Medium

Balanced Peace-War
Big missile doctrine
Big armour doctrine

Free states:

Russia: 100M, CI 150, RF 1, wealth 90%
Only a shadow of the URSS

Myanmar: 50M, CI 40, wealth 30%
Thailandia: 80M, CI 70, wealth 50%
Vietnam: 85M, CI 60, wealth 40%
Laos: 6M, CI 10, wealth 20% (unrelevant)

Central Asia: 60M, CI 25, wealth 15%

Melanesia (W/o New guinea): 2M, 2 CI, wealth 15% (unrelevant)
Micronesia: 0. 3M, wealth 10% (unrelevant)
Polynesia: 0. 5M, wealth 20% (unrelevant)

End sub

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