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v2.5.0 Changes List
« on: December 18, 2023, 04:59:03 PM »
Changes List for 2.5.0

This post includes bug fixes or minor changes. Any more significant changes will have their own post.

  • Jump Drive Efficiency Modifier has a minimum of 1
  • Fixed 10,000 ton multiplier on Jump Drive design.
  • Copy Temp copies Required Rank.
  • Previous Missile correctly sets ATG checkbox.
  • ATG status saved correctly in DB.
  • Class Templates no longer lost when new game created.
  • Class Templates correctly restore reduced-size missile launchers.
  • Damaged fire controls and weapons are excluded when using Copy Assignments.
  • Missiles with retargeting only attack once per increment - as originally intended.
  • Removed Archipelago as an NPR home world option, due to the 95% hydro extent requirement.
  • Shipyard construction tasks check that a destination fleet exists.
Minor Changes
  • Added 'Cargo Bay - Shuttle'. 1 HS, 50 cargo points. 0.2 BP.
  • Added option to randomise Alien Class names.
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