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Red Alert 2025 (AAR) (v1.11)
« on: June 01, 2020, 07:57:53 AM »
Red Alert 2024
Authors Notes
Hey this is my first AAR for Aurora C#. I played a lot of the VB Aurora and have been playing C# almost religiously trying to get my head around the new GC mechanics

This AAR is based around what if the Allies and the Soviets Discovered Trans Newtonian materials. For the moment i'm using C&C Red alert 2 as the base timeline and point of divergence. Depending on advancements and events I may start pulling in stuff from YR and RA3.

The Third World War

The Soviet invasion of North America was in its final throes after the nuclear bombing of Chicago. Fearing all is lost the Americans beseech the European powers to join the war against the Soviet. The European Allied powers had stayed out of the war up until for fear of nuclear reprisal from the Soviet.

A daring raid led by US Special Forces Agent Tanya Adams struck at the heart of the soviet territory in Europe. She managed to successfully take out the Soviet Nuclear launch systems in Poland effectively taking away their capability to launch nuclear strikes into europe. Allowing the European forces of the United Kingdom, France and Western Germany to launch a massive counterattack against Soviet territory in Europe as well as send funds and aid to the Struggling American military.

With Soviet forces split between the European theater and the American one the allies managed to claw back territory in america eventually retaking much of the west coast including Washington D.C.

With Einstein spearheading much of the allied technological advancements the soviets tried desperately to destroy his research base in the black forest. What resulted was a massive invasion across the Polish German border in an all out invasion to cover the actual intent of destroying Einstein’s Research Laboratory. The Allies caught wind of this and sent an advanced force in order to slow the Soviet advance into the black forest. This gave the allies time to evacuate Einstein and his research. However Soviet force was much larger than first expected and the advanced Allied force could not hold back the Soviet tide and the Soviet eventually destroyed Einstein's Laboratory and the Chronosphere he was working on.

Einstein fled to London where he continued his research however with the loss of his prototype chronosphere Allied research was set back decades and would not be able to use the promised power of the chronosphere in the near future. The Soviets had effectively denied the Allies their Ace card ensuring that the war would go on indefinitely.

Eventually the Allies would push the Soviets out of the United States either pushing them back into the sea or across the border back into mexico. The effort left the US both bankrupt and exhausted in a military sense and economic sense. With the mainland secured the US would continue to play a role in bolstering the Allies in the European theatre but would take a back seat allowing the local powers to take charge. This was partly to ensure the Soviets did not try another attack from the Mexican border or from Cuba. Whilst the US fleet blockaded Soviet member nations in the Pacific and Atlantic.

The Soviet advance in Europe would stall eventually and Allied forces would eventually push them back across Germany and link up with besieged forces in Berlin before pushing them further towards Poland. The war would go on for some time after this devolving into border skirmishes and hastily prepared advances as both sides began digging in.

The Allied and Soviet delegations would eventually meet in Switzerland and sign an Armistice. Both sides financially ruined and facing outright revolt from their local populations saw the first period of peace the world had seen since the onset of the Second World War.

During the peace that followed Einstein turned his pursuits towards more noble pursuits furthering mankind's knowledge of the universe writing many scientific papers. Secretly however during his time working on the Chronosphere project Einstein had come across new materials that had trans-newtonian properties that allowed him to manipulate space-time, for many years he had kept this knowledge secret from both the Allies and Soviets. It wasn't until sometime after in the year 2024 that a young Professor Vickie Reph discovered Einstein's old notes on the Trans-newtonian materials and their properties.

The Allied high command very quickly appropriated the notes and hired Vickie Reph to look into the potential of these materials in order to gain a massive technological advantage over the Soviets that still menaced in the east and had slowly been building up for what the Allies believed could become World War 4.

Unknown to the Allied forces after the raid on Einstein’s lab in the Black Forest the Soviets had recovered what they could of the destroyed Chronosphere project and returned it to Moscow in secret in order to study it and learn how to use it themselves. What they found however baffled Russian and Soviet scientists for almost five decades, it wasn't until a brilliant Young russian scientist known as Karen Brusilova made the startling discovery that parts of the Chronosphere were made from materials comprised of elements that did not appear on the periodic table of elements and that these elements possessed capabilities to alter space and time around them.

The world is poised for another great war, As the Allies and Soviets both sit and talk of pleasantries in public they build up their armed forces in the shadows and research Trans Newtonian tech in hopes of gaining a significant advantage over the other and finally ridding the world of their ideological enemies.

Game Setup


Order of Battle:


Order of Battle:

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