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Aurora RP - Introduction & Signups
« on: October 21, 2013, 06:56:19 PM »
I've been lurking around for a while again, and I've convinced a few people I know of doing this little experiment. You, the players can make a character specilized in army, navy, politics or science, working for one of two nations. Every once and a while, events will pop up that will demand you to make decisions, and role-play them. You can also take initiative and do events that don't pop up; plot to start a rebellion to overthrow the current ruler, etc.

Now, the two factions are as follows:

Republic of Anatria:

Was originally settled by a human colony ship, and has since lost contact with the empire. It has regressed technologically to hardly using Trans-Newtonian technology after a brutal civil war. Only recently has it regained full control over their planet, only to discover the Drachmian Dominion, who they have been at war with ever since.

Drachmian Dominion:

A fascist state once inhabiting a barren moon, a meteor forced them to evacuate to the nearest habitable world. They found the Republic of Anatria, and decided to land on the planet without alerting the then primitive civilization.

If you'd like a character, fill out this form and post it here/PM me:

Character Name:

To allow easier communication/RP we will be doing RP sections over a skype channel, the transcripts and edited versions will be posted. (For instance, doing large scale fleet battles with multiple player commanders might take a while if we did it via forum.)
There are four fields that your character can be in:

Navy commanders make individual decisions in ship battles mostly; you will actually be telling your ship, or group of ships depending on your rank what to do.

Army commanders are in charge of troop transports and battalions. While this isn't the most active of fields, you can also lead diplomacy/archaeology/survey teams.

Administrators control colonies. You decide what happens at your colony; production, terraforming, mining, everything in the economics tab minus research. The Anatrian Republic democratically elects their leaders for terms of 5 years, while the Drachmian Dominion has the Dictator appoint administrators.

Scientists decide what projects to research, and who will be researching them. You also could go on archaeology missions.

Ah yes. Then there's "Secret Option C". If I think you're a good enough roleplayer I'll let you in with the antagonists. Yes, there are player-controlled antagonists. I've already said too much. But PM me if you're interested.
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