Author Topic: Those Who Must Endure Chapter 6 - The Question That No One Dares Ask  (Read 1831 times)

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I observe the map carefully, focused on the three systems under the label 'HOSTILE'.

But I know, somewhere deep inside where the pressure threatens to overwhelm me, that this should not be my focus. Yet I cannot stop and wonder where the Procyon system connects to Luhman 16, or even if they do connect. It could be as close as Luyten's Star, or as far as... who knows. Our journey into the stars has just started-- a journey of vengeance. But will it end in vengeance?

I look towards Sol, and a sting of guilt burrows into my heart. Earth is dying. The Temperature is becoming stable, and rising, with the artificial gas being added into the atmosphere. But it will take 30 years for the Radiation to disperse-- 30 years we do not have. The people are too sick to work. For our vengeance, 30 years wasted like this will cost us at least 20 years in development. And what about the economy? Who can suffer this for 30 years?

I cannot.

The Tokyo system has a planet that is very much like Earth. A bit colder, but we can fix that. It has Nitrogen and Oxygen in it's atmosphere. A year's worth of effort can make it a paradise much like Earth was. Away from the Radiation. Away from the wars. But is this survival, or exile?

I close my eyes: That is a question I must not ask. I must simply do-- do whatever it takes for my people to prosper and to live.

1 year to fix the atmosphere. But how many to transfer the people to Tokyo? 5? 10? 20? What about the infrastructure? We would be isolated. Almost defenseless. When the Maintenance Facilities begin moving, we won't be able to perform maintenance on the carriers-- so many problems. It is easier to look at Procyon and Luhman 16. Tokyo is a pipe-dream not even worth as a last resort.

But do we have a choice? Another question I must not ask.

I must see for myself. I must find out if it is possible. If it can be done.


"Yes, Shogun?"

"We are heading for Tokyo."

"Yes, Shogun."
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