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Trumpocalypse Introduction Timeline
« on: June 13, 2017, 06:56:50 PM »
2016 Dec: Donald Trump elected POTUS in a contentious result (I.E. he lost but won anyway)

2017 Jan-Jun: A series of damageing stories about Trump and Russia come out resulting in the apointing of a special prosecutor

2017 Jun: The UK Conservative Party wins 318 seats in the Commons (out of 650) and must be proped up by the DUP's (Democratic Unionist Party) 10 MPs

2018 Nov: Democrats win biggly in the midterms resulting in a large Democratic house majority (235-200)and a razor thin Democratic senate majority (51-49 caused by Republican senators from Nevada, Arizona and Texes losing their seats)

2019 Oct: In the UK Brexit nogotiations break down. Over 100 Conservative backbenchers join UKIP (UK Independance Party) and force an early election

2019 Nov: UKIP wins over 500 seats in the commons,the One Nation party in Australia wins 105 house seats (out of 150) and 56 senate seats (out of 76)

2020 Jul: New Zealand First wins 89 seats (out of 120) in the New Zealand Election

2020 Oct: Donald Trump is impeached by the house and looks to be doomed in the senate, he uses his nucular athority in a last attack against his rivals. Nukes hit the Washington Post, New York Times, many hit ChIna (you know how he says it), DNC headquarters is hit as well as the capitol building, nukes also hit Russia (no pee tape now), Africa the Middle East, South America, the rest of Asia and Paris.

2020 Oct: At about the same time a group of scientists at Oxford University were congratulating themselves. They had just discovered a new branch of physics called Transnewtonian Physics, this was built around a number of new elements called Transnewtonian Elements (Transnewtonian is now refered to as TN). These TN elements appeared to be able to bend the laws of physics allowing a number of possibilities from superfast traval to new powerful weppons, but just as the team was about to send their work off to MIT to be peer-reviewed the nuke hit Paris shaking the room (even hundreds of Kms away it was still powerful) and throwing the team to the ground, they slowly got up and attempted to continue their task however the blast and resulting fall had caused severe disoriantation and instead of sending it to MIT they put it on the internet. For anyone to read. Within minutes they realised their mistake and took it down but it was to late the secret was out

2020-2030: The remaining nations of Earth utalising this new TN tech flee the planet (which is now an irradiated hellhole) America is split in two, the pro Trump forces flee to Luna form the Elephant Empire. The anti Trump alliance flee to one of the moons of Saturn. The remaining nations of the Commonwealth unite and flee to Jupiter. The European Union Federalises and moves to Mars. And in the middle east ISIS who had fled underground and into the mountains after loosing to the coalition 2 years previously emerges unifying the Arabian Peninsula and taking the Islamic People to Mercury.