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Google indexing of VB6 pages


Would it be worthwhile removing search engine indexing of old VB6 pages?
In the majority of the cases there is no clear indication on the page that the documentation is referring directly to VB6 and that might be confusing. 

For example on the page: hxxp: aurorawiki. pentarch. org/index. php?title=Installations - there is no indication this is related to VB6 and not C#; and since most of the people, I'd assume, are using C# having these old pages appear in search engines might not be ideal. 

If this is too much of an extreme suggestion, another solution might be to clearly show on each page for which version of the game a specific page is referring to. 

Also related: https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Wikipedia:Controlling_search_engine_indexing


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