Author Topic: The italian Meritocracy early has dragons!  (Read 3471 times)

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The italian Meritocracy early has dragons!
« on: August 19, 2011, 08:26:04 AM »
Drago Pasquale.
Translated roughly into the Easter Dragon.
The name always used to send down shivers of laugh and of scorn to the possessor of such name, a tiny men, in his mid thirties, always lost in thoughts, and half-bald.
The problem was that this man, Pasquale Drago, was also the founder and current chairman of the board of the most flourished mining company ever to be made on the surface of Earth, and of the sol system itself.
It was the first of january of the year 2025 when the elections were done and Pasquale ended up being the president in charge of Earth.
Not such a difficult feat, when half the world population is your own worker, and the other half depends on you for the minerals.
Trans-newtonian minerals, or newtonian ones, for the Dragon, it was the same, rocks were rocks, but business...well business was business as well.
He looked at the charts, in his new squared ovice. it used to be oval, once, but it ended up being squared and placed deep beneath the earth, to avoid president's deaths after the terrorist attacks of the years 2020.
the president was in charge for one year, and then had to be changed.
But the dragon was there to stay.
Furthermore, he was there to engulf the system in the flames of his machines.
But the charts demanded his attention, and he could not turn away from them, for two simple reasons.
The first, was that corundium was going to estinguish itself in less than 9 years.
A nice prospective.
The second was that duranium would have soon followed.
The third was that, apart from Uridium and neutronium, everything else would end up being depleted in less than twenty years.
The dragon had to raise it wings.
And how fast did he have to fly!

Military ship complex: Alpha Complex
"wait, are you sure about this charts?"
"they came in fresh from the brainyard"
"yes but...are you really, really sure?"
"what do i care? the chief ordered them built"
"and why did he call them Cavour?"
"dunno, he's italian, must be some italian guy"
Code: [Select]
Cavour class Survey Ship    4,250 tons     191 Crew     579.4 BP      TCS 85  TH 300  EM 0
3529 km/s     Armour 1-23     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/2/2     Damage Control Rating 2     PPV 0
Maint Life 7.23 Years     MSP 1170    AFR 72%    IFR 1%    1YR 39    5YR 589    Max Repair 100 MSP

Ion Engine E0,7 (2)    Power 150    Fuel Use 7%    Signature 150    Armour 0    Exp 1%
Fuel Capacity 100,000 Litres    Range 605.0 billion km   (1984 days at full power)

Gravitational Survey Sensors (2)   2 Survey Points Per Hour
Geological Survey Sensors (2)   2 Survey Points Per Hour

This design is classed as a Military Vessel for maintenance purposes

"well, at least it's build to last...ahaha"
"horrible joke, you know?"
"let's get to build it it'll take a while"
"two i just hope it doesn't get obsolete in the meantime"

Commercial naval shipyard: Equal exchange S.R.L.
"this are the orders"
"and i'm saying no"
"but come on!"
"no is no!"
"it's not that horrible, is it?"
"well, it's meant to go to space!"
"IT'S TOO FRIGGIN BIG YOU DUMBSTER! how the hell can i fit it in here!? do you realize you're talking of a 85000 tons ship!?"
"well's 84900"
"'re fired."
"CHIEF i was joking! come on!"
"maybe you're right, i'm not firing you."
"thanks chief"
"i'll have you increase the slipway size"
"well, it's not going to take long, it is of 20000 tons right now..."
"yes, but you'll do it alone"
"...chief, that's no human feat"
"i don't care, start working"
"chief...i think i'll go search for another job"
"i didn't fire you. you resigned."
and then the chief went and looked at the project...and sighed.
Code: [Select]
Littorio class Freighter    84,900 tons     315 Crew     700.2 BP      TCS 1698  TH 900  EM 0
530 km/s     Armour 1-172     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/0/0     Damage Control Rating 1     PPV 0
MSP 5    Max Repair 38 MSP
Cargo 75000    Cargo Handling Multiplier 25    

Ion Engine E0,7 (6)    Power 150    Fuel Use 7%    Signature 150    Armour 0    Exp 1%
Fuel Capacity 250,000 Litres    Range 75.7 billion km   (1653 days at full power)

This design is classed as a Commercial Vessel for maintenance purposes

Two years and a couple of months later...

"this is alpha complex, cavour one and two, do you copy?"
"this is cavour one, i hear you!"
"this is cavour two, i hear you loud and clear!"
"this is alpha complex, happy too hear from the both of you, so, let's review your reports, it seems one of you didn't do his job properly"
"this is cavour one, what do you mean alpha complex?"
"i mean...the corundium. It's nowhere to be seen in your reports"
"this is cavour two, our sensors did not capt any corundium wavelength from the planets we were assigned to check"
"this is cavour one, our sensors too didn't capt anything from moons or planets too"
" have new orders ships cavour one and cavour two, you must now check all the asteroid belts"
"cavour one copies and turns off"
"this is alpha complex, cavour two, did you receive the transmission?"
"listen...between you and me, there "is" some corundium on a moon we surveyed"
"this is HIGH TREASON! why didn't you write it on your report?!"
"it's seven units"
"seven thousands units?! it's more than earth ever h..."
"no, seven units."
"seven, friggin bastard rocks"
"seven hundred?"
"no, seven."
"seven decines?
"i said seven."
"...the president is not going to be happy about this."
"i'm not the one who wanted to tell him that"
"i copy...this conversation never occurred then"
"this is cavour two, orders received, logging off"

Somewhere else, a couple of days later.
"news travel fast, don't they?" rhetorically asked, obviously, neverless, if you're being asked this question while somebody is pointing a gun at your face, you do need to answer something.
"i...i just...transmitted the message" was all the young officer could squeak. He knew he was somewhere on the ship, somewhere he never usually went, like maybe, the recycling center, or the maintenance crew quarters...still.
"you just couldn't keep quiet, could you"
"but, but...i have been assigned control of this shi..."
*a hit to the face, pain, a spattering of blood on the floor.
"no, you have been assigned here because of your political reliabilities...and not because your capable"
"my father just knew some major league col..."
"I DON'T CARE ABOUT THAT!" *another series of hits. a couple of teeths are broken.
He can't move, the young officer is tied to a metallical surface, with chains, just were did they get chains? the only chains here in space are...
" please, everything but this...shoot me in the head, please"
"what is this? do you finally understand the position you're in?"
in deep smeg.
was the first thought of the young officer. Which was partially true. he had been attached to the chains which usually are used to plunge the escrement containers out in space, when the automatized robots would start their work, he would literally be impaled by the hook, and then thrown out with the escrements of the entire crew.
"yes please...everything but this...please"
"good. so keep this in your next life"
"NOooooooooo" and with this words, the group left the young officer here.
Nobody would have asked questions...
after all...
accident happens.

alpha complex
"cavour two has sent a message"
"show it on screen"
"here it comes"
-"this is Cavour two spokesman, we have lost trace of the officer you sent us, that Guido Mosca. We suspect he had an accident while making a routine check on the outside hull, we await further orders"-
"answer them... that we will assign them another officer when they next come back to refuel to Earth and to proceed with the planned mission till then"
"okay...message sent"
"i already heard the surname Mosca"
"i think you played golf with a certain Giovanni Mosca recently"
"oh...that Mosca! he won't be happy to hear about this..."

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