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Please include as much information as possible when reporting bugs, including

- Screenshots
- Your game save
- Steps to reproduce
- Citations or screenshots of VB6 showing how it should work

To break it the thread xp
Pretty simple trying to use System Maps freezes the game, either from the drop down menu or the System Information tab.

In addition the game starts off uncentered on the screen but shifting the taskbar recenters it.

I would post a screen shoot and the save but the internet is bad enough even downloading the game was an hour long ordeal and this an at least ten minute one.

My laptop has a to small screen, thought the shrink to fit screen works fine, the bug was occurring even then.

This is 1.37 bug, you asked for screenshots regarding fire control bug. Sorry but I can't be bothered to edit them, they are only as attachments. I can only attach four of them to I will be splitting this into two posts.
Screenshots 1 and 2 show the design of the search sensor and fire control. They have the same range so the moment incoming missiles are detected they should be within fire control range. The third screenshot shows the ship design while the fourth shows the fire control configuration of the ship. The rest in the next post with the other three screenshots.

Screenshot five shows missile detection. Screenshot six shows when the anti-missiles were actually fired. Screenshot seven shows the event log showing the anti-missiles were fired at a range of a little over a million kilometers, far shorter than they should. Not sure if it's the problem with automated anti-missile firing or with the anti-missile fire control range, but it didn't work that way in the original Aurora.
Thank you for your time.


--- Quote from: Warer on July 27, 2021, 08:28:46 PM ---trying to use System Maps freezes the game, either from the drop down menu or the System Information tab.

--- End quote ---
The system map uses OpenGL shaders to draw orbits.  If it freezes or crashes, or you cant see the orbits, try updating your video drivers.


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