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Re: Spreadsheet: Skoormit's Terraforming Planner
« Reply #15 on: October 10, 2021, 03:33:58 PM »
I have been mulling over trying to make something like that, or maybe make a utility. Right now I have just been annotating a copy of the sheet with explanations as I starting to understand parts of it.

Edit: I could share my copy of the spreadsheet that I put notes on, and make it open for anyone to work on. As long Skoormit is ok with it and don't complain, its his work so I will respect his wishes on it.

Here it is, its open for anyone edit. So trolls can frakk around, but I guess then I can just roll it back, hopefully this forum is small enough it won't be an issue.

So, right now I am just working on noting everything to get a clear picture of how it works. Next step will be to make it more use friendly and ad something like what Garfunkel suggest (TF work seems to be that, tought its a bit unclear, working to figure out how it works). Feel free to add new sheets and work on a solution, but avoid messing around too much with the sheets Skoormit made so as not accidentally mess it up (not that its forbidden, it should be worked on but be smart about it!), then its better if you make your own copy to mess about whit and if you make something really good then copy it over to the shared sheet. Basically, its open for anyone to optimize and work on, I trust people here have the wisdom and discretion to know what to do and not do.
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