Author Topic: XOa Woes/Repair Weirdness  (Read 3557 times)

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XOa Woes/Repair Weirdness
« on: March 20, 2015, 07:14:21 AM »
With the existance of the XOa I am running into issues where the box is selected for the design of the ship but then when I go into the class view XOa is not present only XO.

Also XO damage is not assessed or repaired properly when a ship is damaged.  I have ships damaged extensively that have XOx0 in the damage list both before and after repair.

Also selecting "repair shields" --since this would be automatic -- results in the display of the damage ship returning to normal rather than just the shields being repaired.  I don't know if the repair cost changes but it should since there is no requirement to repair knocked out shields if the ship is otherwise repairable.

Example Class CT:  SSAAH(I)(I)(I)LQsD(I)
Damaged by E beam Example Class CT:  xxAAH(x)(x)(x)xxx(x)
After hitting "repair shields" Example Class CT:  SSAAH(I)(I)(I)LQsD(I) but the repair list is still populated.