Author Topic: weird bug: wont generate anything and tries to install yenka?  (Read 3894 times)

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So, I've downloaded Aurora previously but gave up when my screen resolution wouldn't fit everything.  I'm giving it another shot with the knowledge of screen resolution extension apps being things, yay! BUT trying to actually start the game leads to weird things happening this time. . .

When I first open it I get this semi-small options box to fiddle with from nowhere
( - (excuse my amazing wallpaper)

After selecting new I then get a bigger, more detailed box with pretty much the same fields.  but the previous box is still behind it

after creating the game and pressing ok on the first dialogue box to do with generation, it thinks for a bit then starts wanting to install yenka?
The only way out at this point is to fully close anything to do with Aurora

if I press 'select' on the very first options box instead of new, the normal start thing pops up instantly.  but when you press system map to actually start playing it starts trying to download yenka again. 

deleting everything and reinstalling doesn't work

help is much appreciated
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Re: weird bug: wont generate anything and tries to install yenka?
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The options windows are normal and supposed to be there; they happen every time you launch Aurora.

No idea what "Yenka" is, but it doesn't happen to me.

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Re: weird bug: wont generate anything and tries to install yenka?
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Yenka isn't from Aurora. Searching google seems to suggest it's some kind of mathematical modeling software. See if you can find it listed on the installed programs list.
Open your windows search box and type programs into it, wait for the suggestions and look for "Add or remove programs"
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