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Quasar fiction?
« on: May 02, 2020, 02:24:57 PM »

I was never able to fully experience autora, between my poor performance computer and multiple errors, I never got to play a satisfying game despite appreciating the gem that aurora is. I am also a bit hesitant to learn the C Aurora complexities at the moment, spacially ground combat.

So, I was thinking of doing a quasar game wirhout NPRs and maybe delegate major decisions to the forum comunity. I am also considering writing fiction for the game. Where should I post such fiction?

I have a scenario in mind:

Dwarves, elfs, humans and orcs.

Dwarves focuss on logistics, construction and defensive systems. Doctrine is to build powerfull orbital bases and slow but resilient ships. They may use heavy missiles. Dwarves get free 10% increase in their manned mines each year.

Elfs focus on biology, propulsion and sensors. Fleet doctrine is to build fast ships with long range missiles. Later they may build stealth ships. They get a free race tolerance tech each year and will get a special rule with a spoiler race.

Humans spread their efforts as usual. Fleet doctrine is to build balanced ships with good point defence, beams AMM and ASMs. They get a free 5% population increase and a free tech on one of their less advanced techs.

Orcs focus on logistics, missiles and kineric weapons. Doctrine is to build fast railgun medium ships and later carriers and boarding ships. They get a free 10% population increase each year and can convert 5 million population into an army every 3 months.

I would cheat to make sure each race gets at least 2 good (20%) scientists on their focus techs constantly. Any scientist with more than 30% in an area where the race is not focused gets deleted. Race personality would be based on LOTR and Dwarf fortress. Humans don't get free scientists but they don't get scientists removed for being to good as the other races.


I would use SM to play a number of spoiler races that don't form colonies and use special rules.

Sugestions avout the rules are accepted.

Id like to appologize for my poor english spelling and gramar. I am writing partly to excercize both.
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Re: Quasar fiction?
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2020, 01:59:56 AM »
You're welcome to start a thread here, if you want :)  Although honestly you're better off using the VB6 version unless you want to be constantly having to report minor bugs and missing mechanics.  A VB6 game without NPR's should be able to get pretty big without being too laggy.
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