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Trumpocalypse ISIS Faction Overview
« on: June 16, 2017, 04:54:00 AM »

After the third Iraq war in 2019 ISIS has been pushed back to isolated areas of the Middle East. The group decided on a new plan instead of trying to form a caliphate by a conventional war (where the overwhelming superority in firepower avalible to the infidel would crush the soldiers of god), they would fight as an insurgency, striking at the infidels before withdrawing back to their strongholds in the desert and mountains. As it turned out this plan was never fully tested (Trump saw to that). After the Trumpocalypse the Islamic world was in ruins, governments fell apart and militaries were virtially non-existant. This made it easy for ISIS (who were realitively unefected by the nuculer bombardment due to them being spread out in isolated places) to take over. Within three months the entire Islamic world, from Morocco to Indonesia was theirs. But their main problem remained. Earth was now throughly uninhabitable. A council of religious scholars, military and civilian leaders met in the ruins of Bagdad to discuss this problem. After forty days and forty nights god showed them the way forward, humanity had become corrupt and decadent and god had spared them to rebuild humanity in a more righteous image. The council apointed their most righteous member to lead them he would be known as the Caliph (what actually happened (WAH): the guy in charge of the biggest militia managed to bribe and intimadate the leaders of the other militias into suporting him, this took about two days he then waited 38 more to make the council sound more religious). The Caliph's first decree was to build a fleet of ships to take him to the world god had shown him: Mercury (WAH: the Caliph worked out that all the other bodies were taken so Mercury would have to do). After 10 grueling years of construction, travel and trying not to die what remained of ISIS was established on Mercury and was ready to reach to the stars once again.


ISIS has a very simple government system. Rule one: the Caliph's word is law. Rule two: whatever the Caliph says rule two is. But in general ISIS is a brutal feudal theocracy, goverened (mostly) by Sharia Law.
In the court of the Caliph there are two main factions. The hardline Islamic fundamentalists and the really hardline Islamic fundamentalists (refered to from now on as the moderates and the hardliners. The difference between them is: do we behead infidels or do we torture them for weeks before burning them alive). There is a lot of intrigue in the bureaucracy and the Caliph's palace but the Caliph doesn't care so long as it does not target him or hurt the country.


Construction Factories 0
Conventional Industry 800
Ordnance Factories 200
Fuel Refinaries 100
Mines 200
Labs 5
GF Training Centres 8
Level 2 Officer Training Centre (OTC)
500 million people
The industry of ISIS is larger than the other powers however is also much lower tech. The lack of labs and OTCs will hurt them in the long run.


The Navy of the Prophet (NOP) is mainly focused around small fast attack craft, with large orbital defences around the homeworld. The theory is that the FACs will attack weak targets and then withdraw to the safety of the homeworld when the enemy fleet comes looking for them. Once at the homeworld they will be covered by the guns of many large orbital fortresses. Stealth ships may be employed in future. Vulture tatics (I.E. attacking the hopefuly weakened victor of a large fleet battle) will also be used.


Ummm their ISIS, they exist to purge the Infidal. They will always be at war with everyone (what did you expect?)

Post a comment if I forgot anything.
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