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Trumpocalypse Starting Research
« on: June 26, 2017, 09:13:35 PM »
Each Faction will share some tech and have some racial tech related to their doctrine (note I will only list the highest level of each tech)


Ion Engines
All Ground Unit Types
Troop Transport Bay
High Density Duranium Armour
Turret Tracking Speed 3000km/s
Gauss Cannon ROF 2
Missile warhead 3 per MSP
Ion Missile Engines
Fire Control Speed 3000km/s

-Donkey Republic Racial Tech

Fighter Engine
Hanger Deck
Box Launcher
Command Module
Fuel Storage Tiny
Missle Warhead 4 per MSP
Active Sensor Strength 36

-Elephant Empire Racial Tech

Ceramic Composite Armour
Turret Tracking Speed 5000km/s
20cm Railgun
Gauss Cannon ROF 3
Railgun Launch Velocity 4
Beam Fire Control Range 40,000km
Fire Control Speed rating 5000km/s
Capacitor Recharge Rate 4

-EU Racial Tech

Delta Shields
Shield Regen Rate 2.5
Composite Armour
Turret Tracking Speed 8000km/s
Gauss Cannon ROF 3
Missile Warhead 5 per MSP
Launcher Reload rate 3
Missile Agility 64 per MSP
Fire Control speed 8000km/s

-ISIS Racial Tech

Minimum Cloak Size 2
Cloak Sensor Reduction 80%
Cloak Efficiancy 3
Thermal Reduction 25%
Reduced size launcher 25%
FAC Engine
Active Sensor Strength 21
Thermal Sensor Strength 11

-Commonwealth Racial Tech

12cm Laser (I accidentally gave them this)
Gauss Cannon ROF 3
Fire Control Speed 5000km/s
Turret Tracking Speed 5000km/s
Fuel Efficiency .5
Missile Warhead per MSP 8
Missile Launcher reload rate 6
Missile Agility 100 per MSP
Electronic Warfare
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