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Quasar4x / Re: Bug Reports (Version 138 and up) q4x
« Last post by TMaekler on Today at 12:19:25 PM »
V171: I've added two LPs to Kuiper75 system into the DB as you suggested to do (SysID, StarID, PlanetID + Distance). Rest was added by the game as you said. They do appear as LPs in the task force list but there are no dots in the system map drawn.

Added to Kuiper 75 A IV Moon 13 & Kuper 75 C IV Moon 18
1090-1486-131862 & 1090-1488-131911
Quasar4x / Re: Quasar4x - An Aurora4x VB6 clone q4x
« Last post by TMaekler on Today at 11:40:03 AM »
The joining of the civilian harvesters - could you add some kind of information on how much fuel each fleet contains? Would make it easier to see how many fleets I have to refuel from.
Quasar4x / Re: Bug Reports (Version 138 and up) q4x
« Last post by trabber Shir on Today at 10:22:35 AM »
Out of curiosity, are lay-off going to be counted as retirement? And are they preventable?

"_ has been deemed surplus to requirements and released from the service" as part of automatic commander assignment is what I am talking about.
Quasar4x / Re: Quasar4x - An Aurora4x VB6 clone q4x
« Last post by trabber Shir on Today at 09:20:05 AM »
Will the default order "Load Fuel at Harvester" buy fuel from civilian harvesters?

I have the same question for the conditional order to refuel from tankers now that I think about it. My civilian lines are beating me to deploying harvesters in my outlying systems.
Quasar4x / Re: Negative spare berths
« Last post by RougeNPS on Today at 08:37:26 AM »
Normally when -1 is applied in video games it means to designate infinite, but devs usually cover it up with the infinity symbol.

Im not sure if that is what happening here and you managed to accidentally make a ship with infinite crew space and the game didnt know what to do with the calculation and couldnt put the infinity symbol so it just put what it equates to.

Or if it just messed up the calculation and the game processed it into that. I could be wrong but i have no idea.
Quasar4x / Negative spare berths
« Last post by trabber Shir on Today at 08:02:50 AM »
I am too much of a newbie to know if this is a bug or just a part of a feature I am unfamiliar with. I designed a ship that has no "Design Errors" listed, but which has -1 spare berths. To me that implies a shortage of life support, which will decrease morale over time. (based on )

Code: [Select]
M Class class Frigate (P)    5 000 tons     189 Crew     843.5 BP      TCS 100  TH 228  EM 30
2280 km/s     Armor 4-26     Shields 1-300     Sensors 6/6/0/0     Damage Control Rating 24     PPV 11.86
Maint Life 4.65 Years     MSP 423    AFR 49%    IFR 0.6%    1YR 32    5YR 479    Max Repair 160 MSP
Intended Deployment Time: 4 months    Spare Berths -1

Hanson Dynamics 228 EP Ion Drive (1)    Power 228    Fuel Use 49.26%    Signature 228    Exp 9%
Fuel Capacity 300 000 Liters    Range 21.9 billion km   (111 days at full power)
Bradley-Hill Alpha R300/168 Shields (1)   Total Fuel Cost  7 Liters per hour  (168 per day)

Single 12k/1 Turret -  Bradley-Hill 12cm C4 Near Ultraviolet Laser (2)    Range 120 000km     TS: 12000 km/s     Power 4-4     RM 3    ROF 5        4 4 4 3 2 2 2 2 1 1
Bradley-Hill Fire Control S08 64-12000 (2)    Max Range: 128 000 km   TS: 12000 km/s     92 84 77 69 61 53 45 38 30 22
Bradley-Hill 4.2MW Stellarator Fusion Reactor Technology (2)     Total Power Output 8.4    Armor 1    Exp 5%

Bradley-Hill Active Search Sensor MR96-R100 (1)     GPS 16000     Range 96m km    Resolution 100
Bradley-Hill Active Search Sensor MR3-R1 (1)     GPS 64     Range 3.84m km    MCR 418.2k km    Resolution 1
Robinson-West Thermal Sensor TH1-6 (1)     Sensitivity 6     Detect Sig Strength 1000:  6m km
Robinson-West EM Detection Sensor EM1-6 (1)     Sensitivity 6     Detect Sig Strength 1000:  6m km

This design is classed as a Military Vessel for maintenance purposes

I suspect some sort of floating point comparison issue is at play because "Accom HS Req" is 6.0004 and my actual HS provided is 6 exactly, or possibly some logic that is tripped up by technically needing less than a fighter accomodation.

I have "fixed" the issue in this case by trying to add a "Crew Quarters - Fighter" with "Keep Excess Q" checked. It instead added a "Crew Quarters -  Tiny" and did not increase the mass of the ship but changes spare berths to 3.

So, is this some really complicated feature I do not understand, or a bug? And, would a very small negative in that field affect crew morale?
Quasar4x / Re: Bug Reports (Version 138 and up) q4x
« Last post by Kyle on Today at 01:24:34 AM »
V170: The Orbital Mines are now correctly shown only on asteroids and comets. But if you have two ships in one fleet it only shows the number of mines next to the planet of one ship. In the mineral tab however, everything seems ok - number of orbital mines and mineral mining.

Fixed in v171

Nice progress  :D

This one isn't a bug - just something that "bugs" me  ;). The "Officer Update" includes several things - also if an officer retires. I pretty much don't care about any of the updates BUT the one when they "retire". Could you separate that one into a separate category so I could unhide that message and hide the rest?  :)

All retirement falls under Officer Health if I'm not mistaken.  Try filtering out the new event type "Officer Health (Minor)" to help with this problem.
Yeah, I already filter out the minor ones. There are still a lot that fall under "Officer Health" which are not interesting to me. So as in C# have the retirement under "Retirement" - I would love to have that  ;)

Ok found a batch of retirement events that were still logged as Officer Update.  I've moved retirement into an event type of its own for v172. 

Other Games / Re: Announcing Eos4x
« Last post by Blogaugis on Yesterday at 03:19:19 PM »
Although I am personally more in favor of sci-fi rather than magic, it is still interesting to see what kind of magic system You would want to implement...
Endless Space does pretty well with it's magical 'dust' thing, so maybe You can do too..?
Quasar4x / Re: Patch Notes q4x
« Last post by Kyle on Yesterday at 02:56:52 PM »
Version 171

- Event types on the System Map can now be colorized according to the custom colors set on the Events window
- Added a checkbox on the Quasar4x Settings window to enable System Map event coloring, disabled by default
- Civilian harvester fleets with identical locations and speeds will merge into a single fleet
- Added a new 'Civilian Fleets Merged' event type
- Refitting a ship or PDC will now refuel from the population if possible
- Refitting a ship or PDC will now return unused and scrappable components to the population stockpile
- Class Design window: Unchecking 'Keep Excess Q' will now immediately remove any excess crew quarters

- Objects positioned within 4 centimeters of each other are now considered to be in the same location. Fixes a few rare floating point error bugs.
- Fixed: F3 window: Auto re-positioning of the auto-turns checkbox wasn't working correctly when the Scroll/Zoom map panels were visible
- Fixed: Class Design: After clicking 'Add', it was necessary to reselect the component if you wanted to click 'Add' again
- Fixed: Class Design window: the Keep Excess Q checkbox wasn't working with fighter sized Crew Quarters
- Fixed: groups of 4 fighter size crew quarters were being auto-substituted with 1 tiny size (which is bad math)
- Fixed: Floating point rounding errors that were occasionally causing 1 more crew quarters to be added than necessary
- Fixed: F2 window, list of populations: The displayed # of Orbital Mines present was sometimes incorrect
- Fixed: NPRs werent treating their spoiler ships as spoiler ships when making certain decisions
Quasar4x / Re: Scrapping or Upgrading a fighter
« Last post by trabber Shir on Yesterday at 02:16:44 PM »
Ah, thank you.
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