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Admin Notes:
« on: April 14, 2016, 01:00:27 PM »
How turns will be Run:

Just so everyone is clear on how turns will be run.

1.  Admin (me) puts in the orders.  If it submitted prior to Wednesday I will confirm with the team vie screenshots to make sure a honest mistake hasn't been made.  If you submit it on wensday, I will not delay the game.   So this will reward people who submit it early.

2.  I will run Aurora at 5 day Autoturns unless one team requests a slower time-frame for the turn.   If it stops and the team has a conditional order (Example: Research X, and then once complete, use those labs to research Y) that allows the turn to go on, I will continue it on the turn.  Once the autoturns stops on something a conditional order cannot handle, we go to the next turn.

3.  Once a turn ends, I as a the Admin will make the FSA orders. 

4.  I will make the data sheets for each team and submit them to the folders.  The next turn will begin.

As a note on how I am going to play the FSA.

The main goal of the FSA is to make the game fun.   This may mean that the FSA will try to be a peacemaker (nuking earth is a valid way to win, but is a unfun way to win.) Sometimes the FSA may need to do a diplomatic or PR surprise to keep the game sharp.  I made sure the FSA has some undisclosed handicaps which will make sure as time goes on, the FSA should fade as a third power.   

That said, the FSA is not there to be a punching bag.   

Players New to Aurora:

We have players that have a wide range of know how in the game, from the rank beginner to people who know this game better then the Admin.

That said, new players feel free to speak or take a part in the choices your teams make.   Experienced players, make sure the newbies understand what is going on and let them learn more about the game.

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