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Aurora / Multiplayer Scenario Ideas
« Last post by sublight on November 23, 2013, 02:58:25 PM »
I'm trying to think of a scenario setup that would make a good multiplayer game.

Ideas so Far:

Ruins in the Middle
Essentially, King of The Hill. Players start in opposite corners of a premade galaxy, with ruins on one planet of the center star system. First player to hold the ruins for say, 10 construction brigade years (5 years with 2 construction units, 0.5 years with 20 construction units, etc) gains the uber advanced ancient technology and wins the scenario.

Escape Sol
The players either all start on Earth, or on Earth/Venus/Mars. First player to establish a 25-million population outside of the Sol-system complete with industry/labs/shipyards wins.

Inherit the Stars
Same as Escape Sol, but to achieve victory you also must destroy/capture all enemy shipyards so they can't follow you off planet.

Monster in the Middle
An asymmetric twist on standard conquest, an advanced empire must find a way to defeat two lower tech populations each with equal population/industry. No technology trading.

Thoughts anyone?
Any ideas on what would be the most fun to play in, the most fun to observe, and/or the most fun to SM?

Anyone have any other scenario ideas?
Other Games / Re: Tactical Hex Newtonian Combat Sim
« Last post by se5a on August 11, 2013, 12:33:36 AM »
ok maybe this should have been in the links forum.
please move if so.
Other Games / Tactical Hex Newtonian Combat Sim
« Last post by se5a on August 10, 2013, 11:57:45 PM »
or THANCS for short.

I presume this is the right forum for err.. promoting other games?

THANCS is an game/engine that Nick has been developing over the last little while.

it's a turn based tactical (space) ship game.

you can design your ships, create a game against other players and fight each other
newton movement is simulated, so adding more mass will decrease your acceleration, till you add more engines to your design.
during battle components can be shot off if the hull they are attached to gets destroyed.
more advanced scenarios allow you to capture this loot and either weld it back to other component to form new ships, or simply scrap it for credits, and buy new components (or whole designs if you've got the credit)

here's a couple of pics to pique your interest:
This is a 'carrier' design for a 4 player game that we're currently playing:

an older pic of the game proper, in this you can see the main map on the left, next is SJ's big ship SJS-Vorcha which he slowly built during the game, the other two panels are my smaller ships attempting to make a dent in the Vorcha's shields - unfortunately they were not terribly successful, Fezzik and Hodor were designed as multi role ships which could drop their weapons pods and go collect scrap, whereas the Vorcha was designed purely for battle.  

the graphics is not terribly pretty as you can see, and when you start getting down to the little details the game does have a few nuances you need to learn, but considering I'm speaking to the Aurora crowd here I guess that shouldn't  count against it too much.

you can get the game client here:
you'll need:

to get in on a game you'll need to sign up at
we use PBW to distribute the turn files after the host server has processed them.

if I've interested you enough to do that, you should then join us in IRC at #spaceempires on freenode and ask about getting in on a game. talk to SJ, ekolis or myself. it *does* have a learning curve so feel free to just pop in and ask questions.

There is currently no single player.
The game is still in development.  
Aurora / Re: Possibilities of a Nomadic Race
« Last post by MarcAFK on July 11, 2013, 06:50:53 AM »
Quote from: telegraph link=topic=2272. msg61010#msg61010 date=1362650060
Leaving gates alone would not really save you.  You would want to kill this NPR as soon as possible, because minirals are the only finite resource in this game, and these guys leave you with a tail of barren systems.  I assume they would even spleet their fleet once in a while, if their current fleet is becoming too large.

If there will ever be such an NPR it would be great for it to utilize all available arsenal, including HPM and boarding.  This way it will have a big variaty of ships stolen from other races(including player) and will have it's own ships built from salvaged components.  I can envision an organic matriarch carrier with a bit of duranium patches where it was repaired and a precursor missile launchers built into some of it's eye holes. 
Parts of this sound very similar to a certain spoiler, especially the trail of barren systems, but i really like the idea of a NPR that salvages whatever it finds and adds it to it's wall of battle, a ramshackle collection of every random tech in the galaxy then sends every damn ship it has across the stars like a plague of passenger pigeons.
Back on topic, I'm considering putting my current recently started game on hold and starting up one of those Battlestar Galactica inspired exodus scenarios, I'll see if i can devise a starting fleet that'll provide something like half the normal game start production levels, but with a decent fleet of large higher technology warships/freighters, perhaps even tow around a 300'000 ton shipyard or two.
In fact, though I have a terrible history of abandoning let's play's back on the dwarf fortress forum, I would probably enjoy committing myself to producing a detailed after action report somewhere on these forums.
Aurora / Re: Scenario Idea
« Last post by alex_brunius on July 11, 2013, 06:08:28 AM »
Id say some exceptions are allowed.

I will try to run with the following self imposed rules to simulate peacetime civilization:
- Maximum 10% of my labs on weapons/active sensors/engine power mod or other "war" systems such as stealth/shields.
- Maximum 10% of military grav survey ship tonnage can be devoted to weaponry.
- All Military PDCs or Military Patrol ships (3000ton or below) allowed up too maximum 200% of Civilian Protection needed in a given system.
- Only one single emergency coiler/oiler allowed since Military is for defense only.
- Military shipyard expansion forbidden beyond 10% of Civilian shipyard max size and beyond civilian shipyard total amount of slipways.
Aurora / Re: Possibilities of a Nomadic Race
« Last post by Alfapiomega on July 11, 2013, 05:09:50 AM »
Extremely hard to code but addding this into the game would be extremely, extremely awesome.
Aurora / Re: Scenario Idea
« Last post by Alfapiomega on July 11, 2013, 04:40:44 AM »
I really like this idea but wouldn't that lead to extreme casualties during the first years of war? What if there was no conflict for decades, the gap then would be extreme.  Therefore I like the idea of minimized but still existing research.
Humans are mostly drawn to protect themselves and if there is enemy who has weapons they will try to have more weapons. 
The same now even when there are only humans vs.  humans.
Starfire / Re: Defence of Elvorfilas
« Last post by Starslayer_D on April 05, 2013, 10:46:34 AM »
The Cervii Republic had to act swiftly. Its fleet buildup after contact was not yet complete, with many ships in the yards, but after the terrible insult (some voices whispered the uroloki senior ambassadors second aide had taken a bite out of a minor delegation member ) the republic had to act swiftly before the predators could fortify the warp point. Thus they detached full datagroups of avaiable ships and towed their bases in position to fortify the warp point. Unfortunately, the survey fleet was not in position, being busy talking with another race.

Thus, Salamander 1-3, Patton 1-3 and Rakshasa 1-6 were send foreward to gain the warp point and allow free maneuver on the other side.

Historically, the SD and BB carried 2 EDM each and then CM on the XO, but all TL 7 ammunition is avaiable. all boat bays carry ast.

Cervii RM is 11, RD is 90 and RC is 98 (wich made the war as result of a rolled 01 even stranger, as they had progressed up to Full communication without incident just to decalre war upon a fluke of luck result.).

All ships are average except Rackshasa 5 and 6, wich were poor but used anyway to fill out the attack line.

SALAMANDER class SD     AM    26 XO Racks   130 Hull    TL 7
130 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:7  Bmp +2  Tem -1        Cost = 3227/484.1
HTK 77   S0x8  Aix6  Dzx10  Rcx9  Rtx2  Mgx5  
135x CM, 27x CM LT1, 2x EDM (Mg), 20x TRP

PATTON class BB     AM    20 XO Racks   100 Hull    TL 7
100 RCP       Trg:7  Bmp +2  Tem -1        Cost = 2468/370.2
HTK 63   S0x8  Aix6  Dzx8  Rcx9  Mgx2  
90x CM, 27x CM LT1, 2x EDM (Mg)

RAKSHASA class BC     AM    14 XO Racks    80 Hull    TL 7
[3] S0x22Aix24ZHQ(II)(III)(II)(III)Xr(II)E(BbS)EM5EDzDz!1Dzx4EE?1LhQ(III) [6]
80 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:6  Bmp +2  Tem -1        Cost =  1846/ 276.9
HTK 82   S0x22  Aix24  Dzx6  Ex5
Starfire / Defence of Elvorfilas
« Last post by Paul M on April 03, 2013, 05:36:51 AM »
[ooc]Here is a nice but relatively short I'd think battle that has a twist to it.[/ooc]

After a diplomatic incident by the Uruloki of Udunn's contact team the Cervii Republic declares war.  They follow the retreating Uruloki corvettes to their entrance warp point and then very shortly stage a fast assault hoping to gain ground against an unprepared opponent.

At the Warp Point:

Joint Expeditionary Force 4 (Cpt. Jomminnii -grade: Avg)
Banalis 019 (Banalis III class)
Naraithsol 023 (Narathsol IV class)
Naraithsol 024 (Narathsol IV class)
Glamatus 025 (Glamatus III class)
Glamatus 026 (Glamatus III class)

Survey Fleet (Col Keicher -grade: Crack)
X Gomalus 001 to 016 (X Gomalus II class)

Survey Fleet 2 (Col Jillar -grade: Crack)
X Gomalus 017 to 032 (X Gomalus: Crack)

Skywatch: Elvorfilas (Cpt Hartfyr -grade: Avg)
Augfarthing 028 (BS Augfarthing II class)
Augcating 058 (BS Augcating III class)
Augcating 059 (BS Augcating III class)

Automatic weapons:  60 paterns of nuclear mines, 30 DSB-L (deployed as the player wishes)
Crew grade:  all Drake ships are elite except the Augfarthing 28 which is Crack.  The bases were only finished their shakedown last month.
XO racks: normal loads are shown below but the player may change them based on what is in the forces magazines
Ships may start anywhere on the map and the bases must be set up within weapon range of the warp point.
All boatbays carry ast.

WP8 is a Type 11 Warp Point on this end, but a Type 12 Warp Point on the other side.  A fact the Cervii republic is not aware of, though they know the location of the warp point to Elvorfilas.


BANALIS III class CA     AM    12 XO Racks    60 Hull    TL 6
[2] ZH(II)(II)Q(II)(BbS)(II)(II)WaWaDWaWaDcMgWaWa!1M4XrMgWa!1LhQD?1WaMgDc(II) [6]
60 RCP  40 MCP       Trg:5  Bmp +2  Tem -1        Cost =  1412/ 211.8
HTK 38   Dcx2  Dx2  Wax8  Mgx3 
XO Racks: 2 EDM, 3 CM

NARAITHSOL IV class DD     AM    6 XO Racks    30 Hull    TL 6
[2] ZHT(I)(I)(I)Qs(I)(I)D(I)Wa!1M2WaWaMgDcQs?1(I) [7]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:3  Bmp +2  Tem -1        Cost =  649/ 97.4
HTK 21   Dcx1  Dx1  Wax3  Tx1  Mgx1 
150x SM, 6x CM, 3x CAM (Mg), 4x EDM (Mg), 2x ADM (Mg)
XO Racks: 3 CM

GLAMATUS III class CT     AM    3 XO Racks    16 Hull    TL 6
[1] ZH(I)(I)(I)DcM1FXrQs(I) [8]
16 RCP  9 MCP       Trg:2        Cost =  300/ 45
HTK 11   Dcx1  Fx1 
XO Racks: 1 ADM

X GOMALUS II class CT        3 XO Racks    16 Hull    TL 3
[2] SAHXi(I)(I)D(I)QsL(I) [8]
16 RCP  9 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  266/ 39.9
HTK 11   Sx1  Ax1  Dx1  Lx1 
XO Racks: 3 SM

BS(C) AUGFARTHING II class BS2        10 XO Racks    50 Hull    TL 6
[1] S0x11Aix10ZHsTDQsM3F!1Xr(MCS)(DCS)D(CIC)(BbS)DcQsF

50 RCP       Trg:4  Tem -1        Cost =  932/ 46.6
HTK 38   S0x11  Aix10  Dcx1  Dx2  Fx2  Tx1 
480x SM, 18x CM, 12x EDM (Mg)

BS AUGCATING III class BS2        10 XO Racks    50 Hull    TL 6
[1] S0x11Aix10ZHs(BbS)QsWaWaMgDWaWa!1XrWaWa!1DM3CDcQsWaMg

50 RCP       Trg:4  Tem -1        Cost =  1037/ 51.9
HTK 43   S0x11  Aix10  Dcx1  Dx2  Wax7  Mgx2 
322x SM, 5x CM LT1, 5x CAM (Mg), 4x EDM (Mg), 3x ADM (Mg)
XO Racks all bases:  1 EDM, 1 ADM, 2 CAM
Aurora / Re: Possibilities of a Nomadic Race
« Last post by Jakalo on March 07, 2013, 04:08:35 AM »
I would think that sufficiently advanced player controlled fleet could defeat almost unlimited amount of relatively low tech NPR controlled fleet.   I would think that by the time the universe has no more mineable minerals in it the player would be too high tech to be beaten by the Nomads.
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