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Destroyer / frigate types

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I don't have access to the game at the moment, so off the top of my head I think the DB already has:

Frigate   FF
Missile Frigate   FFG
Destroyer   DD
Destroyer Escort   DE
Missile Destroyer   DDG
Jump Destroyer   DJ/JD/DDJ/JDD?
Destroyer Leader   DL

Have I forgotten something?

frigateFFmissile frigateFFGfrigate leaderFFLjump frigateJFscout frigateSFrecon frigateRFsurveillance frigateSFkinetic frigateFKdestroyerDDmissile destroyerDDGdestroyer escortDEdestroyer leaderDLjump destroyerJDjump destroyer escortDEJscout destroyerDSC

I think that's all of them

Not a game breaker... Doesn't DDG stand for "Guided" missile destroyer?  ???

As a Star Fire fan I always thinks about the (G)un/missile launcher... ;)

Not in the database.

For the USN, that is what it would be, yeah.  A DDG or CG are guided missile destroyer, or cruiser, respectively.

this will probably interest you in such case:

Aurora does not model unguided missiles (ie rockets) at all, because all missiles have an associated fire control that guides them to the target OR at least it gives them initial targeting information. Unguided missile would be a rocket, ie you just roughly aim it at somewhere and start the engine, hoping for the best. Not sure if any real navy had rocket ships aside from the Landing Craft, Support (Rocket) that were used to increase the firepower of contested landings in WW2, but I guess the USN wanted to make sure that everyone knew their fancy new post-war ships weren't just randomly shooting rockets everywhere  :P


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