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Which feature(s) would you most look forward to?

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Cross posting this from Discord:

Now that I've more or less met my original goal of a VB6 replica, I'm in the mood to start adding stuff that isn't in VB6.  At this point I welcome input from people on what would be most likely to draw you to the game.  Currently I have a shortage of playtesters and no bugs to work on.  Here are the possible directions I'd be interested in going.  (So far, interest seems to be evenly distributed between A, B, and C.)

A. Cherry picking features from C# Aurora that do not change any of the VB6 gameplay paradigms or balance.  My first two picks would be the prototyping system and the ability to change a scientist's specialty at a cost.

B. Multiplayer experiments

C. External scripted player-automation that can double as AI

D. Tutorials and resources on the forum on how to design mods for the game

E. Invaders and Swarm

F. Or.. "Keep VB6 purity. I'll report some bugs for you to fix"

So yeah I'm open to discussion on what would be most interesting to you.  Currently I'm just playing through a campaign pretty casually and fixing whatever issues I run into if any.

I'm quite favourable to A, as there are several quality of life improvements in C# Aurora, such as, as you mention, prototypes and scientist respecialisation.  D is rather interesting to me, a prospective modder, but that really depends on how easy it is to figure out, which is something I don't know as I haven't gotten around to poking modding Quasar; I always have a lot on my plate and I've been taking hard looks at Starfire these last several months for my Aurora itch.

I'm less concerned with maintaining vb6 purity, but agree A has the most appeal, we got some useful stuff in c# that VB6 could use that doesn't alter it all that much.

Beyond that, I'd love seeing the scripting expanded to permit ever deeper control, so that's a vote for C.  That's the main thing that has kept my interest so far.    A fully scriptable AI means the ability to bring new "spoilers" with minimal extra fuss for any specialty abilities, as well as the potential to take the npr's and civilians to the point of challenging, or efficient and useful cohabitants of your systems.

That's sort of a vote for E as well, in that their not being present yet makes them ideal test bed races to get working as fully external AI.

I'm not really playing vb6, c#, or q4x at the moment as work is once again swallowing my free time, but I am following c# and q4x with interest as I've got large swaths of time possibly available in the not distant future and the mood will take me again sooner or later, I'll dive into one of them and go for a few weeks or months again.  I started thinking about a campaign in q4x when you crossed from work in progress to patching an essentially complete effort.


I think the option of mods like you did for my request of having military geosurvey is a nice touch. One could potentially play vb6 or add small things.

My favourite C# feature for instance is the new terraforming and population mechanic. I like the idea of having capped pop based on water ecc.

If we were going astray from aurora entirely you could create your own spoilers...that could be also a good way of integrating AIs.

Multiplayer is one of, if not the most, requested feature so if it would be at all possible, that would be great.


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