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Version 116

Fixed: pops weren't researching projects in parallel

Version 117

Fleet Orders window: hide civilian fleets on the transfer-ships-between-fleets dropdown menu
Fixed: some yes-or-no popups weren't resizing to fit their text
Fixed: industrial project queues weren't always advancing automatically
Fixed 1 crash and 1 bug in commander unassignment
Fixed: diplomacy skillups weren't happening
Fixed: CMC weren't consuming minerals when not being purchased by player

Version 118

- Fixed: Small asteroids were being generated with gravity that was much too high
- Fixed: New officers were being recruited at half the rate they should have been
- Scientists with 0 labs allocated will now only gain experience at the unemployed rate
- Civilians and unarmed NPR ships avoid dangerous systems
- Added 91 more functions for modders
- Implemented the enter/explore button on F9 window

And one I'm really happy with:
- Optimized the System View window.  This reduced the loading time for a standard Sol system from 786 ms -> 50 ms on my computer  :D

Version 119

Added support for low resolution displays
Implemented Main Menu > Empires > Update Sys Control
Fixed: Second System Map was messing with the selected system on the primary System Map

Version 120

Fixed a crash introduced by version 118
Fixed: class and ship summaries were missing mining modules


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