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Galactic Map Key
« on: August 19, 2007, 07:33:31 AM »
Galactic Map Key
Here is a complete list of icons and rings. As a result of checking this I have made one or two changes which are noted below. Also note that the icons and rings below can be turned on and off on the Display sidebar so they will not all be present on every map

Blue: Planets with colony cost less than 2.0
Cyan: Planets with colony cost 2.0 to 2.99
Grey: Colony Cost 3 to 4.99
Magenta: Unexplored Jump Points

Circle colours
Red: No jump point survey
Magenta: System contains charted but unexplored jump points
Green: System with population over 100m
Light Green: Populated System
Pale Green (Coral in v2.1): Controlled system without any colonies of controlling race
Yellow: Suspected dormant jump point
Med Blue: Occupied pop only in the system (probably obsolete now)
Blue: Uncolonised world with a colony cost less than 2
Cyan: Uncolonised world of colony cost 2-3

Flat in upper left shows race in control of system (in the opinion of the viewing race). Own flags are not shown.
Flag with red border shows previous owner of system (in the opinion of the viewing race)
Star Trek spacedock icon in lower left shows shipyards in the system
Number under the name shows the grav survey cost of a survey location in the system
Number in brackets after the name shows distance in billions of km from currently selected system. Note this is using the shortest number of jumps. It is possible there are shorter routes using more jumps.
Thick coloured circle around the rim of the system icon shows sector colour

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