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Refueling hub actions
« on: August 11, 2022, 03:10:15 PM »
Could we get an alteration to how auto fuelling in space works. Here is an example of what I attempted that currently doesn't seem to work.

I have a system where there is a nice jovian with lots of sorium setup and a fuel mine that will basically fuel my empire for the next 1000 years happily, the problem is it lies some 180bkm away from the nearest colony or any other place. This results in a 360bkm round trip for tankers to bring the fuel home. The choices I had if I was to make use of this was either an army of tankers making the long trip in staggered waves to ensure the harvesters were full each time, this was easy to do but for RP I wanted an alternative. Instead I aimed to make a deep space station as a bridge, it would contain a refuel hub and fuel storage, then two sets of tankers would shuttle the fuel, one set between the harvesters and station, and another between the station and a colony.

However when setting this up it results in a very large station that requires a huge tug to move it into place in any sort of reasonable timeframe. My thoughts were to split things up, have a small hub section towed in place, and several small tank sections to store the fuel. All have basic fuel systems on board and are set to refuel their own fleet. The intent being a tanker arrives and transfers fuel to the hub, which in turn then fuels up the empty tanks. A second tanker arrives and draws fuel from the hub, which is being refuelled from the tanks now back, the tanker once full departs to the colony to deposit fuel.

No matter what method or designs I tried this doesn't seem to work. I can only guess that the underway refuel action only works when on an order that requires movement and stationary fleets do not count. Can we get it altered so that all fleets moving or stationary will be fuelled by tankers in their fleets?

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Re: Refueling hub actions
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2022, 04:56:02 PM »
Funnily enough I just made a suggestion in the suggestions thread which would probably be relevant to your scenario.

IMHO it would help if we simply had an active order for tankers to donate fuel to fleets the same way they can donate fuel to a colony.

So the donor tanker fleet carries out the order on the authority of the order until recipient full or until the minimum reserve is reached on the donor fleet and then moves to its next order.

Active refuelling order against a target fleet, without the need to join the target fleet.

So I can order a tanker to move and refuel a depot station and then move on to do something else.

EDIT + For programming practicality this would be easiest if the recipient was static which could be a condition of the order like "Transfer Fuel To Static Fleet" in the same way that you can order to "Refuel From Static Tankers".
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