Author Topic: C# Aurora v2.0.2 Patch  (Read 3640 times)

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C# Aurora v2.0.2 Patch
« on: August 07, 2022, 11:15:13 AM »
This is save game compatible. It can only be used to patch v2.0.0 or v2.0.1

Delete the Aurora.exe file from the installation directory and then copy the file from this patch into that directory.

If you reported a bug in a previous version and I didn't explicitly state it was fixed, please check it still exists in v2.0.2 or it is not already fixed for the planned v2.1 before reporting it. Please do not report bugs from earlier versions.

I am releasing this ahead of v2.1.0 because it fixes everything apart from three minor database fixes which I will leave for the next version.

v2.0.2 Patch (2Mb)

Changes List
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