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Hevereyn: Dark Elven Campaign
« on: October 06, 2021, 03:33:49 PM »
Falldara, homeworld of the Dundari.

History of the Dundari
The story of the Dundari begins on the once paradise world of Hidara. They were created as servants and thralls to the advanced and more powerful Hidari. The Dundari begged the Hidari to let them go, but the cries for emancipation fell on deaf ears. The slaves of the Hidari began to form a plan.

It was eons ago since the Hidari left Falldara mysteriously. According to the annuls of history, the Hidari were the oppressors of the Dundari. It was said that Viconis Fellshard, known as the Liberator, saved the Dundari from perpetual servitude by summoning ancient ancestors of the Dundari to defeat the Hidari. The two races lived in an uneasy truce after the "Blooding" War. This was until the Hidari vanished without a trace on Hidara. As a result the planet began to lose its beaches, waters, and other sources of beauty. The power that the Hidari held was sustaining the planet's life. Soon the planet became known as Falldara as sand began to roll in.

Ages pasted and the Dundari continued their histories. With each new age, came a Great War. The infighting between city states and nations had almost consumed the population of the Dundari. War's toll reduced the population immensely, leaving entire nations nearly abandoned or completely vacant. A compromise was reached to create an international government: the Hevereyn Concordant. A system that would keep the new Dundari tribes and city states in check. Hevereyn was also the legal way to declare war on another tribe or city state. If one were to declare war on another without approval of the Hevereyn, then all tribes and city states were legally allowed to declare war on the aggressor.

Factions of the Dundari
Each faction has 1 Commercial Shipyard and 1 Naval Shipyard

House Indrett
House Indrett are renowned for their martial warriors called the Indrettic Guard. House Indrett is the most populous of the factions as they've conquered and subjugated many smaller cities around them. Their industrial capacity is very strong as they have the most factories. House Indrett despises witchcraft and sorcery above all. As such, the Concordant Inquisition was formed to hunt down witches, warlocks, and sorcerers. The House has a recent rivalry with the House of Indrias, due to the Indrias obsession with witchcraft and sorcery. House Indrett has 720 Conventional Industry, 5 Research Labs, and 36 Fuel Refineries.

House Indrett's seat of power is the city of Malaika.

Dahanii Tribes
The conglomeration of nomad tribes. Their population and industrial numbers are unknown as they do not keep consensus or written records. Some say they are hiding in the vast dunes in the western hemisphere, others say the Dahanii are far and few. The only settlement of the Dahanii is the ancient city of Falldaris, the former capitol of the Hevereyn Concordant. The Dahanii Tribes have small manufacturing posts across the planet which serves as the basis of their economy. The extent of these manufacturing hubs are unknown.

House Fellshard
The Fellshard are recognized as the shrewd, political, and cunning of the four factions on Falldara. They seek to undermine the Hevereyn's laws at any chance to benefit the House above all. Infighting has plagued the House, with many in it seeking reformation or new leadership. Its current house hierarch has been on the throne for over a four hundred years with no plans to transfer power in his prolonged life. The House has the most industry capacity at 800 Conventional Factories.

House Indrias
The Dundari of the northern hemisphere. The Indrias Dundari are known for their mysticism and witchcraft. The Indrias soldiers are powerful witch warriors with premonition and precognition. The Indrias however have a small population of only 100 million adults. This is because of the selective population programs put in place by the Indrias to have a strong magical population. Indrias feuds with House Indrett in the Hevereyn over political matters frequently. They have the most research labs of the factions on Falldara. To contrast, however, they only have 160 Conventional Factories due to the small amount of territory the House holds.

Out of Character Information
This campaign is a conventional+ start (with TN tech already researched.) Many science fantasy elements will be included in the fluff/fiction of the campaign but nothing in the mechanics will be affected by the "fantasy." Feel free to post roleplay threads on this board! I encourage reader participation as they so wish.

Campaign's game version is 1.13

In addition, this campaign will be running similar to the Duranium Curtain. Each faction of the Dundari is a Player Race and I will be playing each of them.
NPRs will be created by me.

Research/Survey/Terraforming speed is %25
Spoilers such as Rakhas and Precursors are active.

Ground Forces organization will be alien this campaign.

Game Rules
  • Vessels over 1k tons can not have Box Launchers on them.
  • Factions are not all knowing. There must be time between events for information to travel.
  • I can not attack NPRs without valid reason. In addition, Player Races must have a legal* reason to go to war.
* Legal means reasonable in this case.
Maybe, in the end, this was the best that any warrior could hope for. A chance to reconcile with your enemy, or, failing that, to fall in the pursuit of peace
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Hevereyn: Chapter 1
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2021, 11:57:00 AM »
Chapter 1: Dundari Ascension
Years 1000 through 1008

January 1000
House Indrett, Indrias, and House Fellshard begin to research Geological Survey Sensors and Pressurized Water Reactors. Indrett House Militia have small and insignificant skirmishes near their border settlements. These attacks were made by Dunelanders who have no faction affiliation. It is rumored the attacks may have been sent by the Dahanii Tribes. The Dahanii state in the Hevereyn that it was not them who sent the Dunelanders. Indrias Witches begin to foresee into the future; they see a desperate and broken faction attempting to scrounge what little they have.

December 1001
The year approaches its end, the Fellshard have finished research on the Pressurized Water Reactors. The Indrias economic situation is dire, as they lack the funding to continue research and have lost their financial surplus. The economic crisis leads the Witch Lord of Indrias to focus on creating financial districts and distributing thralls to the other houses.

October 1002
The Dahanii nomads are seen wearing improved armor across Dundari. The Hevereyn Council convenes once more. The members of this tribunal are: Marayne of House Indrett, Tarthen of House Indrias, Alvnel of House Fellshard, and Ervien of the Dahanii. The council discusses the possibility of either the Hidari appearing once more or another much more powerful entity in the heavenly realm of the stars and space. The council does not come to an agreement on how best to proceed. A slow and boring debate that spanned several days with little results. A clerk notes that: "It's a shame that Marayne or Alvnel didn't rip the throat of the soothsaying representative. The spectacle would have made the debate quicker and more entertaining."

The Dahanii refuses to elaborate on how they acquired improved armor.

1003 through 1004
These were uneventful years. The notable exceptions were a few raids and combats between the various factions which were sanctioned by the Hevereyn. In the capitol city of the Fellshard, Seid Felmora, the shrewd Fellshard send a message to the Dahanii. House Fellshard will provide material supply to the Dahanii in exchange for support. The Indrett researchers begin to delve into the mystery of Dahanii armor.

March through November 1005
Research projects are coming to completion. Many of the Houses are planning to construct interstellar vessels. The Hevereyn draft up laws for interstellar warfare. The first law is that all ships must have an active transponder running at all times. The second law is that technology that shrouds a vessel is illegal. These laws are always open to amendments and additions by the factions. House Fellshard drafts the first designs of the future Condorra class Survey Ship. The development team aims to have Nuclear Thermal Engines for the class before constructing it.

March 1006
A year later, the Indrett researchers discovering the technology of Dahanii armor conclude that its merely composite armor. House Fellshard continues to prosper while the House Indrias coffers are slowly being replenished. House Fellshard continues its research on Nuclear Thermal Engines.

October 1007
The debts of House Indrias have been paid off. The House celebrates with a modest festival and sacrifice.

May 1008
House Indrett finishes ahead of schedule. Spies stole several key technologies from House Fellshard and provided them to House Indrett.
As a result, House Indrett completes the design of the Seid class Survey Ship. The ship goes into immediate production in the Hadric Marine Industries shipyard.

Code: [Select]
Seid class Survey Ship      4,000 tons       59 Crew       336.8 BP       TCS 80    TH 120    EM 0
1500 km/s      Armour 1-22       Shields 0-0       HTK 20      Sensors 0/0/0/2      DCR 2      PPV 0
Maint Life 3.14 Years     MSP 105    AFR 64%    IFR 0.9%    1YR 16    5YR 240    Max Repair 100 MSP
Baron    Control Rating 1   BRG   
Intended Deployment Time: 24 months    Morale Check Required   

Nuclear Thermal Engine  EP60.0 (2)    Power 120    Fuel Use 11.41%    Signature 60    Explosion 5%
Fuel Capacity 213,000 Litres    Range 84 billion km (648 days at full power)

Geological Survey Sensors (2)   2 Survey Points Per Hour

House Fellshard's leadership called for another council meeting in the Hevereyn. The task of this council is to codify Dundari law regarding xeno races. The abolitionists of each faction strongly advocate against the thralldom of alien races and Dundari. The council ignores the pleads of the abolitionist movement.
Maybe, in the end, this was the best that any warrior could hope for. A chance to reconcile with your enemy, or, failing that, to fall in the pursuit of peace
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Hevereyn: Chapter 2
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2021, 09:15:36 AM »
Chapter 2: The Veil
Years 1008 through 1011

May 1008
The Fellshard researchers were able to quickly develop Commercial grade Nuclear Thermal Engines after the Indrett spies stole the original plans. The Fellshard begin production of the Condorra in a years time. Dahanii raiders stole Geological Survey Sensor technology from House Indrett (perhaps they wanted to show the Dahanii method of acquiring technology.) Indrett commander Coldaris Phoenix, a legally well-versed and knowing Dundari, is able to sanction House Indrett militia to attack nomadic Dahanii tribes. The Indrett forces began to march towards the ancient city of Falldaris, but with the objective of scorching any tribe that attempts to stop their march. If successful, House Indrett would be in control of Falldaris and the Dahanii would be exiled from the city.

May 13th 1008 at 10:00 AM
The Dahanii tribes that fought back were massacred, with a little over 400 Dahanii Hunters killed in the fighting. The Dahanii in the ancient city retreated into the dunes of the nearby wastes. May 13th is remembered as a day of mourning for the Dahanii tribes, the Bloody March.

May 18th, 1008
The Dahanii retaliate by stealing engine component technology from the Indrett researchers. The engine is then improved by the Dahanii craftsmen. The first Dahanii Survey Ship (named Falskar) is a modified hull of the Seid class Survey Ship. However, they noticed a crucial error of the Indrett engine design (by 50 tons.) The Dahanii make their own improvements.

Dahanii oracles tell a message humorously addressed to the Indrett:
Math was never a strength of the martial Indrett people.

January 1009
House Indrett finishes the construction of the Seid Survey Ship. House Captain Niobe Orestes is placed in charge as the Commanding Officer of the Seid. The Seid's first trip is to the planet of Falldaris II and Falldaris III. Falldaris II is a Venusian world with very high pressure and temperatures, while Falldaris III is a Super-Jovian gas giant. Citizens of House Indrett begin to migrate into the city of Falldaris. The Dahanii Tribes near the city are captured.

February 7th, 1009
Surprisingly, the Dahanii's quick thinking allowed them to complete construction of the Falskar class Survey Ship. The vessel takes off from the dunes of the vast Dahanii north. Many sources say that the launch of the Falskar was "a frightful tremor that forebode the end of the Dundari race." House Indrias witches finish scrying the power of Nuclear Thermal Engines. After capturing a scientist from House Indrett, the technology completed for House Indrias. Now they only require the engine's design to be researched.

April, 1009
House Indrett survey reports come in from the Seid:
 Falldaris-A II
     Duranium 27,084,800   Acc 0.1
     Corbomite 14,745,600   Acc 0.8
     Vendarite 56,550,400   Acc 0.1
     Sorium 20,793,600   Acc 0.1
     Uridium 28,729,600   Acc 0.1
     Corundium 37,945,600   Acc 0.1

The House economic and industrial experts begin working for the Indrett Navy in order to construct commercial vessels to transport automated mines to these worlds for resource extraction. Several organizations are created within House Indrett's jurisdiction to oversee the finances, industry, and logistics of the House's assets

House Fellshard, after many setbacks, completes the design of the Condorra class Survey Ship. They have made various improvements of the original design (that the Indrett spies stole) such as improved economic engines, fuelage, and survey capacity.
Code: [Select]
Condorra class Survey Ship      5,185 tons       69 Crew       442.9 BP       TCS 104    TH 125    EM 0
1205 km/s      Armour 1-26       Shields 0-0       HTK 20      Sensors 0/0/0/3      DCR 2      PPV 0
Maint Life 2.08 Years     MSP 106    AFR 108%    IFR 1.5%    1YR 33    5YR 492    Max Repair 100 MSP
Baron    Control Rating 1   BRG   
Intended Deployment Time: 24 months    Morale Check Required   

Commercial Nuclear Thermal Engine  EP62.5 (2)    Power 125.0    Fuel Use 10.06%    Signature 62.5    Explosion 5%
Fuel Capacity 250,000 Litres    Range 86.2 billion km (828 days at full power)

Geological Survey Sensors (3)   3 Survey Points Per Hour

This design is classed as a Military Vessel for maintenance purposes
This design is classed as a Survey Ship for auto-assignment purposes

August 1009
The planet of Falldaris-II is renamed to Mordetala by House Indrett. Mordetala is planned to have a small settlement to operate automated mining outposts on the planet with a mass driver. The Seid continues surveying the Falldaris system. The Seid's standing order is to survey the celestial bodies of the Falldaris system and to return home when the deployment is exceeded or when fuel is at half capacity.

September 1009
Falldaris-I is renamed to Felmar by House Indrett. Like Mordetala, Felmar is a venusian high mineral world with plans for settlements in the atmosphere for operation of automated mines and a mass driver.

April 1010
House Fellshard completes production of the Condorra, House Captain Hedgeblood is anointed as the Commanding Officer of the vessel. The Condorra's voyage towards the vast unknown of the Falldaris system begins. In addition, House Fellshard mystics begin to divine possible interstellar travel methods.

September 1010
House Fellshard's trading company known as Drago-Az begins developing commercial vessels for future commerce. House Fellshard military begin to develop a Cadre formation sized at 25000 tons and a Supply Skiff for longer deployments. Meanwhile, House Indrias mines begin to run dry of minerals. House Indrett trains a replacement Militia Phalanx to replenish troops lost in the Bloody March.

November 1010
House Indrett create more plans for intersystem settlements: vendarite rich moon of Falldaris VIII is renamed to Opuletis. The abundant resources of Falldaris VII's moon (now named Decanis) is rich in Gallicite, Vendarite, and Uridium. Another moon of Falldaris VII (now known as Valsall) is rich in Duranium. Falldaris VII is renamed to Arlem, an ancient king of the Indrett. Arlem is a gas giant with no resources but her moons are noted to be plentiful and bountiful.

     Vendarite 6,859,161   Acc 0.9
     Corundium 142,884   Acc 0.1

     Duranium 1,213,682   Acc 0.6

     Duranium 64,800   Acc 0.5
     Neutronium 1,600   Acc 0.4
     Corbomite 547,600   Acc 0.6
     Boronide 774,400   Acc 0.9
     Vendarite 1,795,600   Acc 0.6
     Sorium 3,600   Acc 0.9
     Uridium 1,299,600   Acc 0.5
     Gallicite 1,440,000   Acc 1

The Indrett engineers finish the design of a system ranged logistics transport called the Irate. Her hull's design is meant for system wide transportation of automines, mass drivers, etc. After the Seid's report of no habitable worlds came in, House Indrett decided to work on extracting as many resources from the system. At the moment, no premonitions of leaving the Falldaris system have been received by any faction's researchers or witches. Besides the Fellshard, who keep it a coveted secret.

Code: [Select]
Irate class Transport      30,867 tons       49 Crew       253.9 BP       TCS 617    TH 125    EM 0
202 km/s      Armour 1-87       Shields 0-0       HTK 25      Sensors 0/0/0/0      DCR 1      PPV 0
MSP 5    Max Repair 50 MSP
Cargo 25,000    Cargo Shuttle Multiplier 1   
Knight    Control Rating 1   BRG   
Intended Deployment Time: 3 months   

Commercial Nuclear Thermal Engine  EP62.5 (2)    Power 125.0    Fuel Use 11.18%    Signature 62.5    Explosion 5%
Fuel Capacity 500,000 Litres    Range 26 billion km (1490 days at full power)

Many scholars in this period note the lack of combat between factions. This period becomes known as the "Veiled War" because of the clandestine nature of this cold war.
Maybe, in the end, this was the best that any warrior could hope for. A chance to reconcile with your enemy, or, failing that, to fall in the pursuit of peace
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Hevereyn: Interlude
« Reply #3 on: October 13, 2021, 03:01:01 PM »
Years 1011 through 1015

Author's Note: I lost the writing document I had for this chapter. A lot of this will be coming from my memory.

House Indrias mines run dry of minerals. Their mineral stockpiles are nearly depleted. In act of desperation, House Indrias calls upon the Hevereyn. The goal of the convening council is to establish the Mining Guild and the Trading Guild. House Fellshard moves to support House Indrias while House Indrett and surprisingly the Dahanii Tribes do not support the creation of the two organizations. House Fellshard negotiates that the Trading Guild will provide House Indrett a large sum of its profits and shareholdings. House Fellshard assures House Indrias representative that the Mining Guild will still provide resources and funding to House Indrias. The Dahanii Tribes are frustrated but not surprised by House Indrett's shift in vote regarding the two guilds. In later half of 1011 through 1015, the Mining Guild operates a majority of the mining operations across the Falldaris system. While the Trading Guild controls a vast majority of colonial operations. The Mining Guild provides House Fellshard large freighters, while providing House Indrett and Indrias separate designs for simple cargo transports. Dahanii Tribes raid various Mining Guild posts and steal the Malek design. Craftsmen and Engineers in the Dahanii Tribes refit the freighter to fit their design principles. The Markar class Freighter is a rudimentary yet effective cargo ship.

Code: [Select]
Markar class Freighter      60,000 tons       78 Crew       407.8 BP       TCS 1,200    TH 250    EM 0
208 km/s      Armour 1-136       Shields 0-0       HTK 44      Sensors 0/0/0/0      DCR 1      PPV 0
MSP 4    Max Repair 50 MSP
Cargo 50,000    Cargo Shuttle Multiplier 1   
Knight    Control Rating 1   BRG   
Intended Deployment Time: 3 months   

Commercial Nuclear Thermal Engine  EP62.5 (4)    Power 250.0    Fuel Use 10.06%    Signature 62.5    Explosion 5%
Fuel Capacity 871,000 Litres    Range 25.9 billion km (1442 days at full power)

House Indrias and Indrett work on researching Jump Point Theory. These research efforts are supported by ancient prophecies and records of the Hidari, who many Dundari suspect used Jump Point technology to not only leave the planet they once ruled over, but to destroy the ecosystem of Falldara and the Falldaris system. Ancient scriptures of the Hidari civilization are deciphered by archaeologists. These records and scripts give insight on the Hidari's true plan. Though the they left the Falldaris system long ago, it is unknown to the Dundari if the Hidari are even around anymore. Dead safes, magical wards, and encryptions in the Hidari technology prevented the lesser Dundari from accessing them. Such hyper advanced technology is lost to the Dundari people.

The ancient Dundari were able to uncover the secrets of the Trans-Hidari Elements. However, such deciphering knowledge is gone. (the trans-newtonian elements)

The State of the Dundari Civilization in 1015
Mineral reserves and living space on the planet of Falldaris are becoming scarce. The scarcity and lack of abundance led to several failed thrall rebellions. The city of Falldaris, the metropolis of Falldara, declared martial law. House Indrett Guard are free to persecute as they please. House Indrias sees the weaknesses of House Indrett but is unable to exploit them due to the economic crisis crippling House Indrias' coffers and mineral reserves. Analysts of the other factions predict that the witches and sorcerers of House Indrias will not survive the interstellar age. House Fellshard hold vast mercantile and military power over the rivals. Having the largest population and the strongest industrial capacity due to the improved construction methods. The Trade Guild is swimming in the profits made from the thrall trade, many of the Mining Guild's operations require thralls to maintain the mines.

The Dahanii Tribes continue to secretly expand, using arcane wards to prevent House Indrias from scrying into the Dahanii Tribes. For the first time in a thousand years, the Dahanii Tribes convened at a historical landmark: Fallen Cajahan. A rocky crag overlooking where an ocean once was. This meeting was to deliberate a formal alliance and plan to expand the stars. New tribal codes were memorized and codified by oracles and heralds to recognize interstellar Dahanii descendants.

House Indrett knows that they have to act fast to prevent annihilation by House Fellshard. The War Council of House Indrett report that: "...the situation in Falldaris has the House Guard occupied. If we go to war, the Thralls may take advantage." A measure placed by Makaxis Severin Indrett, the new house lord of the Indrett, emancipates the Thralls in the city of Falldaris for one week every year. Severin Day (as it is known) happens to land next year right when House Indrett plans to strike at House Fellshard. House Indrett military theorists and analysts predict a Indrett campaign against Fellshard would end in catastrophe.

War beams over the sandy horizon's of Falldara.
Maybe, in the end, this was the best that any warrior could hope for. A chance to reconcile with your enemy, or, failing that, to fall in the pursuit of peace
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Hevereyn: Chapter 3
« Reply #4 on: October 17, 2021, 11:42:54 AM »
Chapter 3: It's a Long Way from Falldaris
Years 1015 through 1029

January 1015
After the Fall Cajahan Summit, the Dahanii Tribes mobilize tribal forces across the sandy wastes. Meanwhile, the Indrett continue expanding the Mining Guild's operations across the Falldaris system.

February 1015
House Indrias supply of Corundium is not keeping up with production demands. Indrias industry is forced to halt construction of automated and manned mines. Dahanii Tribes strike frontier outposts of each other faction.

June 1015
House Indrias recalls their survey vessel Scry back to its shipyard on Falldaris.

An uneventful year, as the Houses and the Dahanii Tribes build up their economies. Some say that the Dundari race may go extinct if the economy does not improve. Large factories begin to shutdown as each house struggles to finance and supply their operations. House Fellshard control vast mines on Felmar and Mordetala, but the accessibility to the minerals is too low to make a big enough impact. House Indrett approaches the House Fellshard's borders with more Militias. House Indrett's Militia are a disorganized mass of warriors with no clear command or hierarchy. Only the House Guard are capable and disciplined warriors in House Indrett. Dahanii Tribes continue their raids and attacks.

March 1st, 1017
House Indrett saboteurs planted on the House Indrias Survey Vessel Scry has sparked a crisis in the Hevereyn. The crew aboard the Scry moments before a massacre sent a distress signal back to Falldara. The distress signal was sent two months ago. The saboteurs destroyed the Nuclear Thermal Engine and murdered the engineers and security crew. House Indrias witches and sorcerers demanded that retribution be acted upon on the event. However, the Sorcerer Lord said to bide their time for revenge. A single crewmember aboard the Scry attempts to repair the engines to return home.

December 1017
House Indrett researches Laser technology. The House Guard improved weaponry goes into development as well. The sole crewmen of the Scry is killed. The Hevereyn convene again. The House Indrett representative blames the use of magic for the demise of the Scry. A legitimate claim, according to the Hevereyn laws. House Fellshard and the Dahanii Tribes, not interested in a large war against the fledging sorcerers, do not take a stance.

June 1018
Breakthrough! The researchers and scientists of House Fellshard complete Jump Point Theory. The team begins immediately researching into gravitational survey sensors to discover jump points in the Falldaris system.

March 1019
House Indrett finishes Jump Point Theory research. Similar to House Fellshard, they immediately move to research sensor and engine technology.

The Houses have completed the preliminary technology to develop Jump Engines. House Fellshard and House Indrett research better infantry for their armies.

January 1024
House Indrias finishes Jump Point theory research. As before, they research technologies which are prerequisites to Jump Engines.

October 1024
House Indrett has finished their prerequisite technologies for Jump Engines and they researched Grav Sensors as well. House Fellshard is close to finishing the House Indrett trains a headquarter formation for the militia phalanx formations. House Fellshard begins reorganizing their forces by developing new types of battlefield roles like armor-shredders, jetbikes, multi-shredders.

January 1025
House Fellshard military planners complete the design of a Infantry Phalanx formation. The war is held off by the Hevereyn, citing that there is no legal cause for war. Yet.

Code: [Select]
Infantry Phalanx
Transport Size: 5,000 tons
Build Cost: 101.5 BP
1x House Phalanx Commander (1000)
595x House Infantry (1023)
50x Armorshredder Infantry (1024)
100x Multishredder Infantry (1024)

1026 through 1028
These years are quiet. House Indrett, Indrias, and Fellshard continue their build up. Jump Engines are completed and researched by House Indrett and Fellshard. The ship designers and researchers of House Fellshard construct the Viral class Survey Ship. The At'umr Guild assisted heavily in the research of the Jump Drive and new Engine technology. By December 14th 1028 the Viral finishes construction in the orbit of Falldaris. The older Condorra Survey Ships start being scrapped.

Code: [Select]
Viral class Survey Ship      9,000 tons       137 Crew       1,031.4 BP       TCS 180    TH 160    EM 0
888 km/s    JR 1-25(C)      Armour 1-38       Shields 0-0       HTK 35      Sensors 0/0/4/4      DCR 3      PPV 0
Maint Life 2.00 Years     MSP 214    AFR 216%    IFR 3.0%    1YR 71    5YR 1,071    Max Repair 100 MSP
Baron    Control Rating 1   BRG   
Intended Deployment Time: 24 months    Morale Check Required   

At'umr Guild JC9K Commercial Jump Drive     Max Ship Size 9000 tons    Distance 25k km     Squadron Size 1

At'umr Guild Commercial Improved Nuclear Thermal Engine  EP80.00 (2)    Power 160    Fuel Use 10.06%    Signature 80    Explosion 5%
Fuel Capacity 418,000 Litres    Range 83 billion km (1081 days at full power)

Geological Survey Sensors (4)   4 Survey Points Per Hour
Gravitational Survey Sensors (4)   4 Survey Points Per Hour

House Indrett's Survey Craft is still being constructed. They are hopeful to compete with House Fellshard.
Code: [Select]
Andrii class Survey Craft      9,000 tons       136 Crew       1,022.2 BP       TCS 180    TH 125    EM 0
694 km/s    JR 1-25(C)      Armour 1-38       Shields 0-0       HTK 34      Sensors 0/0/4/4      DCR 3      PPV 0
Maint Life 2.01 Years     MSP 212    AFR 216%    IFR 3.0%    1YR 70    5YR 1,051    Max Repair 100 MSP
Baron    Control Rating 1   BRG   
Intended Deployment Time: 24 months    Morale Check Required   

Achlys Guild JC9K Commercial Jump Drive     Max Ship Size 9000 tons    Distance 25k km     Squadron Size 1

Commercial Nuclear Thermal Engine  EP62.5 (2)    Power 125.0    Fuel Use 11.18%    Signature 62.5    Explosion 5%
Fuel Capacity 262,000 Litres    Range 46.8 billion km (781 days at full power)

Geological Survey Sensors (4)   4 Survey Points Per Hour
Gravitational Survey Sensors (4)   4 Survey Points Per Hour

Meanwhile, House Indrias struggles to keep up at all. The Dahanii Tribes are secretly keeping pace with Fellshard and Indrett.

March 1029
House Fellshard discovers the first Jump Point in the Falldaris system. The Viral is immediately ordered to jump through.

April 5th 1029
The Viral discovers the Accatran system. A binary star system with a habitable world near the second sun.

October 1029
The three terrestrial bodies of the Accatran system are surveyed. Accatran-B I and III have no mineral deposits but II has plentiful resources but at low accessibility

Accatran-B II
     Duranium 56,817,800   Acc 0.1
     Neutronium 159,012,100   Acc 0.1
     Corbomite 9,734,400   Acc 0.1
     Tritanium 38,937,600   Acc 0.5
     Boronide 27,040,000   Acc 1.0
     Sorium 67,076,100   Acc 0.1
     Corundium 69,222,400   Acc 0.1
     Gallicite 8,940,100   Acc 0.1

House Fellshard declares themselves masters of Accatran-B II and name it Sharic, after an ancestor warrior.
Maybe, in the end, this was the best that any warrior could hope for. A chance to reconcile with your enemy, or, failing that, to fall in the pursuit of peace
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Hevereyn: Chapter 4
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Chapter 4: Into the Unknown
Years 1030 through 1034

February 1030
House Indrett finishes the Andrii class Survey Craft in orbit of Falldara. She immediately begins her voyage into space.

April 1030
The Nadar and Seid are scrapped for parts.

October 1030
House Indrett discovers the Accatran Jump Point. House Captain Actaeus of the Andrii is ordered to survey the system. Actaeus receives the signal stating that Sharic and the neighboring worlds are controlled by House Fellshard. Actaeus remarks to his crew that it won't be that way forever. House Fellshard starts work on a new Viral class Survey Ship, the Brivoki.

December 1030
House Fellshard trains the 1st Infantry Cadre compromising of 4 Infantry Phalanxes. These troops have far superior training, weaponry, and equipment to their militia predecessors.

April 1031
House Fellshard ship designers contract Shantakojolt Armament Guild to prototype and develop a "Shardcannon" for use in future Fellshard Navy ships. The Shantakojolt Armament Guild craft a prototype Shardcannon with a range of 10,000 KM and with only a single barrel. It's cheap and shortranged. House Fellshard also creates a Jump Point Stabilization class known as the Guidance class. The Guidance is designed for constructing jump gates around secure routes. Aristocrats in the upper echelons of House Fellshard become weary that the other houses may use the jump points. The House Head of Fellshard calls for a summit Hevereyn to be scheduled. The other House Heads and the Dahanii tribes ignore the call.

July 1031
The Brivoki finishes construction in orbit. She is immediately sent to survey the remaining grav survey locations. House Fellshard and House Indrett make an alliance to destroy the Witches of House Indrias once and for all.

May 29th 1032
Two Hallic class Freighters enter production under authorization of the Mining Guild. The Hallic class is an improved hull of the old Malek class Freighters. She comes with a better engine and enhanced loading bays.

House Indrias is eradicated from the face of Falldara. The vast technological superiority of House Fellshard and House Indrett outmatched the witches of House Indrias. The alliance between House Indrett and House Fellshard shatters after a disagreement of what to do with the refugees of the war. House Fellshard demands that they take the citizenry and bring them into Fellshard's fold, while House Indrett mandates that the aristocratic families are massacred; keeping the lower class serfs as thralls. Hevereyn is called by House Fellshard for two purposes: the establishment of new legal codes to prevent House Indrett from benefitting from the Indrias Conflict. House Indrett vows to destroy every witch and sorcerer they come across, regardless of what laws the Fellshard dark elves create.

March 3rd 1033
House Captain Drowzeethoa discovers a secondary jump point in the Falldaris system. Her surveying components are damaged and she's sent home to repair.

March 5th 1033
Dahanii Tribes create rudimentary mass drivers and automines and place them on Felmar. House Fellshard on Falldara receive word of the secondary jump point. They send orders for the Viral to travel through once repairs are made.

March 12th 1033
Drowzeethoa travels through the newly named Adrantis Jump Point. The Adrantis system has five planets and three moons. One planet is near habitable for Dundari settlers. Aboard the Viral, Drowzeethoa orders the crew to survey the larger terrestrial bodies then to return to the Falldaris system to resupply/refuel.

August 1033
Drowzeethoa finishes surveying the terrestrial bodies in the Adrantis system. Similar to the Accatran system the sensors detected low accessible mineral deposits. However, more planets have minerals at least:

Adrantis-A I
     Duranium 20,072,448   Acc 0.1
     Neutronium 7,225,344   Acc 0.1
     Corbomite 15,116,544   Acc 0.6
     Tritanium 746,496   Acc 0.1
     Mercassium 13,660,416   Acc 1
     Uridium 831,744   Acc 0.1
     Corundium 2,073,600   Acc 0.1

Adrantis-A II
     Duranium 211,768,200   Acc 0.1
     Tritanium 38,378,025   Acc 0.1
     Boronide 74,132,100   Acc 0.7
     Mercassium 87,329,025   Acc 0.1
     Vendarite 19,448,100   Acc 0.1
     Corundium 540,225   Acc 0.1
     Gallicite 68,807,025   Acc 0.1

Adrantis-A III
     Duranium 50,000,000   Acc 0.1
     Tritanium 60,062,500   Acc 0.1
     Vendarite 18,062,500   Acc 0.1
     Uridium 52,562,500   Acc 0.1

Adrantis-A IV
     Mercassium 24,285,184   Acc 0.1
     Vendarite 3,013,696   Acc 0.1
     Sorium 1,806,336   Acc 0.1

House Captain Teddighroth discovers a new jump point in the Accatran system. He orders the crew to continue for another few months before returning to Falldaris. Teddighroth notes in his logs: "Drowzeethoa is getting too popular." The Brivoki and the Viral continue surveying systems. House Fellshard, having not heard from either crew for a while elects to construct another Viral class vessel: the Akhiok.

House Fellshard finishes the research of the first ever Dundari military vessel: the Jackal class Corvette. It immediately goes into construction. House Fellshard navy designers are confident it will do its job.
Code: [Select]
Jackal class Corvette      4,000 tons       71 Crew       321.5 BP       TCS 80    TH 240    EM 0
3000 km/s      Armour 4-22       Shields 0-0       HTK 17      Sensors 0/0/0/0      DCR 2      PPV 1.95
Maint Life 2.70 Years     MSP 125    AFR 64%    IFR 0.9%    1YR 25    5YR 368    Max Repair 60 MSP
Baron    Control Rating 1   BRG   
Intended Deployment Time: 24 months    Morale Check Required   

At'umr Guild Improved Nuclear Thermal Engine  EP120.00 (2)    Power 240    Fuel Use 65.73%    Signature 120    Explosion 10%
Fuel Capacity 384,000 Litres    Range 26.3 billion km (101 days at full power)

Shantakojolt Armament Guild 10cm Single Shardcannon (2)    Range 10,000km     TS: 3,000 km/s     Power 0-1     RM 10,000 km    ROF 5       
MK1 Shardcannon Fire Control (1)     Max Range: 40,000 km   TS: 3,000 km/s     56 38 19 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
MK1 Pressurized Crystal Reactor (1)     Total Power Output 2    Exp 5%

May 7th 1034
The Jackal class vessel is constructed in orbit of Falldara. Her hull looms over the desert wastelands of the Dahanii Tribes and House Indrett.
Maybe, in the end, this was the best that any warrior could hope for. A chance to reconcile with your enemy, or, failing that, to fall in the pursuit of peace
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Hevereyn: Chapter 5
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Chapter 5: Dark Spires

Falldaris City, 1037
Dundari architects construct vast spire palaces made of ebony black materials which dominate the landscape of Falldara. These spires are illuminated by pillars of purple light illuminating from dark crystals harvested in the mines. Spire Palaces have labyrinthine halls, long passages, torture implements hung on the walls. Splendid and decadent smells fill the halls. If a human were to enter these halls, they would succumb to the intoxicating and luring chemicals in the air, rendering them ineffective in combat. There are doors which lead often to nowhere of importance. One such spire is the Citadelis in Falldaris City, seat of the Dundari house of Indrett. The exalted and regal Menelaus governed the cities of Falldaris under the approval of the Hevereyn and House Indrett.

"My cruel lord Menelaus." A thrall spoke quietly and bowed in servitude to the governor. Menelaus eyes barely glanced over the thrall "Speak quick and do not linger."
"The Hevereyn Concordat and House Fellshard sent word to you via the Dundari Arcane Nexus." The thrall said with gingerly caution. Menelaus rolled his dark purple eyes. "And? You're failing to speak quickly. You are lingering as well."

"Eternal lord of House Fellshard has given the planet of Foundall and Sharic to House Indrett with approval from the Hevereyn."
Menelaus suddenly locked eyes with the thrall. "The Hierarch gave Foundall and Sharic to... Indrett?"

Valtoc, capital of House Fellshard, 1037
Dundari architecture for Fellshard is smooth and curved. They're elegant in roundness and curvature. Walls have identical arches with mathematically calculated forms, albeit the decor in the interior design of Fellshard spires are quite spartan. The governor of Valtoc City is Dajvoor. In his office he keeps vast records of House Fellshard's history, finances, and members. These records are both physically copied and psychically memorized. Two of House Fellshard's aristocratic elite entered through the spiral door into the pristine office of Dajvoor. They both bow in perfect synchronization. "You may seat, brother and sister." The siblings wore robes with white and black fabrics. Their attire had the symbol of the Fellshard crystal on them.

Sister Viatt, 9th heir to House Fellshard, speaks in soft and deceptive tones: "The Hevereyn is in disarray after the collapse of the warlock and the witches of House Indrias." Dajvoor winches. The memory of the massacre of House Indrias is still fresh in his total recall. "Without sources of arcane communication, the Dundari civilization has lost contact with many of newly created or established off-world ships and settlements." The brother Piar spoke: "Hierarch Fellshard has decreed it is your responsibility to resolve the issue." Dajvoor hesitated, almost shaking his head. He nods instead. "Ofcourse." Dajvoor reasoned; this task is a fools errand or a well planned maneuver. Dajvoor's amassing of wealth and supporters from within House Fellshard put a target on his back. Hierarch Fellshard was a wolf among lambs, but he's afraid.

House Indrett
After the gift of Foundall and Sharic, House Indrett works towards exploration and colonization. House Captains of the Andrii and Valance are using the House Fellshard gateways, hoping to outwit and garner more favor with the House nobles. The Indrett nobles create the Accatran Protectorate with its capital being Foundall. This puppet government's design is to keep the vague sense of independence for the colonists while also retaining favor in the Hevereyn Concordat. The military plans to occupy the planet with Militia formations while the development of a naval patrol corvette is under way.

House Fellshard
Upset with House Indrett for the destruction of House Indrias, they now constantly seek to restore the knowledge that House Indrias held. Various expeditions are sent into the now necropolises of the House Indrias cities. Many explorers venture into the stars, discovering 4 new systems: Aeolus, Adrantis, Adastrapol, Aerius. The operational range of the Viral has strained exploration efforts because of their short range. Navy Designers hope to refit the ship. House Fellshard gifted Foundall and Sharic to get support from the Hevereyn. In secret, House Fellshard promises the Dahanii Tribes those planets after a takeover. In addition, House Fellshard has placed spies and agents to disrupt the bureaucracy in the Accatran system.
Maybe, in the end, this was the best that any warrior could hope for. A chance to reconcile with your enemy, or, failing that, to fall in the pursuit of peace
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Hevereyn: Chapter 6
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Chapter 6: The Lost & Arcane
"A prophecy is fruitless without a prophet." - Indrias proverb.

The Indrias witches were planting the seeds of superstition for centuries; telling of a future when the Dundari spill the blood of their former masters. These prophecies and myths were gospel to the many unenlightened unwashed masses of the Dundari civilization. Conspiracy and fear ran rampant throughout Falldara's population. Some call the messiah of the Dundari prophecy "Heveret" which means "One of the Council." The poor and the unfortunate flock to the icon of the messiah. Few even claim that Heveret walks among them. The sorcerers and warlocks of the Indrias kept their secret even until the day of their demise.

It was the House Hierarch Caddan Fellshard that decreed that the ancient magicks of the Dundari people be restored. In early 1040, resources diverted to the vitalization of ancient shard magick kickstarted the honorifically named Indrias Circle. This clique of former Indrias warlocks and witches focused on what little remained of the House Indrias' pursuit of Hidari power and sorcery. Magick that could even rival Trans-Hidari elements. According to the remnant Indrias mages, the Indrias came close to translating the ancient Hidari texts. The ability to tap into the Aether and manipulate it with ones mind is a danger. The natives, the Dahanii, abhorred this witchcraft almost as fiercely as House Indrett. The Dahanii Tribes, once the slaves of Hidari wizards and practitioners, distrusted the Indrias. House Indrett captains who orchestrated massacres of the Indrias witches do not sleep, fearful of their demise by haunting spirits. Rumors spiraled of Indrias witches in the wilds of  Falldara who practice Soul Summoning. Soul Summoning is the magic school of capturing spirits of the dead for one's benefit.

In the mid 1040s, House Fellshard constructed four Jackal class Corvettes into two separate Patrol Fleets. Currently, Patrol Fleet Adrantis is in orbit above Falldara, orders are to wait until the Adrantis infrastructure and supplies are ready to maintain the fleet. These fleets fostered fear in House Indrett and the Dahanii Tribes. The newly established Foundall colony and Accatran Protectorate under advisory from House Indrett faced a strange local population. The colonists call them "Sharhen" for their carapace chitin is ashen grey. They are pale and lithe figures with four protruding arms with a singular opaque black eye on the forehead, no clear nose or ears. These Sharhen wander the chapparal landscape of Foundall surviving off of the water that is available. The Sharhen are noted as primitive and undeveloped. The governor notes: "The Sharhen would make for great thralls, but every attempt in capturing them resulted in death." Slaver Guilds from Falldara traveled to Foundall to seek new financial prospects and opportunities. Foundall colonists call the slavers "Newar" the Dundari word for "forsaken."

Later 1040s brought about innovation from House Indrett: the Shard Pulse Reaction Engine. The SPR Engine is able to travel at much greater speeds than the Nuclear Thermal Engine. House Indrett contracted the Achlys Guild to develop a large commercial variant of the SPR Engine and a military engine to rival the House Fellshard military vessels. House Fellshard races to catch up for once in its known history. The Indrias Circle is very close to unlocking not only the power of soul summoning but the secrets that the Hidari kept well secured. Rumors circulated about a fabled world on the periphery of known space. This world became mythology because of the archaeologic traces of Dundari people. Arimane, leader of the Indrias Circle, discretely bypassed the byzantine bureaucracy of the Fellshard to order the Drett (a Viral class Survey Ship) to investigate the edges of known space. The Hierarch of House Fellshard, completely unaware of what Arimane is planning, proceeded to compete against Indrett for resources.

The Hevereyn convened in January of 1049; the topic was the usage of missiles in naval combat. The three remaining factions came to an agreement; only vessels under 500 tons (classified as small spacecrafts) can have missiles armed on them.
Maybe, in the end, this was the best that any warrior could hope for. A chance to reconcile with your enemy, or, failing that, to fall in the pursuit of peace
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