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Trumpocalypse EU Faction Overview
« on: June 14, 2017, 08:46:16 PM »
-General History/Backstory

The European Union emerged from the Trumpocalypse 'realitively' unscathed. Paris had been hit (with a nuke) taking most of northern France with it, but apart from that Europe was unharmed. However their long term situation was much less bright, earth had been rendered uninhabitable with lingering radiation and huge dust clouds kicked up by nuculer fireballs. The temperature was predicted to drop by 30C within the next year alone. With this the nations of the EU panicked each tring to save it's own citizens. Squables over resources broke out with Hunguary and Austria going to war over 4 acres of farmland (this would be forever remembered by both sides as the Four Acre War). This event finally prompted Germany (who had been preparing to do this since the Trumpocalypse happened) to call a conference of the nations of Europe (they also invited the remnants of the Turking and Russian governments, Britain was excluded). Here the Germans called on the Europeans to pool their resources in order to evacuate as many people as possible, for this to work a new more powerful EU would have to be created to oversee the allocation of resources and ensure fair distribution of avaliable berths on evac ships. There was 20 days of debate before the proposal was agreed to but the result was never in doubt. Thusly on 27th March 2021 Angela Merkel was sworn in as the first President of the European Union (POTEU). It was quickly decided to flee to Mars as the red planet was the most earthlike in Sol. With this decision made the newly build evacuation fleet set course to Mars. Many trips were made to transport the population and industrial base of the EU but by 2028 this was complete. The ships were scraped to provide parts for huge terraforming insulations. These managed to change Mars in to a habitable and comfitable planet before breaking down. Thus by 2030 the EU was ready to expand to the stars once again

-Politial Situation

The EU is a Federal Republic (sort of). Ultimate power lies with the EU government with the various national governments having about as much power as states in the modern day US. The EU government is devided between 3 branches all who are roughly equivilent to their US counterparts.
The judiciary's highest court is the European Court of Justice (ECJ) also refered to as the Supreme Court (this is so when I forget it is called the ECJ you still know what I am talking about) this court has the power to declare laws as unconstitutional. Thus it acts as a check on the executive and the legislature.
The executive is led by the POTEU and consists of all the government employees from heads of ministry (ministers are apointed by the POTEU and confirmed by the House) to a street sweeper. The POTEU has the power to veto bills (but this can be overturned with a 2/3 majority in both houses) from the legislature and appoint ECJ justices (of which there are nine) in this way it act as a check on the legislature and the judiciary. The POTEU is elected along with a Vice POTEU (VPOTEU) in a French style system where the top two tickets in the first round go through to a runoff (assuming no one gets over 50% in the first round). The POTEU serve 6 year terms.
The legislature is made up of two houses. The lower house is the House of Representatives (also known as the house) it is made up of 300 MPs and is chaired by the Speaker of the House who is non partisan (a Speaker is apointed by the house with 75% required to be appointed, speakers serve for life but can be removed by a 75% vote in the house plus approval by a majority in the ECJ) MPs are elected by popular vote on a proportional basis with 5% of the vote being required to enter the house (or 15% of the vote in a country plus .33% of the total vote). MPs serve 3 year terms. Parties form coalitions to get a majority and the leader of the biggest party in the governing coalition is knowen as the Prime Minister (or House Majority Leader). Ties are broken by the VPOTEU. The other house is the European Council. It is made up of one representive from each nation in the EU (38 in total). They are refered to as Councilman or Councilwoman. They are elected by the people of that nation (i.e. the people of Poland would vote for the Polish Councilman), as there is free movement of people in the EU the boundries are set as geografic areas set down when Mars was first settled. By tradition the German Councilman acts as speaker of the Council and breaks any ties in votes. The Council was created as a compremise between Germany and the other nations of the EU who feared that Germany would dominate the EU and is not representive of the populationas a whole (as for example the Council for Iceland would have less constituants than the Councilman for Germany). Councilmen serve terms of varing length as it is decided by the various national governments (most serve three or six year terms to corraspond with house or presidential elections).
National elections for national governments are mostly unimportant (Germany being the only one that really matters).
There are various political parties in the EU the two biggest being the Conservative (Tory) Party and the Labour Party (they are about the same as their modern day British equivalents). Other parties include: The Liberal Democrats, The Democratic Liberals, The Liberals, The Democrats, The National Party, The Green Party, Germany First, The Communist Party and the Pirate Party
POTEU: Angela Merkel of the Conservative Party (up for re-election in 2033)
VPOTEU: Hans Gruber of the Conservative Party
House make-up: Conservatives 136MPs, Labour 102MPs, Liberal Democrats 32MPs, National 22MPs, Green Party 5MPs, Communist Party 3MPs. Current majority made up of a Conservative-National coalition.
Prime Minister: Jim O'Mally of the Conservative Party
Council make-up: Conservative 23, Labour 15

The first duty of the European Union Defence Force (EUDF) is to defend the EU and their doctrine represents this fact. The EUDF plans on having a small active fleet and relying on large PDCs and orbital bases to defend the EU. They do not have a preferance for either missiles or beams and will adapt their priorities to the current threat. The POTEU is the commander in chief but running of the EUDF is largely left to the Admrial of the Fleet, who has under him the CO of the army, the CO of skywatch and the CO of the defence fleet

the EU had a reasonable amount of industry but is hammpered by regulations and red tape (to represent this their industry is only 70% effective and their finance is only 90% effective
Construction Factories: 300
Ordinance Factories: 150
Fuel Refineries: 200
Mines: 300
Reserach Labs: 15 (the EU has the second most RLs)
Financial Centres: 50
Ground Force Training Facilities: 3
Population: 300,000,000 people

-Foreign Policy
The EU is enermies with ISIS (for obvious reasons), The Elephent Empire (because they nuked the planet) and the Commonwealth (because they expeled all EU nationals in 2019)
The EU is on reasonably friendly terms with the Donkey Republic
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