Author Topic: How to make a new game in C#  (Read 1738 times)

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How to make a new game in C#
« on: April 12, 2020, 08:06:16 AM »
Start Aurora up.

From the first screen click on the mechanical wheel button.

This will bring you the Game InformationMenu. Click on "New Game" on the bottom.

This loads up the actual game creation menu where you can edit stuff to your liking.

Once you're satisfied with options, click Create Game at the bottom left. Aurora will automatically take you to the Create New Race window:

You can edit all the options here. Most importantly, decide whether you want a TN start or a Conventional start by ticking the relevant box in the upper left corner.

Once you're happy with your race, click the Create Race button on bottom row, left corner. Aurora will create a new game.

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