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Ayr-Ki Jyr's Star Force


So, I used to read alot of scifi, herbert, weber, ringo, hamilton, banks and gawd only knows how many hundreds of others. Ofc there are some decent ones from time to time, tchaikovsky etc. Most recent discovery after a hiatus mostly reading litrpg trying to dodge litrporn was..

170 or so novella's depicting zap guns, super dweebs, galactic exploration, war, towering arrogance & all that jazz

S'funny, coz through all those stories there are a sum total of about 5 scenes that evoke any emotion at all & 3 jokes, but I loved reading them all the same. Aurora players, I figure, are much of a mind - ppl who do their own 'worldbuilding,' and use aurora as a tool to do part b/c world building with a logical toolset means u hopefully gots a logical world,.. and that's rly what SFU is, nrly 200 books charting this dude's world building whilst trying desperately to maintain it's internal logic over thousands of years. gd fun.

 I doubt they'll re-record the early audiobooks, until Day some of 'em are quite sketchy, next time somebody tells you reading isn't a skill....

Not particularly related, except fiction authors who make honest attempts at not writing pure stupid, I like 'em and I decided to say so..

Terry Mancour(Fantasy, well, magic anyway)
Aleron Kong(Litrpg ),
M. Chatfield's Ten Realms.(litrpg)
A. Pegaz' Idle System(Litrpg, it gets better)

Idk, I mean, I have excellent taste obviously, but imagine most of what I'd recommend everybody has already heard of. Still... Post. Button.

gl & hf

While checking the prologue on Amz Kindle, I found also 'Starforce Ganymede', from another author. Will report if that's good. It talks about the human colonization of the solar system, my favorite background.


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