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Posted by: xenoscepter
« on: July 13, 2019, 11:36:28 PM »


 --- So, I read somewhere here on the forums about a game where they fluffed the Trans-Newtonian Minerals as having sort of "appeared" Tiberium-style one day [minus Kane... or is it? ???] and left a wake of wanton destruction in their path. I think this was presented as a way to explain the whole 500 Million Starting Population at SysGen. Inspired by this, and looking for a change of pace, I created the Elysium Empire. What you get is a Max Tech Start, that is you have EVERY technology unlocked from the word go. There is a maximum system limit of 1,000,000 systems, with a 10% chance of an NPR being generated in any of them from the moment you jump in. Jumping Bean Spoilers disabled, all others enabled. You begin with a starting population of 13,400,000,000 people and 25,000 units of Conventional Industry. Yes this is a Conventional start, no you don't have any missile bases, yes you gotta convert stuff. However, some of it is already TN, so there's that. You have lots of stuff queued up, keep it or scrap it, it doesn't matter; if you care about what GUs to put in the pre-queued Barracks PDCs, it is written in the "Additional Notes:" of that PDC. You have the Minerals stockpiled to make what has been queued, feel free to SM Mod them out. Otherwise, go nuts; it's a staged start, not a staged game. :)

NOTE: The fallout will last 90 years, I didn't skip ahead.

 --- Now the scenario goes as such, Earth was, key word being was, doing pretty okay thank you very much when they happened to stumble across *gasp* ALIENS!!! This took the form of a facility which would become know simply as "The Factory". However, after dinking around in side it would turn out that poking alien tech isn't always a good idea. In a cataclysm known only as "The Event", basically Earth becomes asploded, but not really. What actually happens in that massive clouds of deadly Radiation are thrown up into the air alongside tons of Atmospheric Dust on account of the upheaval caused by "The Factory" for reasons. So yeah, Earth was basically asploded. However, "The Factory" contained a metric @$$ ton of information, which is why humanity dinked with it in the first place, and ended up saving humanity from... well... itself to be honest. "The Factory" didn't immediately make the Earth to be asploded, but rather humanity was able to set up a shelter in the form of "Elysium", which after "The Event" became humanity's sole [well, best] refuge from the smegstorm of karma that was unleashed upon the unsuspecting peoples of the Earth. Oh, and some cool new rocks and stuff might have got made in the process... I dunno.

 --- So you, the player, take command of this crisis. It is midnight on the 1st of January, in the 1st Year after "The Event". Huge swaths of Earth's 13 Trillion+ population is dying in the fallout of "The Event" Do you create a new race using the Gene Modification Centers located in Elysium? Do you hunker down and ride out the storm? Do you make a beeline for the stars and leave the rest to perish and Elysium a prize to for whatever heretical xenomonstrosity that whims to claim it? This is the story of the survivors of Elysium, as told... by you.

P.S. For those curious, roughly 3 Trillion die by the 1st of February barring action from the player with the exception of hitting the green "30 Day" button.
All threee options can be seen through without entering a failstate.