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Error when run Quasar 4x on Mac.. Help me


Hi.  I have a problem to run Quasar 4x.
When I run game with command line I see this:

Last login: Fri Nov 12 22:49:15 on ttys000
/Applications/Quasar4x. app/Contents/MacOS/Quasar4x ; exit;                     
mr. m@MacBook-Pro-Misha ~ % /Applications/Quasar4x. app/Contents/MacOS/Quasar4x ; exit;
0: /Applications/Quasar4x. app/Contents/MacOS/Quasar4x
OpenGL ES 3. 0 Renderer: Intel(R) Iris(TM) Plus Graphics 640
ERROR: init_library: Condition ' lib_path. length() == 0 ' is true.
   At: modules/gdnative/nativescript/nativescript. cpp:1031.
Creating new DB
ERROR: copy: Failed to open res://quasar4x. sqlite
   At: core/os/dir_access. cpp:304.
WARNING: Couldn't copy res://quasar4x. sqlite to user://quasar4x. sqlite
zsh: segmentation fault  /Applications/Quasar4x. app/Contents/MacOS/Quasar4x

[Process completed]

Help me please.   :)

My Mac died a couple years ago. Mac is no longer supported, sorry


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