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Finnish ribbons/medals pack
« on: April 11, 2020, 05:09:59 AM »
I made the ribbons for pretty much all finnish (relevant) awards.     Only exception is awards for local forces.     They are in the zip file, divided into sub-folders: only problem is I haven't translated them into english so you might not know what they mean.     However, here is a link:
https://puolustusvoimat. fi/documents/1948673/2258496/PEVIESTOS-kunnia-ja-ansiomerkkien-kantaminen-liitteineen. pdf/7c836895-b805-4ad7-bb16-c7b55da4035b/PEVIESTOS-kunnia-ja-ansiomerkkien-kantaminen-liitteineen. pdf
 to a pdf concerning awards, starting from page 16 you can read english translations for the most important names.     In the files "ansiom" is short for "ansiomerkki" and "ansior" is short for "ansioristi".     You can use these freely.   
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