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I interested to know if there are any other games out there with about the same difficulty as Aurora but might be for other settings.

I know of
- Dwarf Fortress, but the ascii nature for me is of putting.
- War in the Pacific, is another complex game and not to bad

Would like to about other games too.  It looks like Aurora is one of its kind, not suprisingly i suppose. 

Aurora is a great game for those who enjoy MASSIVE detail and complexity in games.  And probably there is not much of us.

Paul M:
Instead of War in the Pacific (as it is older than dust) I'd suggest War in the Pacific, Admiral's Edition.
On the same vein is Gary Grigsby's War in the East and soon to come "War in the West"

Both of the above games I have to limit my play time to holidays as otherwise I get sucked into the "just another turn syndrome" quite baddly.

War in the East suffers from a few things.  Logisitics are off since fuel is never critical for the Wehrmacht and it was a driving reason for their actions from 42 onwards.  Also there is a few odd things that happen with the German side later on such as the removal of the 6th Army in early 43 that annoy people.  On the Russian side some of the gamey stuff the German is able to accomplish is a tad annoying as well.  As a Grognard I tend to sit in the middle, there are things which could be better but on the other hand it is pretty good simulation of the eastern front.

War in the Pacific, AE I believe corrected the situation that made it a WW1 Artillary Generals wet dream, but I still find the ground combat mystifying.  Exactly how did my infantry regiment supported by an AT regiment get overrun by an unsported japanese tank battalion?  It does require a great deal of management though, supply lines have to be established and so forth.  I have to admit I learned a lot playing the game, the pacific theatre was never one of my favorites.

Hearts of Iron X is also a similiar sort of game, depending on which country you are playing, as much as I liked some changes in III I never played it as much as II, and I am looking forward to see what gets done in IV.  Victoria and Victoria 2 are as well.  I find the economics in Victoria X baffling.  I managed to destroy the prussian economy in Victoria and the US economy in the Victoria 2 demo neither action should be possible but are relatively easy to do.  I found Rome though not very interesting, but largely because it was totally divorsed from reality.  I had spartan armies ramapaging around in Gaul, something that is just impossible on just about every level concievable.

There doesn't seem to be many publishers offering complex games at the moment.  I keep my eyes on Matix Games, and Paradox since they are the ones I know of.

What about AI war?
It's not really like Aurora at all but has a hideous difficulty, I've only ever played the demo and never got far, basically the better you do against the AI the more stuff it will send at you.

Erik L:
I'd also keep an eye on Shrapnel Games.


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