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Members of this forum can choose to join a faction of their liking by posting here, indicating which faction they'd like to join in their post. Members of that faction are the only ones that can see said factions Sub-forum. Once you've joined a faction and gain access to it's sub-forum, you can feel free to make your own RP based posts as you like in reaction to events that happen in that players empire, keeping in mind that these posts won't really affect anything in game (unless the Player of that Empire wants it to). A factions Sub Forum is where you will find more in detail information of/for that Empire. The Public forums will have abbreviated versions of the AAR posts in that factions sub forum.

The Empires

The Maian Herd

Basically herbivorous herd dinosaurs transplanted from Earth a hundred million or so years ago to a new world and modified for greater intelligence:

The dominant species of the planet/system known as Home are not native to it, but one could be forgiven for not knowing that. Some hundred million Terran years ago a race known only as The Elders visited the third planet of a modestly sized yellow sun in the western spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy, it was notable at the time for the rarest thing in the universe, life, in the form of megafauna and their assorted relatives. The Elders took a great many samples, and then departed, stopping only to nudge a large asteroid into a slightly different orbit.

The next system they stopped in became Home, it didn't originally posses a life bearing planet but that was of no consequence to the Elders, who simply made one themselves and seeded it with the life they took from their previous stop, millions of species were planted in their new world, and then modified in various ways.

One of these, and eventually the most successful, would be known in another world as the Maiasaur, a generally placid family of herbivores, the formed strong communal bonds and gravitated towards group action, they became the masters of the world but were always aware of their origins thanks to a kind of genetic memory implanted by the Elders, every Maia grew up knowing they weren't native to their Home, and that the Elders had changed them in many ways. Technological progress was rapid, but their exploration never got out of their system until they discovered the Elder datacore, a relic forgotten(or purposefully left behind) that contained the secrets of Trans-Newtonian technology and theories of interstellar travel utilizing wormholes.

The Vorghal Federation

The Vorghal Federations are the collective of alien federations that have heavy autonomy and self determinism. All of these autonomous nations are known Federations and all have a say in the Federation Diet. The Vorghal are ruled by the Hierarch who is elected by the separate Federations.

The Terran Federation

Terran Federation - Safeguarding Humanity (Will be changed eventually).

Red Dot:
I would like to join the Maian Herd. I am interested in seeing how Panopticon will develop them and possibly give him my support.



Would you like to know more?

After the destruction and chaos caused by the corrupt political elites of the 20th and 21st centuries, the veterans of those wars rose up to safeguard the human civilisation against all threats, internal and external. No longer would political elites, insulated from the population, be allowed to waste resources in their meaningless games. Terran Federation has achieved true unity across Earth and enabled peace and prosperity on a scale never seen before. All this thanks to its primary philosophy - that something gained for free is worthless. Thus only citizens can vote and only service to the state guarantees citizenship.

But there is more!

Now that Earth has been pacified, it is time for the human race to expand to the stars. Growth and expansion are natural instincts of Man, and the light of civilisation shall be brought to the numerous planets of the galaxy. With the endless resources available, scarcity and poverty will truly become things of the past.

Sign up now for the Terran Survey Corps, the Terran Fleet or the Mobile Infantry! Service guarantees citizenship!

I'd like to join the Terran Federation. Not sure how active I will be in this, but definitely want to follow what happens.

Red Dot:

Do you have what it takes to stand with the Herd?
The Maian Heritage Research Agency is looking for brave saurians of all background to help in the quest for our original home.  Now that we have managed to find a way to leave the boundaries of Maia, we can finally answer the questions that have been haunting all of us since the Elders left us on Maia. What has happened to the planet of our foresaurians? We collectively remember leaving this blue jewel of a planet but its current fate is unknown. We need to ascertain the presence of our brethren on the Original Home and bring them back into the Herd.

The Supreme Master Herder has decreed that the search for the Original Home will be the primary focus of the Herd for the next generations and all members of the Herd are required to support this effort in their own ways.

Volunteers for special duties are required to provide their résumés at the nearest office of the Maian Heritage Research Agency.

Seek the Original Home!


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