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Re: The Long Wait
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Commander Dorris Bertholf, may not be spending valentines day with her Boo, however she did the next best thing aboard the SC Betwsyoced. Discovered a new jump point out of Sigma Phoenicis.
I am genuinely unsure which is more disturbing. Dorris' idea of fun or the name of her ship. Betwsyoced sounds like one of those names the Welsh made up as a joke but are now stuck with.

Code: [Select]
Amiens Ib class Frigate      6 915 tons       195 Crew       1 106 BP       TCS 138    TH 208    EM 0
3008 km/s      Armour 3-32       Shields 0-0       HTK 43      Sensors 110/0/0/0      DCR 14      PPV 22.8
Maint Life 3.01 Years     MSP 399    AFR 96%    IFR 1.3%    1YR 66    5YR 988    Max Repair 189 MSP
Magazine 81   
Captain    Control Rating 1   BRG   
Intended Deployment Time: 12 months    Morale Check Required   

Tien-Fairchild Magneto-plasma Drive  EP208.00 e65 (2)    Power 416    Fuel Use 14.45%    Signature 104.0    Explosion 6%
Fuel Capacity 285 000 Litres    Range 51.3 billion km (197 days at full power)

Twin Farina Armaments 15.0cm C3 Near Ultraviolet Laser Turret (1x2)    Range 180 000km     TS: 5500 km/s     Power 12-6     RM 30 000 km    ROF 10       
Echevarria CIWS-120 (1x4)    Range 1000 km     TS: 12 000 km/s     ROF 5       
Beam Fire Control R192-TS9000 (1)     Max Range: 192 000 km   TS: 9 000 km/s     95 90 84 79 74 69 64 58 53 48
Improved Pebble Bed Reactor R12-PB20 (1)     Total Power Output 12.1    Exp 10%

Wender Precision Arms Size 1 Box Launcher (12)     Missile Size: 1    Hangar Reload 50 minutes    MF Reload 8 hours
Roberge Armaments Company Size 3.0 Missile Launcher (3)     Missile Size: 3    Rate of Fire 30
Cowans Electronics Missile Fire Control FC17-R1 50 (1)     Range 17.1m km    Resolution 1
Ankrum Aramaments Defender .51 17m AMM (12)    Speed: 28 400 km/s    End: 10.2m     Range: 17.4m km    WH: 1    Size: 1    TH: 170/102/51
Ankrum Aramaments Avenger .29 ASM 6 (23)    Speed: 18 333 km/s    End: 45.8m     Range: 50.4m km    WH: 6    Size: 3    TH: 97/58/29

Amacher & Lannigan Active Search Sensor AS8-R1 50 (1)     GPS 21     Range 8.6m km    MCR 771.7k km    Resolution 1
Amacher & Lannigan Active Search Sensor AS55-R10 450 (1)     GPS 1890     Range 55.4m km    Resolution 10
Weedman Electronics Thermal Sensor TH10-110 (1)     Sensitivity 110     Detect Sig Strength 1000:  82.9m km
I have questions about this design. But I'm not sure this is the place for an in-depth discussion on the foibles of Aquarian ship design so I will let them pass.

4054, 30 July                  Finally the first Destroyer Escort rolls off the line the DE Carpathian, these will protect the frigates from inbound missile attacks. It a pity there system are now out of date considering we had upgraded the mahority of the sensors and Fire Controls.
Always the way. And during a Uridium crunch as well.

4057, 6 February            New System Discovered, the third Jump off the Sigma system. The System is tiny, it has 2 Planets and four moons. However one of the planet is Habitable. Average Temperature of -2 , Breathable Atmosphere, gravity of .74 of Earths. Perhaps this place is uninhabited and we can settle a Colony here. The system once again is called Cacun. WHY OH WHY. It now being renamed to the Captain Last name which is Kwiecien
Lucky captain.

4057, 12 March              The Kwiecien planet is occupied. Just my luck. We will need to sen our diplomatic vessel out here.
Unlucky Captain, cursed now to be the name of an alien race.

4057, 4 December       The 1st Fleet has returned, the DIP Alantia is on the way to Kwiecien. Nothing is happening at the Outpost, perhaps it requires more OEA Teams. Any though of Payback with the Mobile Imperium is a pipe dream.  Atleast they have not tried to invade out systems.
I look forward to the brief but exciting life of the DIP Alantia, how long till it gets blown up I wonder?