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Tolkien based game
« on: June 19, 2020, 09:09:54 PM »
Hello, I´ve been trying to start a Tolkien based game. I have started creating the scenario and have the planets and races done. I must say the race and planet customization would be great to have here sinnce it takes a long time to generate what you want randomly.

I´ve writen the origin story for one of the factions. It is the first time I write any fiction (that I remember) and english is not my mother language. So, I ask for your patience. Please let me know what you think of it.

Dwarfs origin

Praise gems, I am late! Thod Profesor Dwelin as she entered one of the teaching halls of the Great University. The hall was less than a quarter full, some students greeted her with stern looks while others had found other things to do besides waiting for her, one was even carving a wall depicting her hastily entering the teaching hall.
   Dwelin greeted the hall and asked the artist to please finish later to which he responded that he was only doing so due to respect for his fellow students. Dwelin apologized to the hall – I lost track of time while simplifying algorithms for resources allocation, I felt I was about to enter a fey mood! - Since it would have been very strange for dwarves to lie about fey moods, most of the hall was mollified.  –Master Dwelin was a respected academic in history and resource management, and once the class started the hall got respectfully silence.
   -So, what was today subject? She asked no one in particular- Before anyone answered she said – Ah! Our origin no less! Where do we dwarves come from? You have learned about evolution in biology classes since you were young- She almost spit the word biology – and are aware of the inconsistencies between that theory and the fossil record at least concerning us dwarves-.  She paced the hall for a few seconds – You are also aware of our religion explanation for us being here and now, and even if it is magical, you must concede it matches our reality perfectly and even matches recent scientific findings! – Imagine that! A magical religious theory that stands to scientific scrutiny! While a scientifically proven theory, that is proven in other species, does not in regards to dwarves!
   -Let us review… the story basically is: Durin the seventh was content with his rule, dwarves were happy practicing their art, becoming more and more rich and more and more isolated from the other races of Midle Earth. – She paused for dramatic effect - But he noticed a trend! Dwarves less and less interested in each other and more and more interested in being rich and improving their crafts and arts – With a grin she remembered – As my priest frequently reprimands myself -. - The population was dwindling and Durin feared that all of the dwarves great works would be buried with the memory of his people- Dwelin screamed –Time was more fearsome than his own bane the barlog or the great dragons of old-. All of the dwarves already knew the story but Dwelin performance was as good as that of any legendary orator, so the dwarves listened attentively. – Durin paced the halls and corridors of his kindom and talked with his subjects… - Said Dwelin pacing among the students herself- He confirmed his fears, the tendencies he feared were more and more considered virtues! He agreed dedication and ambition were to be commended but the extremes dwarfs were reaching were worrisome- said Dwelin with a worried face herself. – He found some dwarves with the same worries he had but didn´t wanted to his own kingdom by leaving with them. So what did he do?- She asked the class, but before anyone answer she continued – She asked Aule himself for advice and Aule answered:
Dwelin put her best Aule voice -´´My sons and daughters! It is with great sadness that I see you dwindle! Out of impatience for the beauty of the world to be admired and in an act of rebellion I created you and in a great act of kindness Eru put in you the ever lasting flame! And although you have not been perfect you have not disappointed, you have been strong, industrious, ambitious, loyal and brave! For that I am grateful. But Eru mandates that men are to be the rulers of this world, that they are to sing their song by themselves and for themselves in the ages to come and you my childs are predicted and expected to disappear from this world. I know now better than going against his plan and the foolishness of acting behind his back. The universe is being remade to be much greater, to have many worlds all of them with curved roads that lead to themselves. So, I asked him for a chance, for a place for you, he answered me with a question: I am not taking anything from your creations, they are walking to their end by themselves, why should I intervene? I asked if he would allow me to intervene and he answered: Only if they ask for your help themselves, only if they prove they can sacrifice a part of their very nature and only if they gain the opportunity going through great hardship, only then you may take them to a new world.
And here I am and the world that I and my wife Yavana made for you is waiting, but you shall not reach it by road, range, sailing the seas or even flying. The door to your new world is bellow you so far below that not even the unnamed things dwell there. To reach it you will work as you have never worked, and you must also become less selfish your brothers and sisters are to be the most important thing for yourselfs. You will never stop loving the work of your hands but your fellow dwarves and your journey must be higher on your minds and your hearths. You shall not seek riches or mine gold to make jewels during your long road. You must not only seek to understand how to make things but also try to understand the deep nature of the world and its substance. Only then will you reach your destiny.´´-
-Durin fell to his knees – Dwelin said while kneeling herself - He feared dwarfs would not be capable of fulfilling their task. He doubted he himself may not- Said Dwelin in a sad voice. During the next seven years he gathered all willing dwarves and stroke the earth! For centuries they dug and went so deep that they had to produce their food bellow the earth. They made great engines and made lights without fires. Food and drink were neither abundant nor tasty and many dwarves went back to their old habits and to the dwarves above. Those who remained with Durin endured such hardship that they had not choice but to fulfill Aules message and dedicate themselves fully to the task, accumulating riches and power was impossible in the heat and hardship of the dephs - Dwelin checked the mechanical clock above the hall – Finally the dwarves reached a great Cave with a great round door. When they walked inside the door they found themselves in the side of a snowy mountain and they felt themselves to be much heavier. The door thei came from only had stone behind now and the dwarfs did not attempt to mine it. They had not stablished themselves when Durin died with a smile in his face, his last words ´´I have great dreams for this continent´´. The dwarves though they had reached a new continent and so called the land ´´The continent of dreams´´ We then populated this world and never went back to the old ways, or so the story say.-
   Despite Dwelin performance, some were getting restless, it was a known and somewhat long story after all. So Dwelin decided to stop there and give the students something to do. – Now, lets analize the symbology of the story, the influence it has in our society, to what degree does our society conform to Aule message or the ´´old ways´´ and what parts of it may be true from a non religious perspective. Was Aule and the Valar aliens? Was the door between worlds a wormhole? As propoued by famous Urist Mcphysicist?   Were there other intelligent species in this world before? Go wild if you want, but back your claims. You can work here or leave, deliver your work whenever you want but before the end of the year! I am of to continue my other work! She said and ran trough the door.


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