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Posted by: ExChairman
« on: April 22, 2012, 01:01:28 PM »

6th January 2043 Sol, Retooling for Bridge class completed at A. Leslie & Co. on Earth and the first Bridge ships is laid down at once

6th January 2043 Sol On Earth a team led by Mava Zelinger has completed research into SAAB Type 0.8 Commercial Ion Engine, now we will be able to build faster commercial ships.

21st January 2043 a new Jump Point found in the Ross 128 System

21st February 2043 Sol A team on Earth led by Akira Kawasaki has completed research into Beam Fire Control Range 32,000 km, there will not be more research into the beam range for some time, mostly because the Gaus Guns short range. There is a growing concern that we need a better weapon for both offense and defence the laser is probably the weapon of choice but so far the empire haven’t stated the research effort, the Emperor thinks we will have a working laser system  within the next 5-10 years.

21st February 2043 Sol Slipway added to Portsmouth Naval Shipyard on Earth

21st March 2043 Today our first gate builder, Bridge (Bridge class) has been built on Earth and are sent to the Ross system jump point to start building our first jump gate

30th March 2043 Sol Jump Gate Construction underway at Ross 128 Jump Point Jump Point

7th April 2043 Ross 128 A new Jump Point found in the Ross 128 System

29th April 2043  An exploration of a jump point in the Ross 128 system has revealed the new system of Gliese 563.2, we are about 25.72 LY from Sol system. It’s a binary system, the A star is alone with the B star having several places for a colony, but they will need either infrastructures or a lot of works from terraformers, it has 2 rocky planets and 6 gas planets and some 115 moons. But its also a long way from the wormhole, some 10000 M km out from its A star, probably not a good choice.

Gliese 563.2-A   M2-V  Diameter: 696k  Mass: 0.39  Luminosity: 0.03

Gliese 563.2-B  M3-V  Diameter: 556k  Mass: 0.32  Luminosity: 0.02.   Orbits Gliese 563.2-A  at 625 AU.

Gliese 563.2-B I:  Colony Cost: 45.46,  Temperature: 1096.7,  Gravity: 0.34,  Orbit: 765k
Gliese 563.2-B II:  Temperature: 58.5,  Gravity: 0.16,  Orbit: 16.6m
Gliese 563.2-B IV:  Temperature: -152.7,  Gravity: 1.58,  Orbit: 95m
    Total Moons: 17
Gliese 563.2-B V:  Temperature: -179.6,  Gravity: 1.00,  Orbit: 158m
    Total Moons: 9
Gliese 563.2-B VI:  Temperature: -190.9,  Gravity: 0.34,  Orbit: 205m
    Total Moons: 24
Gliese 563.2-B VII:  Temperature: -205.3,  Gravity: 0.48,  Orbit: 301m
    Gliese 563.2-B VII - Moon 7:  Colony Cost: 9.10,  Temperature: -210.7,  Gravity: 0.69,  Orbit: 265k
    Hydrogen 83%, Helium 13.9%, Nitrogen (F) 3.1%,  Pressure: 0.46
    Gliese 563.2-B VII - Moon 12:  Colony Cost: 9.39,  Temperature: -217.3,  Gravity: 0.50,  Orbit: 412k
    Nitrogen (F) 84%, Carbon Dioxide (F) 16.0%,  Pressure: 0.01
    Total Moons: 25
Gliese 563.2-B VIII:  Temperature: -218.7,  Gravity: 0.64,  Orbit: 467m
    Gliese 563.2-B VIII - Moon 12:  Colony Cost: 9.24,  Temperature: -213.9,  Gravity: 0.60,  Orbit: 1.21m
    Hydrogen 74%, Helium 25.7%, Nitrogen (F) 0.26%,  Pressure: 0.36
    Gliese 563.2-B VIII - Moon 18:  Colony Cost: 9.93,  Temperature: -230.0,  Gravity: 0.34,  Orbit: 7.5m
    Nitrogen (F) 74%, Methane (F) 26.0%,  Pressure: 0.01
    Total Moons: 19
Gliese 563.2-B IX:  Temperature: -229.1,  Gravity: 0.46,  Orbit: 716m
    Total Moons: 11

Jump Points
 1) Atlantis System:    Distance: 731m   Bearing: 64

7th May 2043  An exploration of a jump point in the Ross 128 system has revealed the new system of Wolf 358, a second binary system some 22.5 LY from Earth, the real estate are alot better than Gliese 563.2, we will need to dispatch a ship here to search for minerals.

Wolf 358-A  M4-V  Diameter: 556k  Mass: 0.26  Luminosity: 0.012

Wolf 358-A I:  Colony Cost: 50.41,  Temperature: 1211.3,  Gravity: 1.55,  Orbit: 4.6m
    Carbon Dioxide 95%, Sulphur Dioxide 5.0%,  Pressure: 57.72
Wolf 358-A II:  Colony Cost: 8.64,  Temperature: -200.1,  Gravity: 0.94,  Orbit: 233m
    Nitrogen 85%, Methane (F) 15.0%,  Pressure: 0.75
    Total Moons: 1
Wolf 358-A III:  Temperature: -204.5,  Gravity: 32,  Orbit: 294m
    Total Moons: 14
Wolf 358-A IV:  Temperature: -218.0,  Gravity: 2.03,  Orbit: 456m
    Total Moons: 18
Asteroid Belt: 187
Wolf 358-A VI:  Temperature: -238.5,  Gravity: 8.8,  Orbit: 1.16b
    Wolf 358-A VI - Moon 10:  Colony Cost: 10.43,  Temperature: -241.6,  Gravity: 0.98,  Orbit: 748k
    Helium 79%, Hydrogen 21.0%,  Pressure: 0.97
    Total Moons: 35
Wolf 358-A IX:  Temperature: -258.7,  Gravity: 0.20,  Orbit: 4.5b
Wolf 358-A X:  Temperature: -260.2,  Gravity: 0.14,  Orbit: 7.7b
    Total Moons: 1

Wolf 358-B  M5-V  Diameter: 417k  Mass: 0.21  Luminosity: 0.008.   Orbits Wolf 358-A  at 0.30 AU.

Wolf 358-B I:  Temperature: 1049.2,  Gravity: 0.28,  Orbit: 660k

Jump Points
 1) Atlantis System:    Distance: 1.31b   Bearing: 111

19th May 2043 Teegardens Star Minerals Discovered on Teegardens Star-A IV - Moon 11: Corbomite 7,912,969 (0.1) 

7th July 2043 Sol Today on Earth the Bofors weapon group a announces the first step into a working laser weapons system, the private funded research have been led by Mason Bird has completed research into 10cm Laser Focal Size

7th July 2043 12:26:41 Sol A team on Earth led by Katherine Rice has completed research into Turret Tracking Speed (10% Gear) 2000 km/s, this will probably be a prioritized project, so far the turrets are able to cope with target practises, but the new Ion engine will probably make the missiles and other targets a lot faster than we can track, but so far the admiralty sees no quick solution to this problem, they have gone to the emperor and asked for a new building program of research labs but the Emperor said no.

6th August 2043 Ross 128 Jump Gate Construction underway at Sol Jump Point Jump Point

7th August 2043 12:26:41,Sol The second component are finished at the Bofors weapon groups research facility, this was led by Olivia Jenkins, the testing of the new laser are scheduled to early December this year.

7th September 2043 With the help of an destroyed facility on Mars a team on Mars led by Leon Townsend has managed to increase our fuel production to 24,000 Litres

7th October 2043 Sol 10000 tons of capacity added to Kockums Naval Yard on Earth

7th October 2043 Sol Today the latest troop transport were ordered to be built, it has the capacity to transport 1 entire division of troops, its not the fastest of ships but will get to its destination sometime.

Zambia II class Troop Transport    68,850 tons     616 Crew     1610.5 BP      TCS 1377  TH 1500  EM 0
1089 km/s     Armour 1-149     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/0/0     Damage Control Rating 1     PPV 0
MSP 15    Max Repair 40 MSP
Troop Capacity: 21 Battalions    Cargo Handling Multiplier 50   

SAAB Type 0.8 Commercial Ion Engine  (10)    Power 150    Fuel Use 8%    Signature 150    Armour 0    Exp 1%
Fuel Capacity 100,000 Litres    Range 32.7 billion km   (347 days at full power)

CIWS type 1 (2x2)    Range 1000 km     TS: 8000 km/s     ROF 5       Base 50% To Hit
This design is classed as a Commercial Vessel for maintenance purposes

7th November 2043 In an accident were Brigadier Robert Bradley was killed when he run is vehicle of the road. Assignment prior to death: C.O. 1st Assault Infantry Regiment.
His second in command Colonel Dafne Zarate Zavala has been assigned to 1st Assault Infantry Regiment.

7th December 2043 Sol  2 new Discovery Type II 002-003 (Discovery Type II class) has been built on Earth and assigned to Shipyard TG

7th December 2043 Sol Today a breakthrough in mining was achieved at the Pretoria mining facilty, with the help of Joe Walton and his team we have increased our production of minerals to 16 tons, this will be implemented as soon as possible on all mining sites.

10th December 2043 Ross 128 Today is a great day for the human race, the first gateway to the stars have been built, from now on the motorways of the stars are officially working, this means that the transporting companies also can start moving goods to the stars, the second planet will soon be open for colonization, but first we are going to explore the city found under the waves, its official name will be Atlantis and the system will be renamed to Atlantis System

10th January 2044 Nigeria (Nigeria class) built on Earth and assigned to Shipyard TG, with this ship we are able project our military might a lot further than before it will take 3 warship into a wormhole.

10th January 2044  Today, four new Assault regiment were trained , the 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th Assault Infantry Regiment, they will be transported to Atlantis when the Zambia II are finished with the assets placed at Mars.

10th January 2044 Sol Today the Emperor announced a program to increase our civilian shipping, the Empire will pay half the cost of the next ten civilian ships built and in response 4 new civilian transport and colony lines are started

10th January 2044 Sol New Shipping Line created: Muruyama Colony Services

10th January 2044 Sol New Shipping Line created: Carlsson Colony Limited

10th January 2044 Sol New Shipping Line created: Villaseñor Carrier Lines

10th January 2044 Sol New Shipping Line created: Barreto Colony Group

10th February 2044 We have upgraded the Viking II to Viking III a new engine and most important given it a ability to use a jump engine designed for the  jumping ship only. This will enable it to make its way to other star system more efficient.
Viking III class Survey Ship    2,700 tons     128 Crew     230.2 BP      TCS 54  TH 150  EM 0
2777 km/s    JR 1-50     Armour 1-17     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/0/1     Damage Control Rating 1     PPV 0
MSP 53    Max Repair 100 MSP

J2750(1-50) Military Jump Drive     Max Ship Size 2750 tons    Distance 50k km     Squadron Size 1
SAAB Type 0.8 Commercial Ion Engine  (1)    Power 150    Fuel Use 8%    Signature 150    Armour 0    Exp 1%
Fuel Capacity 50,000 Litres    Range 416.6 billion km   (1736 days at full power)

Geological Survey Sensors (1)   1 Survey Points Per Hour

This design is classed as a Commercial Vessel for maintenance purposes

27th October 2044 Atlantis On Atlantis we have found a area of housing wich can be changed to human standard, almost 10000 units of infrastructure have been found and turned on, this will also help the units already stationed on Atlantis

27th November 2044 Sol Two more Viking III 001 and 002 (Viking III class)are built on Earth and assigned to Shipyard TG and will soon be sent to the stars.

27th December 2044 Scientist Ohishi Kinsada has been killed in an accident. He was working on a matter transmitter, after testing on several inanimate objects he stepped into the machine and disappeared, nothing was found of him and he was pronounced dead later that day.

27th December 2044 Atlantis 2nd Engineer Regiment has recovered 160 points of abandoned infrastructure on Atlantis