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Cold War: Month 215, Aurarii Designs utilized in the Alliance Conflict
« Reply #15 on: November 10, 2022, 11:15:47 AM »
Ship Designs used in the wars between the Alliance and the Lothari/Aurarii

The Alliance designs used in the battles are mostly older designs, and can be found in the post entitled “Month 195 Alliance Ship Designs” in the Ship Design section.  Approximately a third of the ships involved in the battles are refitted designs that can be found in the later “Alliance HT-9 Designs” post.

The Lothari designs can be found in the “Month 212, Kingdom of Lothar Ship Designs” post in the Ship Design forum. 

Aurarii Designs are given below.  The Aurarii achieved HT-9 just prior to the start of their war with the Alliance, and the start of the war caught some of their largest ships in the yards being refitted to the latest technology.  This was problematic for the Aurarii navy, as the capabilities promised by the new tech would greatly increase the fighting ability of their larger ships, particularly their light monitors, but having the ships in the yards at the outbreak of hostilities was less than optimal.  All of the ships used against the Alliance were the older designs below. 

Aurarii capital ships are designed to be close-range sluggers, and the Naraithsol class is no exception.  With seven capital force beams and fifteen advanced missile launchers capable of launching thirty anti-matter tipped missiles at nearby targets, very few enemy ships could stand up to this ship’s broadside. 
Code: [Select]
NARAITHSOL  class ML  AM2 33 XO Racks 165 Hull TL 8
[3]S0x16Aix16HQ(IIIII-It)H(IIIII-It)(IIIII-It)QWaWa(BbS)FcWaWaFcMgWaWaFcWaWa MgWaFcWaWaFcDzQMgDzWaDzDzWaDzDzFcZiDzWaDzDz!2WaDzMgXr?2LhQFcM7(IIIII-It)[4]
165 RCP  35 MCP    Trg:8  Bmp +4  Tem -2     Cost = 4816/722.4
HTK 105 S0x16  Aix16  Dzx10  Fcx7  Wax15  Mgx4 
400x SM, 400x SM-a

The Delalas class is essentially a smaller version of the Maraithsol class, replacing the missile launchers with HET lasers and plasma guns. 
Code: [Select]
DULALAS  class SD  AM2 26 XO Racks 130 Hull TL 8
130 RCP  20 MCP    Trg:8  Bmp +4  Tem -2     Cost =  3615/ 542.2
HTK 92 S0x18  Aix18  Dzx8  Pgx2  (HET)x3  Fcx6 

The Glamatus class focuses solely on capital force beams for its broadside, mounting eight of the big weapons. 
Code: [Select]
GLAMATUS  class BB  AM2 20 XO Racks 100 Hull TL 8
[2] S0x10Aix12HQ(III-It)(III-It)(III-It)(BbS)(III-It)XrFcx5DzFcDzx3Fc!2ZiDz?2LhQFcM7(III-It) [5]
100 RCP    Trg:8  Bmp +4  Tem -2     Cost =  2779/ 416.9
HTK 65 S0x10  Aix12  Dzx5  Fcx8 

This is the smallest warship design fielded by the Republic’s Navy, and is not intended for front-line service.  Instead, the Alaisil class is intended as a patrol-scout, and to be used to garrison the Norn Home World.  This design was forced on the Republic’s Navy out of necessity, once the war began, as they had no light warship designs that could act as a scout and which could project power in the places where the Republic could not field capital ship squadrons. 
Code: [Select]
CLP ALALSIL  class CL  AM2 9 XO Racks 45 Hull TL 9
[1] S0Acx9Hs(BbS)(II)Vx6Q(I)(II)(I)(II)XrDzFcFcDzZiLh?jQ(I)Mg [6]
45 RCP  30 MCP  6 FCP    Trg:1     Cost =  1161.5/ 174.2
HTK 38 S0x1  Acx9  Dzx2  Fcx2  Vx6  Mgx1 
18x fG, 54x fR-a, 18x fL, 108x fM

Code: [Select]
DULDRUS  class CV  AM2 17 XO Racks 85 Hull TL 8
85 RCP  40 MCP  30 FCP    Trg:1  Bmp +4     Cost =  2421/ 363.2
HTK 87 S0x8  Aix10  Dzx4  Wax1  Vx30  Mgx2 
40x SM-a, 90x fG, 120x fR, 270x fM

Code: [Select]
AUGCATING  class CVL AM2 12 XO Racks 60 Hull TL 8
60 RCP  40 MCP  12 FCP    Trg:1  Bmp +4     Cost = 1880/282
HTK 55 S0x6  Aix4  Dzx4  Pgx1  Fcx1  Vx12  Mgx1 
36x fG, 72x fR-a, 36x fL, 360x fM
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Cold War: Confederated Free Systems Designs
« Reply #16 on: April 04, 2023, 11:43:13 AM »
Confederated Free Systems

The CFS Navy was originally based on designs inherited from the USSR’s navy, however, over the years it has diverged quite a bit from that standard.  The CFS navy was designed to patrol and secure the Novosibirsk system, but as its mission has changed its designs have changed as well.  Now that the system governments of the CFS have direct control of their forces, it is expected that the designs will diverge even more, although the Patrol Fleet is currently involved in a political battle to maintain control of the design of its ships.  This is a fight that it is losing, and in the near future it is anticipated that the system governments will begin demanding alterations to their ships to meet their local needs. 

The Kiev class is a new departure for the CFS.  For most of the existence of the CFS the two superpowers have discouraged the CFS from building larger hulls, and in any case cost considerations meant that such large ships would be prohibitively expensive, however, all of that changed recently.  When the superpowers became absorbed in their internal affairs, restrictions on the CFS government loosened while at the same time the CFS government began to lose influence within the CFS.  Thus, the Kiev class is intended to give the CFS a way to interest the superpowers in the CFS again, by offering squadrons of these capital ships as mercenaries for either of the major power’s use.  So far the two superpowers have been noncommittal on this project, and rumors abound that they only allowed this project to go forward to distract from carriers, which both powers consider the future of naval warfare.  In any case, the first Kiev will be complete next month, at which time the CFS government plans to begin laying down new units every month. 
Code: [Select]
SDR KIEV class SD  AM2 26 XO Racks 130 Hull TL 8
[3] S0x21Aix21H(BbS)(IIII)Q(IIII)Q(IIII)(IIII)Rcx4DzRcx4MgRcx3M4DzRcRcMgDzDzLhZiQ(IIII)Fc [5]
130 RCP  20 MCP    Trg:5     Cost =  2849/ 427.4
HTK 90 S0x21  Aix21  Dzx4  Fcx1  Rcx13  Mgx2 
180x CM, 6x EDM (Mg)

The Moskva class battlecruiser was the backbone of the CFS Patrol Fleet.  It is intended to engage enemy capital ships at long range, and must be escorted by smaller ships to prevent faster enemy ships from getting in close and picking it apart with beam weapons.  The Moskva class has become a status symbol for system government fleets, garnering prestige for governments able to afford to support a capital ship. 
Code: [Select]
BCR MOSKVA class BC  AM2 16 XO Racks 80 Hull TL 8
[2] S0x13Aix17H(BbS)Rcx3DzM1QRcRcXrDzMg(III)(II)(III)(II)RcMg(III)DzZiLhDzQ(II)Mg [6]
80 RCP  20 MCP    Trg:2     Cost =  1695/ 254.3
HTK 66 S0x13  Aix17  Dzx4  Rcx6  Mgx3 
180x CM, 5x EDM (Mg)

The Kirov class has become the workhorse of the system and frontier fleets.  This ship is designed to engage targets at long range, acting independently or in support of the Moskva class battlecruisers. 
Code: [Select]
KIROV MK II class CA  AM 12 XO Racks 60 Hull TL 7
[2] S0x9Aix8ZHs(BbS)Rcx3DzM1QRcRcXrDz(II)(II)(II)(II)(II)LhDzQ(II)Mg [6]
60 RCP  40 MCP    Trg:2     Cost =  1133/ 170
HTK 46 S0x9  Aix8  Dzx3  Rcx5  Mgx1 
60x CM

The Patrol Ship class DD is intended to act as escorts for the cruisers and battlecruisers of the Patrol Fleet, or in direct support of the warp point fortifications as close-range attack ships.  The Mark V refit replaces the earlier version’s missile launchers with the newly developed capital force beam, increasing the close-range damage potential of the class. 
Code: [Select]
DD PATROL SHIP MK V class DD  (AC) AM2 6 XO Racks 30 Hull TL 8
[1] S0x10Aix7Hs(BbS)QsXr(I)(I)(I)(I)(I)(I)ZiDzQs(I)Fc [7]
30 RCP  20 MCP    Trg:1     Cost =  669/ 100.4
HTK 32 S0x10  Aix7  Dzx1  Fcx1 

The Mark IV version of the Patrol Ship class mounts advanced missile launchers, which were replaced by later updates.  Several system governments requested these older ships, as they viewed the missile design as being more flexible and better suited for the missions they would be undertaking in the system defense role. 
Code: [Select]
PATROL SHIP MK IV class DD  (AC) AM 6 XO Racks 30 Hull TL 7
[2] S0S0Aix3ZHs(BbS)QsWax4Xr(I)(I)(I)(I)(I)(I)DzQs(I)Mg [7]
30 RCP  20 MCP    Trg:1     Cost =  690/ 103.5
HTK 24 S0x2  Aix3  Dzx1  Wax4  Mgx1 
160x SM

The automated warfare class CT is designed to control minefields and warp points, and to support those minefields with its fighter complement.  Several system governments have commissioned the construction of these ships, and several others are considering the concept.
Code: [Select]
CT(AW) class CT  3 XO Racks 16 Hull TL 8
[2] AiHs(I)Vx4(I)(I)Xr(MCS)Qs(I)Mg [8]
16 RCP  4 FCP    Trg:1     Cost =  389/ 58.4
HTK 14 Aix1  Vx4  Mgx1 
8x fG, 80x fR

The Kresta class was intended by the Patrol Fleet to be a transitional class to provide the fleet with carrier capability until larger classes could be constructed.  While the decision on which larger design would be the final carrier class had not been made, the entire question was made moot by the breakup of the Patrol Fleet.  The system governments had no interest in larger carriers, and indeed viewed the escort carrier design as being perfect for system defense.  Currently there are no plans to field a larger carrier. 
Code: [Select]
CVE KRESTA class CVE  AM 6 XO Racks 30 Hull TL 8
[1] S0S0Aix3ZHsVx6(I)Vx6(I)Q(I)(I)(I)(I)XrDzLhQ(I)Mg [7]
30 RCP  20 MCP  12 FCP    Trg:1     Cost =  676/ 101.4
HTK 32 S0x2  Aix3  Dzx1  Vx12  Mgx1 
24x fG, 96x fR

CFS Fortress Command
The CFS Fortress Command is concentrated in the Novosibirsk system.  By agreement with the two superpowers, the Fortress Command is limited to a single base at each warp point in the Novosibirsk system, except at times of emergency, as agreed to by the three governments.  Therefore, the bulk of the Fortress Command’s assets are deployed in the orbit of the capital to protect the system’s population and shipyards. 

The carrier-base was designed to give the system’s fixed fortifications fighters of their own.   
Code: [Select]
BS2CV class BS2  10 XO Racks 50 Hull TL 8
[1] S0x4Aix4H(BbM)Vx6QTiVx12DzQVx6QVx6MgZiDzLhQ [0]
50 RCP  25 MCP  30 FCP    Trg:1     Cost =  1396/ 69.8
HTK 50 S0x4  Aix4  Dzx2  Vx30  Tix1  Mgx1 
5x EDM (Mg), 60x fG, 300x fR

This missile base is the primary defender of the Novosibirsk system capital. 
Code: [Select]
BS2(R) MK III class BS2  10 XO Racks 50 Hull TL 7
[1] S0x8Aix7ZHs(BbS)RcRcDzQsRcRcDzRcRcXrDzQsMg [0]
50 RCP    Trg:1     Cost =  812/ 40.6
HTK 31 S0x8  Aix7  Dzx3  Rcx6  Mgx1 
60x CM

This base is designed to engage targets at long range and control minefields.  One unit of this class is deployed to each of the Novosibirsk system’s warp points. 
Code: [Select]
BS2(RA) MK III class BS2  10 XO Racks 50 Hull TL 7
[1] S0x8Aix7ZHs(BbS)QsRcRcDzRcRcDzRcMg(MCS)DzXrDzQs [0]
50 RCP    Trg:1     Cost =  922/ 46.1
HTK 32 S0x8  Aix7  Dzx4  Rcx5  Mgx1 
60x CM

This class was intended to provide cheap and quick fighter bays for the Fortification Command.  Two units of this type have been built in orbit over Novosibirsk. 
Code: [Select]
SSCV class SS  17 XO Racks 97.5 Hull TL 8
[1] S0x30Aix5H(BbS)Vx12QDzVx12QVx12QVx12DzQVx12LhQZiQDzLhQMgMg [0]
97.5 RCP  2.5 MCP  60 FCP    Trg:1     Cost =  2620.7/ 52.4
HTK 112 S0x30  Aix5  Dzx3  Vx60  Mgx2 
4x EDM (Mg), 120x fG, 600x fR

The Fortification Command refitted the system’s orbital shipyard stations to this design several years ago to better protect the system’s shipyards and provide more firepower to defend the capital. 
Code: [Select]
SSSY(A) class SS  35 XO Racks 435 Hull TL 6
435 RCP  30 MCP    Trg:5     Cost =  4609.5/ 68.2
HTK 223 S0x150  Dx10  Fx4  Rcx10  Mgx2 
120x CM
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