Author Topic: None of the links to download the game or any patches are working.  (Read 1258 times)

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in general the setup for the game is really confusing my understanding is you have to download the v1. 0 and then update it it to v2. 11 or something, however the link to download the game did not work the tab immediately closed for some reason, i found a link in hte comments i used to download the game succesfully but cant update it because all the offivial patch links don't work for me.  This is a really strange error i thought it might have something to do with firewalls considering the game download link and site in general looks pretty sketchy, no offense, but i didn't get any notifcations that that was the case unlike usual.  So i dont know what the probem is.  Anyone had the same issue or any possible solutions?

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Re: None of the links to download the game or any patches are working.
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It sounds like your Windows Defender settings, recently updated and tightened by Microsoft if you're on Windows 10, are blocking the download links. You could turn down your security settings for Internet zone through the Control Panel / Security window temporarily.

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Its actually chrome.  Chrome doesn't like any of these download links at all for some reason.  I had to resort to internet explorer or edge or whatever they are calling it now, and then I could download it.  I even turned off my script blockers and ublock origin, and chrome still went "NO!".  Didnt even give me an option to download anything, let alone choose to keep them :|

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this is why we use firefox people

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It is not a chrome in general problem it is the specific settings of a specific user , and may or may not include interation with Windows settings, ISP or any antivirus software. Just downlaoded Aurora install on this pc , using chrome with no issues.

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Yeah I use Chrome too and haven't ever had an issue downloading stuff here. OP I don't know why this is happening to you but I did find a similar complaint in this thread: you can try using the mirror or steps provided there, good luck!