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Re: Radiant Dawn - Aurora 4X C# Roleplaying game
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OOC: Sorry for the delays in posting nation starting detail updates, nation leaders have been working hard to define their backstories and select their starting perks on our discord and it should hopefully be ready soon. In the meantime let's continue following the story of Julia:

Colonel Julia Silva, The Trip to the Future
She wasn’t used to luxury at all but more at home in the harsh climate, uncomfortable atmo-suits and habitats they were testing back in Chile. Yet here Julia was sitting in what was apparently… ( she briefly flipped through the safety card as they prepared for takeoff ) ..a Boeing 797 “Futureliner”. The pilot with a hint of Arabic accent cheerfully informed them that the Futureliner was the fastest commercial airliner ever built, yes even faster than the old Concorde and thanks to the remarkably advanced engines made by glorious Socialist American friends the futureliner would take just 5 hours and 40 minutes to reach their destination in Dubai! The futureliner is named for its ability to arrive “before it started” due to time zones, although that is only when we are flying west, today we are flying east he continued to explain.

It was clear it was a brand new plane and she was in the most Luxurious business class seat imaginable. Being employed by the Federation of Nations and heading to their prestigious conference apparently had some “perks”. The airplane hardly even had time to lift-off before she fell asleep as the sleep deprivation hit her with a vengeance.

Julia found herself softly awoken by the rising light some hours later, seat reclined almost flat and blanket over her. Breakfast with silverware and table cloth as they started descending for landing, ¡Dios mío! this service was awkward and strange but somehow pleasantly relaxing as well. The key was to not get used to it because if she did manage to get into deep space one thing was for certain, the explorers that far out would not be having an abundance of comfortable luxuries and it would be a matter of survival not comfort…

Most people heading into Dubai from the airport were still traveling by car or train, but they were not most people now. Julia and her colleagues were traveling by Emirates complimentary Air Taxi service, directly to the conference destination. She could see several dozens of the other aircars buzzing around among the magnificent skyscrapers of the Dubai Skyline as the colleagues all chatted about the amazing technological progress. The things that just a few milligrams of neutronium or duranium could do to steel alloys, or how mercassium and uridium were to revolutionize life support systems, research, deep space exploration and sensors.

So this was the headquarters of the Federation of Nations, tasked with the challenging mission of keeping the fragile peace between the four very different major nations and the hundred or so warlords and other smaller fractured states. Arguably a lot of wishful thinking, more realistically their mission was to make sure any conflicts didn’t escalate into yet another nuclear armageddon this time with Trans-Newtonian warheads. This powerful organization was founded just 5 years ago but had spread quickly over the entire city as the massive investments that were so desperately needed due to the declining oil reserves poured in from all corners. It looked like almost half the city was under construction as well, with two towers higher than 1km each being built, one on each side of the Burj Khalifa. The Federation had also been put in control of all of the old major nuclear armed military bases, ports and airports around the world to dismantle and disarm most of them, not that there were many left still in working order after world war 3 though…

Julia had no interest at all in getting involved in the many resolutions and intricate politics of the Federation but she did spot one interesting resolution that the Pacific Commonwealth of Nations had put forward to promote Space Exploration which was up for voting soon. It had caught her attention and now she was following the debates hoping it would pass:

Julia had already applied to the FoN Space Academy training program and although it was much smaller than the academy programs the 4 major powers had started, it was regarded as one of the finest and most professional in all matters except for warfare. Graduate officers from the program were seen as neutral experts with respected knowledge in diplomacy and science. She would soon know if her Science officer application was accepted or not and she hoped that her rank of Colonel earned from the current project would carry some weight. The glowing reviews from involved industry partners in PCN and Europe that contributed with expert knowledge of shelters from WW3 (finding new use in habitat modules) could also help.

Before Julia’s dreams of exploring deep space could be realized though she knew she would need training, and the world would need advanced TN engines to power the Survey ships with. In fact she should start already now with attending the conference Keynotes held by her colleague Robert who worked with the USAR on Engine technology ( even if she heard quite a bit of his report had been "censored for security reasons" ) and the one from Dr Miyakawa about detection of Trans-Newtonian resources as well to build her skills in those areas and maximize her usefulness out there in Space!
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Re: Radiant Dawn - Aurora 4X C# Roleplaying game
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OOC: So far we have 4 Major Nation Leaders selected and 7 Advisors that have signed up to take part in this game! ( Ongoing requests to join for advisors on the discord linked in OP ). All nations already have started plotting and planning their strategies and first moves in private channels.

With the game created here we have the overview of the starting policy choices from the nations:

( Prestige is a sort of relationship score with Federation of Nations )

That results in the following values:

Starting Military Forces are heavily weighted in favor of the protectionist Russian Federation:
The Russian Federation: 29 Regiments: 16 Garrison, 11 Infantry, 2 Armor ( +2 Invasion Fleets )
United Socialist American Republic: 15 Regiments: 8 Garrison, 5 Infantry, 2 Armor ( + 5 Invasion Fleets )
New European Union/Eurasian Union: 16 Regiments: 8 Garrison, 6 Infantry, 2 Armor ( +4 Invasion Fleets )
Pacific Commonwealth of Nations: 16 Regiments: 8 Garrison, 6 Infantry, 2 Armor ( +4 Invasion Fleets )

*Invasion fleets are a houserule limit to overseas troop movement.

The mineral distribution on Earth:

Moving on to take a look at nations and their background history in more detail shortly...
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Re: Radiant Dawn - Aurora 4X C# Roleplaying game
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The Russian Federation
Player: Zap
Title: President
Advisors: doodleSM, Praetori

Russian Federation Backstory, Written by and full credits to Zap:
Resource scarcity grew at an unexpected rate in the 20's. Even as the vast oil & gas reserves assumed still present in Sibiria turned out to be only a fraction of what was predicted, it was still a large portion of the worlds reserves. Between these reserves and having an economy under heavy sanctions and therefore relatively decoupled from the larger international and especially western economies, the great stock market crash of 2026 was weathered relatively well. Among increasing tensions in Europe and the outbreak of war between India and Pakistan, Russia looked stronger than ever.

Perhaps it was the hubris caused by this assumption of strength that emboldened Putin to enter into WW3. Limited intervention in the Pakistani-Indian conflict, skirmishes with the Americans over arctic oil fields and, finally, a broad invasion of then weak-looking eastern Europe. With the military already spread thin, particularly the last of these campaigns turned into a morass where progress quickly ground to a halt. It would not be until well after any sane stopping point that Putin finally had to acknowledge that his dream of the reunification of the territories of the Soviet Union that he grew up in was not to be. In the meantime, any advantage the Russian nation may have had going into the war had been thoroughly spent; they were now setting objectives based on a desperate need for resources just as much as the next state. The nothern fleet had been nuked along with it's port in the town of Severomorsk in reprisal for the destruction of the EC naval base at Scapa Flow. Several key industrial targets inland had been hit. The nuclear winters were devastating the population. The nation was ready for peace, and with that ready for the foundation of the FoN.

The central asian nations, already aligned with Russia, were hit by waves upon waves of refugees streaming northwards from the Pakistani-Indian conflict. More and more arrived at their borders, undeterred by the rugged, mountainous terrain, for behind them lay only war and irradiated cities. Extensive military help was sent into Tajikistan to secure the borders and keep as many people out as possible, reserving what little there was for the population of the Russian client states. [Background: Closed Borders]

The primary problem with authoritarianism is that of the source of the authority. If all power lies with one strong, charismatic leader, there are bound to be power struggles when that leader dies, one way or another. Ancient kings sought to solve that problem via inheritance, but monarchy had somewhat fallen out of favor over the last few centuries, and so a bloody struggle between the oligarchs erupted in Moscow when Putin finally died in 2035. Already in a beleaguered position after the failed invasion of eastern Europe - the reunification of the Soviet Union already a dream only shared by the oldest - he had gradually lost his power and health. It was not until two years later that a true successor had solidified his position enough for the Russian state to be steered with one mind again. The power structure in the state has not fundamentally changed over the course of WW3: Political power in Russia mostly lies with a select few oligarchs, each controlling their own small industrial and business empires. As it was the case during WW3, filling the pockets of some aligned autocrat or oligarch was often the true goal of various military and diplomatic moves. [Background: Protection of Wealth focus]

While the reforms under Yeltsin in the 90s have ostensibly liberalized the markets, the political power vacuum that followed has essentially ended with those in control of the economy also being those in control of the government. Billionaire oligarchs run the country, over most of which the president has great influence. As such, it can be said that the Russian economy has corporatist characteristics. [Background: State Controlled Economy]

Most of the pre-war economy of Russia was centered around resource exports, and extraction being a profitable business is still in the forefront of the minds of many in the upper class. Much of the world currently still runs on oil, what little there is left, but the new president has been famously quoted "Oil was yesterday. The resources of tomorrow lie in space." [Background: Space Mining focus]

As part of that endeavour the famous Energomash rocket engine company has already been reorganized. A new division ENERGOMAX is tasked with developing new Trans-Newtonian propulsion systems for use in space. [Background: Power & Propulsion focus]
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Re: Radiant Dawn - Aurora 4X C# Roleplaying game
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That was, uhh, topical. Interesting to see how Trans-Newtonian Russia is choosing to direct her focus as this radiant new era dawns!  ;)

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Re: Radiant Dawn - Aurora 4X C# Roleplaying game
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United Socialist American Republic:
Player: CaptainGrimlock (as Anthony Ford)
Title: First Commendant
Advisors: ChaoticNeutral (as Jean Raihan, Third Commendant), comediac (as Philip Starr)

United Socialist American Republic Backstory, Written by and full credits to CaptainGrimlock:
Even early in his life, Anthony Ford was good at getting out of trouble with naught but his tongue of silver. A charming young man, he became mayor of his home town of Weststable in late 2022 at the age of 30. In the 2028 US presidential election, he gained widespread popular support, and swept the polls clean in a record breaking victory, with bold promises to drive the American economy to new heights through an innovative New Deal and ensure the USA’s place as a beacon of progress and hope for decades to come

In 2029, due to Canada being less impacted by the resource shortages than other nations, now President Ford launched Operation: Canuck, the invasion of Canada to claim resources and land for the good of America. Due to a combination of overseas conflicts, as well as historical alliances between the nations, there was almost no opposition with the “conflict” lasting mostly the weeks it took to ratify the peace treaties. In due time, Canada was annexed, with partisans being suppressed by the occupying army while the brand new Department of Information showed 24/7 pro-American propaganda showing how great Canada being part of the USA was.

With the increase in presidential power, and influx of raw materials, due to the ongoing conflicts of WW3, Ford took his New Deal to never-before seen heights, transforming the American political and economic landscape in one fell swoop. Despite his actions being highly controversial at first, his cult of personality combined with the delivery on his promises of wealth and prosperity caused the controversy to be largely overlooked by the general public.

Then, in 2037, Trans-Newtonian elements were discovered. With their amazing capabilities, they were seen as more valuable than gold, and mining operations were set up all but overnight. The USAR’s space program, the PSSC (People’s Supreme Star Command) was created out of NASA remnants and private space companies. To keep the race to control TN elements from causing WW4, the USAR joined the 3 other newfound global powers in creating the Federation of Nations to help keep the peace (for now…)

Jean Raihan, Third Commandant and Second in Command of the USAR. Written by and full credits to ChaoticNeutral:
Born in the state of Hawaii in the year 2006 to a wealthy couple, Jean Raihan had a comfortable, somewhat sheltered childhood. As tensions between the nations rose to a head, Jean was swept up in the pre-war propaganda. Despite his father's desire for Jean to take over the family company, Raihan Robotics, the young Jean enrolled in the air force fighter training program with his parent's extremely reluctant blessing. However, when the USA began to engage in more widespread conflict in 2028, Jean's father pulled strings to have Jean transferred to the logistics corps, flying cargo planes.

But even logistics personnel aren't entirely safe in a war. Jean's plane went down over a contested zone, and he was presumed dead. At least until two months later, when Jean miraculously emerged from the warzone with a captured enemy officer in tow. Naturally, the propaganda division ate up his daring tale like a starving dog and Jean was overnight-famous across the country. Recovering remarkably quickly from his ordeal, Jean, still with stars in his eyes, leveraged his newfound fame into a transfer to a combative role, against his parent's wishes. Jean performed astonishingly well as an aviator, scoring seven confirmed kills in less than a year. Again, the propaganda machine leapt at
the opportunity, painting Jean as a war hero beyond compare - a daring commando and flying ace, all at the youthful age of twenty-four!

This time, Jean wasn't so keen on leaping back into the fray. His last encounter in the skies had left him shaken, and he moved off of the frontlines into a more administrative role. Mostly involving public appearances and work with the press to bolster morale and scrape together flagging support for the war effort. Later that year, bombs dropped on Bangladesh annihilated Raihan Robotic's Asian branch. And its CEO, Sanjay Raihan, Jean's father, who was visiting from overseas for wartime business.

As conflicts drew to a close, Jean retired from the military and was granted the honorary rank of Major General for his heroism. Having inherited a controlling stake in Raihan Robotics, which was thriving in America from war profits despite the damage to its international interests, Jean focused his efforts on filling the shoes of his late father. But it wasn't long before the newly-established state controls on industry began to chafe, and Jean entered the arena of politics, springboarding off of his war hero status and contacts from his time working with the propaganda division.

Twelve years later, having supported Anthony Ford's meteoric rise to power in his bid for influence, Third Commandant Jean Raihan sits at the right hand of one of the most powerful people in the world, helping to guide the people of America to the stars.
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Re: Radiant Dawn - Aurora 4X C# Roleplaying game
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New European Union
Player: NotAllah Communist Christian (as Mikajla Gordon)
Title: 3rd Grand Chancellor of the NEU
Advisors: Kickdok

New European Union Backstory, Written by and full credits to NotAllah Communist Christian:
[THE FIRST UNION 1957-2030]
The years leading up to the collapse of the First Union were in a word complicated. Marked both by ever greater unity and disunity the former European Economic Community was by 2026 more powerful than it had ever been and, as the 3rd World War would show, nearing its greatest crises. In the years following Brexit despite the yearnings of many nationalists the EU did not collapse “under its own weight”, despite an ever growing number of issues caused by themselves of course. The economic allure of a united Europe was simply too great a prize for all but the maddest government to give up, so the nationalist leaders that managed to get into power pushed and prodded but never truly committed to a breakaway.

Until 2025 anyway.

Following the discovery that Earths oil and gas resources were nearing depletion far faster than any previous and resulting economic crash that followed the European Parliament proposed unprecedented economic cooperation across the continent called the “New Europe Economic Community, harkening back to the organizations roots. A program of total economic conversion to completely change the world as was at the time into a bright renewable future. Say what you will about its feasibility to it was not to be, the nationalists stonewalled it.

The economy continued to plummet and the public pressures from all sides of politics continued to mount, many politicians that were slowly fading into silence flared back into the public view preaching a thousand ideologies all calling for one way or another the destruction of the “Other”. That the “Other” seemed to encompass all life on Earth, real or otherwise, didn't seem to bother them or that their words worsened the situation they were proposing the “obvious” solutions to didn`t either.

Sadly it was far far to late by this point, the global economy tanked and nosedived before smashing though the floor as China intervened in the India-Pakistan Conflict. Along with every other major world power. For a few short weeks the world powers kept up the pretense of working together to “maintain peace in the region”, then someone fired the first shot between the “Peacekeepers”.

No one knows who fired first and likely it will never be known for the ensuing maelstrom consumed all three nations involved whole along with thousands upon thousands of troops from the various nations that participated in the “peacekeeping” effort. The shattered remnants of the formations that managed to pull out had a thousand and one stories about who fired first and why of course, but that’s a matter of scholarly curiosity. What followed is not.

Following the disastrous “Battle of the Sub Continent” and worsening economic situation a wave of unrest swept the world. The EU was not spared, in a month half a dozen nations began threatening to “pull a Brexit” including Red Jacks UK as riots and mini revolutions flared to life. Had the stock exchange not crashed in November it is doubtless the EU would have prevailed over these challenges, alas it was not to be.

The nations that had threatened to leave did, and the riots and mini revolts turned into full blown uprisings. For the first time in more than half a revolutionary and fascistic flags flew over buildings around Europe. Again perhaps this situation could have been salvaged but as always the Balkans came to the “rescue”.

Again it is unknown who fired first or why, a thousand conspiracy theories exist but in all like hood it was simply a matter of two patrols with itchy trigger fingers meeting each other at the worst possible moment. The popular post war Serbian movie depicts the moment as the accidental discharge of a firearm leading to a gun fight between two units on a disputed Danube island leading to an ever escalating series of confrontations and exchanges, though likely purely fiction despite the directors assertions.

Whatever the case, rather than a peaceful separation an absurd series of dominos fell that resulted in the first full scale divisions began crossing the borders of Secessionist nations.

By the time the nukes fell the EU existed only on paper, though to be fair that could also be said about its component nation stats.

And then the nukes fell and the situation got even worse.

[European Coalition 2026-2030]
Ravaged by war and nuclear fallout the remaining “loyalist” nations essentially merged their militaries into one purely under the, nominal, authority of the European Parliament and the new position of the Grand Chancellor. This “European Coalition” would proceed to “reestablish peace” in the nations that had tried to leave, by now they simply no longer existed, though by that point the peace of the grave had mostly taken over.

In fact despite the great pride the European officer and enlisted classes takes in the “glory days” of WW3, where the EC forces swept through a devastated Europe bringing hope to all and smiting evil doers, by this point most of the “heavy” fighting in Europe was done. The combined remnants of a continents military were essentially mopping up scattered nationalist hold outs and enforcing martial law.

Only near the end of the War did the forces of the EC see the horror of the final “modern” war fought with oil when the Russians invaded all across their European borders. The desperate fighting amid collapsing supply lines had little resemblance to the “clean” plans of the prewar years. When the EC intervened on the side of Turkije and the various Caucasus powers opposing them the conflict grew even bloodier, as often as not both sides would take to robing the populace of what little they had left as over stretched supply lines shattered into nothing. Armies of trained soldiers turning into uniformed, if that, bandits, the war devolving from a conflict between nations to a simple struggle for survival.

Eventually both sides simply gave up the fight, the EC unable to keep committing such vast, for the time, resources to a seemingly unwinnable fight and maintaining morale on the home front.

With oil reserves plummeting and number of refuges growing by the day the EC had time for one final operation. No one likes to talk about the intervention into Israel Palestine, the horrors of the Samson Option or short lived hyper nationalist Junta and Final Jihad. The only thing the NEU likes mentioning is the platform for humanitarian efforts it gives them. Lets leave it at that.

[New European Union/Eurasian Union]
Following the end of the war the remaining national leaders convened one final time in Rome, the Second Treaty of Rome 2030 established the new Eurasian Union. For the first time in its history Europe was the sole province of a single nation state. After all, it was hardly like the shell shocked surviving population wanted anything to do with the horrors of war ever again, and in their minds for good or ill that was what “sovereign” nation states lead to.

Despite the popular opinion and historical view the the NEU is simply a continuation of the old First Union this is sadly not the case. By 2026 the great dream of peacefully united Europe were dead and the organization that had shepherded as well. Even strained internally by various nations power plays and the growing nationalist back lash the First Union had held on far far longer than its many detractors had said it would, but WW3 proved a crucible many nations simply were not equipped to handle, chief among them the ones of Europe.

Used a standard of living unimaginable in ages past the citizens of the so called "First World" proved inadept in handling the sudden total collapse of the system they had know all their lives. Politicians as was in their nature took advantage of the growing panic in the days leading up the Third World War, nations that had enjoyed EU membership for decades if not generations suddenly finding themselves torn over the EUs "mishandling" of the crisis. That their ideas of "handling" this crises could be surmised as nothing short of robbery on a national scale seemed lost on their supporters, more worried about the suddenly real prospect of starving to death as food supply chains collapsed.

The EUs death warrant was signed before the first nation broke away after Red November as Romania announced a complete halt to the export of oil and the US "quietly" began preparations to end NATO. This final shock to the in all truth already dying European economy signaled the end in the decent into madness. It would be impossible to summarize the sheer all consuming panic and rioting that followed so I shan't bother. The only saving grace of the conflicts of everything from oil to food and water was that the majority of the combatant nations were to busy trying to maintaining martial law to truly put their all into fighting each other, sparing the continent the true horrors of war till the Russians launched their offensive.

Following the 2nd Battle of Paris and the withdrawal of US troops from Europe the situation of various EU "loyalist" militaries could be surmised as highly sub optimal, pressured on all sides by rioters, secessionist "rogue" nation states and Russian political pressure on Eastern Europe and the complete collapse of the global economy the various national militaries were lossing ground. Most of all what was costing the "loyalists" ground was their own lack of Unity, united only on paper in reality the various nations were only barely more coapprative with each other than their enemies were, it seemed that Europe was destined to go the way of Asia or Africa a multide of warlords or rump nation states fit only to be playground for greater powers.

Desmond Russo only Grand Chancellor of the European Union and Honorary First Grand Chancellor of the New Eurasian Union proved up to saving it. The half Irish half Sicilian former general proved up the task of "convincing" the various national leaders to relinquish ever greater power to the European Parliament and thought them the Office of the Grand Chancellor. Culminating in the official dissolution of all national millaties and their unification into a single European one.

By this point however the First Union was well and truly gone, most of the national leaders that Russo had to "convince" were hardly what the Pre-War world would consider democratic as elections were postponed, interrupted by civil war or outright impossible as nations outright began to collapse under the strain of having to shift their economies so radically in so little time during such a chaotic era. The power and wealth of Europe's nations built on the exploitation of resources that longer existed or nations that could not be efficiently reached was nearly gone by the time the EU was officially declared defunct and the emergency provisional "Coalition of Sovereign European Nations" was declare, now known popularly as the European Coalition.

Calling the European Coalition democratic would be a lie, honestly calling a nation state would't be strictly true, but for the seemingly endless years of 3rd World War it was all the battered peoples of Europe had. The promise of a better tommrov when today is so dark is a powerful and addictive drug. Had Russo survived the War it was likely he never would have given up the power he'd swiped despite many EC lovers screamed shouts otherwise. In the end it was sheer dumb luck that averted this, Desmond tripped on the stairs and broke his neck in the fall.

Of course history books proclaim it a tragedy and make no mention of any implied potential for dictatorship which is perhaps for the best. Considering the Russian invasion followed mere days later it is little surprise that the conspiracies that the Russians were responsible are legion, but so far all proof points to a very unlucky accident.

Following Russos death and the sudden windfall of political control given to the heavily battered European Parliament, meant more to rubberstamp Russos agenda, during the opening days of the Russian offensives and the first major nuclear exchanges it is a shock that the EC survived at all in all honesty. Shaken heavily the EC Parliament composed of freshly elected representatives from all over Europe suddenly found themselves the masters of their own fate and that of their Nation during the first major European conflict in generations.

Somehow it remained as popular even during the war, the current Third and previous Second Grand Chancellors were both part of the so called "War Parliament", rather shocking as it oversaw the absolute nightmare of the East European and Caucasus Fronts. The drug of hope proving mighty indeed, that and the image of Europe being lead by a Parliament even as other nations gave way to single leaders was a potent one.

Following the cessation of hostilities with Putin's Russia the EC found itself in a bizarre position, desperate wartime programs had left the seeds of industry that would begin to rebuild the shattered European economy. Combined with the shocking popularity of the EC armed forces, whose relentless protection of civilian shelters and food production facilities saved tens of millions of lives it shocking that unlike so many others the EC Parliament gave up its powers in 2037 in conjunction with the discovery Trans Newtonian Minerals.

In the 2038 Unity Referendum the vote against breaking up the EC into nation states was shockingly overwhelming, many former national leaders finding themselves out of a job as their former citizenry all but threatened to riot if the new European Flag was lowered, Europe didn`t want the nations that had fairly or not been blamed for the horrors' of the 3rd World War, it wanted the one nation that had saved them from it. Later that year the Constitutional Convention for the Second Union of Europe would open, by the end of the year the first elections were over the Second Parliament and Grand Chancellor were inaugurated along with the Federation of Nations.

For now Europe is and will remain a democracy.


The NEU is in everyway a continued expression of hopes for peace and prosperity of the old EU, during the war the lives of civilans were prioritized over everything. (FOOD AND SHELTER FOCUS) During the battles with Russia entire operations were launched whose sole objective was to secure food supplies and building materials for civilian shelters, both for refuge columns on the front and back deeper in EC territory, and themselves in the finals days of the War. In fact the greatest strategic challenge the EC was in fact refuges, forced away by other nations and warlords titanic columns of humanity gravited towards Europe. Caught in a death struggle to the east the EC didn`t really have choice but to let them in, the milltary was needed where it was and that wasnt guarding against "invasions" of desperate civilians. After the War, and during it really, the EC would claim this policy was one of humanitarian ideals but had the EC not managed to secure so many farms and shelters it was likely EC weapons would have been turned on these desperate souls like so many others leaving the nation much much weaker for it. (Open Borders)

Following the end of the War the EC and then NEU Parliaments were faced with a horrific economic situation, their resources scoured by nuclear war and then strained beyond capacity by the human waves displaced by war it is a shock that Europe didn`t experience a second tidal wave of unrest. Perhaps the desire for more conflict was simply burned out, suffocated by the day to day drudgery of this new world and its struggle for survival. Whatever the case in the days following the founding of the NEU, FoN and discovery of TNMs saw a titanic economic revitalization effort as one thing Europe would now likely never lack in comparison to its rivals was sheer manpower. Priorizing industrial output over all else the remaining conventional heavy industry was turned en masse towards the creation of a new economy, a TNM economy. Factory after factory built and new model construction and farming tools churned out in mind numbing quantity as the remaining research establishment was turned to refining the primitive first generation TN tools into something better. (Construction Factory Focus, Industrial Technology Focus)

The rise of socialism after the catastrophic failure of the pre war economic model was not hard to predict, what was how it manifested in Europe. Rather than great workers revolutions toppling corrupt authority and establishing Utopia it was more that the NEU would begin an economic policy that could be best surmised as "Democracy at the Ballot, Democracy at Work". What resulted from a hundred and one economic initiatives during and after the war is a mixture of public and private that while it would undoubtedly have caused a pre War American citizen to scream commie was not as simple as that. The economy wasn`t the preview of the government but neither did vast multinational corporations dominate as they had before, rare was the product that had no goverment intervention but rare was the one that had no private participation. (Mixed Economy)

3rd Chancellor of the NEU
Following the near brush with authoritarianism that was Russo the founders of the NEU were quite worried for the possiblity of a strong charismatic figure rallying support during a crisis. One of the results was the strict single five year term limit possible for a Grand Chancellor, to many issues had cropped up with democratic leaders running for reelection while also running their nation. Thus despite the popularity of the 2nd Grand Chancellor which in any other system would have lead to sweeping electoral victory and a second term the 2041 election was a fierce contest that they were free to all but ignore as they guided the NEU.

Emerging from the pit of mud slinging that was the nations first real election during peacetime Mikajla Gordon finds herself as her nations second leader, the older woman retiring from a fruitful carrier managing construction projects into one last hurrah before her sixties hit. The childless widow in her fiftees having proven more appealing than the raft of former generals, politicians and other assorted contenders due to the simple reason no one could ever disagree with what she said or make any attack that didn`t end with them looking worse for having harrased "Europes Grandma". Firmly pragmatic she avoided swearing herself to any party till the last days of her election with her victory all but assured, and even then not swearing to a single one but rather a coalition of parties know as the "Better Morning Coalition"

Blessed with a relatively peaceful first year in office The Grandma, as she ended up nicknamed for her propensity to mother her staff, though never called that to her face has proven the steady hand calmly leading everyone out of the dark days that all hoped she would be. Now she is faced with the real challanges as space and its promise of resources needed to keep the new economy going beckon along with the minefield that are other nations.
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Re: Radiant Dawn - Aurora 4X C# Roleplaying game
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Pacific Commonwealth of Nations:
Player: Opti (as various different characters)
Advisors: SpaceMarine (as Fangi Zi Rui), Jaen (as Raphael d'Verte) Panopticon (as AIM)

Government - Constitutional Monarchy
Ruling Party - Coalition of New Dawn and Jiminto (54% of house of representatives)
Regent - Naruhito
Heir - Yi-Kwon
Prime Minister - Yi-Kwon (Leader of New Dawn)
Population - 477 million
Capital - Tokyo

Pacific Commonwealth of Nations Backstory, Written by and full credits to Opti:

The Beginning Of The End?

After the stock market plunged and the Nikkei Index finally crashed on 17th Nov 2026, something had to be done. Unemployment rates were about 20% which in Japanese numbers was unheard of.
The general election of dec 2026 (2025 was postponed due to a bug in the election software) saw a landslide victory for Jiminto, the conservative faction.

The newly elected Government enacted several new proposals to lower unemployment rates, the most notable was the ”Hataraku '' reforms, which guaranteed any person between 18-65 income in exchange for their labor (most hataraku jobs were for the military and municipalities).
The effects of the programs were as intended, even over expectations, and made sure the majority of the population of Japan escaped relatively unharmed from the global market crash. The coming years saw a sharp rebound of the Japanese economy. A lot of people called it ”The Second Japanese Miracle”.
The other countries in the RCEP (the free trade agreement of the major countries in Asia-Pacific) did not fare as well, and many had to default on their debts to Japan. Many countries would have reacted to this with harsh diplomacy and exclusion from trade agreements, but the Jiminto lead government of Japan simply chose to do two things:
• Extend the loans with extremely favorable terms
• Offer the Funds to enact the Hataraku program abroad as well.
This was a hard strain on the relations between the larger countries (especially China who withdrew from RCEP) but for the smaller nations of the ASEAN (Association of SouthEast Asian Nations), this was a true blessing and laid the groundwork for the union, tying the ASEAN countries closer to Japan.
This Also meant that Japanese soldiers were posted in every ASEAN country to help build the Hataraku reforms, which had been so successful nationally.

A New Treaty
When the first thermonuclear bombs hit Islamabad and New Dehli respectively, a RCEP crisis meeting was held in Osaka, may 23rd 2029. And a formal alliance was formed, ”The Pacific Commonwealth of Nations” (Pacifica or PCN). What was unique about this alliance was that all countries (except Korea and Australia, who chose to decline the invitation) pushed for a centralized army and navy, to ensure the safety and prosperity of their new alliance.
The alliance with the United States was transferred and ratified in the Honolulu Accord (July 5th 2029), and in exchange for very favorable trade agreements for the USA, PCN was allowed to buy licenses for the GMD program (ground based missile defense).
As the wars raged on outside their borders, PCN saw a large influx of refugees, mainly from India and China who had been the hardest hit.

Korea and Japan had at this time a frosty relationship, the sins of the last century not easily forgotten. Korea managed to unify in 2030, as Chinese foreign aid to North Korea halted, leaving the sitting administration in Pyong-yang very few options. When a screaming mob of 450.000 civilians and military members stood gathered on Kim Ilsung square, threatening violence, the supreme leader had no choice but to negotiate for a peaceful transition of power.
As almost all major cities of China were destroyed by nuclear detonations, the government lost control of almost all aspects, leading to emerging warlords to wrest control over the ravaged lands. This created new tensions in Korea as they were stuck between a rock and a hard place.

The Prize We Had to Pay
The winter of 2030 was harsh, starting in August and seemingly never ending. In may 2031 it stood clear that the world faced its first nuclear winter.
People starved in the millions, and even though PCN only had minor detonations from the war, the radiated clouds never seemed to want to disappear.

The PCN enacted martial law, forcing every hataraku program member to build thousands upon thousands of indoor farms and shelters to escape both the radiation and the cold, this was as well a saving grace that the infrastructure was already in place. Even so, starvation had hit every country to some degree. When the worst winters (of 2034 and 2035) were over the mean temperature slowly rose again, with countless dead in their wake.
The marriage between Aiko (japanese crown princess) and Yi-Kwon (the unofficial crown prince of Korea) 2033 as a formal reconciliation between Japan and Korea after a century of mistrust, created a spirit of much needed unity between the two factions. At the royal wedding, the Japanese Emperor, Naruhito, knelt and formally apologized (for the occupation and world war 2) to the prime minister Kim Kyo-Ahn and the unofficial emperor Yi-Won. This sent a shockwave of rejoice throughout Korea, and a lot of controversy back home in Japan. Korea had finally become whole and the wounds of the last century could heal.
The year after, Korea formally joined PCN, to further secure peace and prosperity in the region. Korea was in no means weak, but even the smaller of the Chinese warlords that had emerged could seriously harm them, and the Korean people had suffered far worse than PCN members who could share and ration resources far more efficiently.
The world was torn apart, PCN member states almost lost half their population between the years 2029 and 2036, and it could have been far worse had not the AMDI (anti missile defense initiative) been deployed over the most populated areas.

A Radiant Dawn
2037 marked a turning point as ”Trans Newtonian Elements” was presented at the world expo in Paris, which would change our scientific understanding of the universe permanently. The same year, the Federation of Nations was created which PCN gladly joined. No one wanted to see another conflict like this. It was sheer luck that there were any people left.
2038 the PCN government in Tokyo finally (due to rising concern) removed martial law and lessened the harsh restrictions on the population. The coming election saw the birth of the newly created ”New Dawn'' party, a libertarian party under the leadership of the incredibly popular crown-prince Yi-Kwon, who had been at the front lines, defending against Chinese warlords, seen in papers, building heated shelters for the refugees.
New Dawn got 23% of the votes and formed a coalition government with Jiminto, the largest party who got 31% of the votes. Yi-Kwon was appointed prime minister and around half of the ministers came from Jiminto.
This coalition would oversee the shaky and fragile peace they have fought hard for in this new Radiant Dawn.
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Re: Radiant Dawn - Aurora 4X C# Roleplaying game
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New European Union
Player: NotAllah Communist Christian (as 3rd Grand Chancellor of the NEU)
Title: 3rd Grand Chancellor of the NEU
Advisors: Kickdok
As yall can see I have perfectly reasonable and restrained writing abilities, aka I AM THE EUROPE

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Re: Radiant Dawn - Aurora 4X C# Roleplaying game
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2043 Update:

First our Special homemade mechanics:

Research category unlocks:

During 2042 there sadly were no Research Category Unlocked through Breakthroughs.
USAR and The Russian Federation remains the only two with unlocked Power and Propulsion Category. TN Sensors and Weapons remain locked for everyone.

However any investments made did increase the chances for unlocks in 2042 and for all following years until the category is unlocked. All chances will also gradually increase a small bit every year until all categories are eventually unlocked.

Aid and invasions during 2042:

The Russian Federation:
  •  Medium amounts of Russian Aid sent Successfully to India, Solid Peacekeeping forces assigned but locals worried about future Russian aggressions. 2 million pop, 4 CI & 1 Prestige gained
  •  Medium amounts of Russian Aid sent to China, Solid Peacekeeping forces assigned but locals worried about future Russian aggressions. 2 million pop, 3 CI gained
  •  Russian Very Successfull invasion of the Middle East. 11 million pop gained, 1 million flee as refugees. 24 CI gained, 1 lost to collateral damage.
      1 Research Facility gained. +2 Prestige for saving Dubai & FoN from Terrorist Threat ( one time event turning negative into positive prestige ).
A total of 15 million pop, 31 CI, 3 Prestige & 1 Research Facility gained by the Russian Federation.

United Socialist American Republic:
  •  Small amounts of American Aid sent Successfully to Australia. 2 million pop & 5 CI gained
  •  Medium amounts of American Aid sent to Mexico. 3 million pop & 6 CI gained
  •  Small amounts of American Aid sent to Western South-America. 1 million pop & 2 CI gained
  •  Small amounts of American Aid sent to Eastern South-America, Peacekeeping forces ambushed by local Militia. 1 million pop & 2 CI gained
A total of 7 million pop & 15 CI gained by the United Socialist American Republic

New European Union:
  •  Medium amounts of European Aid sent Successfully to Western Africa, locals trusting the good intentions of NEU. 13 million pop, 6 CI and 1 Prestige gained
  •  Medium amounts of European Aid sent to the Middle East, locals trusting the good intentions of NEU, but worried by other military forces nearby. 3 million pop & 7 CI gained
A total of 16 million pop, 13 CI & 1 Prestige gained by the New European Union

Pacific Commonwealth of Nations:
  •  Small amounts of Pacific Aid sent Very Successfully to Australia, Solid Peacekeeping forces assigned and locals trusting the good intentions of the PCN.  2 million pop & 6 CI gained
  •  Large amounts of Pacific Aid sent Successfully to India, locals trusting the good intentions of the PCN. 6 million pop, 10 CI and 2 Prestige gained
  •  Large amounts of Pacific Aid sent Successfully to China, Solid Peacekeeping forces assigned and locals trusting the good intentions of the PCN. 5 million pop, 9 CI and 2 Prestige gained
A total of 13 million pop & 25 CI gained by the Pacific Commonwealth of Nations

Federation of Nations:
  •  Small amounts of FoN Aid sent Successfully to Eastern Africa. Locals trusting the good intentions of the FoN. 9 million pop & 7 CI gained
  •  Small amounts of FoN Aid sent Successfully to India. Locals trusting the good intentions of the FoN. 2 million pop& 4 CI gained
A total of 11 million pop & 11 CI gained by the FoN

2042 Prestige changes:

 •  Russia 145, +1 Aid to India
 •  Russia 147, +2 Invasion of Middle East ( recovering warheads )
 •  Europe 161, +1 Aid to Western Africa
 •  America 151, +1 Heroic defense of Aid to Eastern South-America
 •  Pacific 162, +2 Aid to India
 •  Pacific 164, +2 Aid to China
 •  Pacific 167, +3 Highest total Humanitarian Aid
 •  Europe 163, +2 Designing recordbreaking high speed fighter
 •  Europe 165, +2 Highest total Technology Investment
 •  Pacific 170, +3 First Colony Ship launched
 •  America 155, +4 Delivery of Experimental Engines for no cost
 •  Russia 146, -1 Leaving Russia without Garrison Regiments, and less than half Infantry ( political unrest building up if ignored ).
 •  Russia 147, +1 Largest Airforce (GSF)

Current Prestige:
  •  Russia: 147
  •  America: 155
  •  Europe: 165
  •  Pacific: 170

And some statistics because those are always fun!
Keep in mind that the GDP listed here is per Capita meaning it's divided by population. So in terms of actual total wealth Europe and America are actually pretty equal, and they are not that far behind Russia either ( that gets it number inflated by having the smallest population )
Note: One ingame wealth = 10 billion Eurodollars

Note: Heavily censored for competitive reasons:

Trading and resource situation:

As the worlds TN minerals were getting mined in ever increasing pace it was clear that a working Minerals Exchange would very soon become crucial. The last year alone saw the critical engine mineral Gallicite drop from over 74 thousand tons known reserves to less than 64k ton, a reduction in 14%. In this pace Gallicite reserves would run on Earth in just 7 years, and all nations were expanding their mining capacity rapidly. Cynical observers noted they probably all were hoping to mine out and stockpile more of the valuables than their rivals could.

Therefor the profit margins of minerals has been significantly reduced in the Exchange, to promote trading.

Notable Events in the news:

  • 28:th January - Federation of nation Representatives celebrate as new record levels of Humanitarian Aid and Peacekeeping forces have been committed to every corner of the world following their plea last year. In total 130 Trillion Eurodollars ( 13000 wealth ) are spent on Aid by the four major powers over the year. Economical analysts agree that these levels of aid are unlikely to be sustainable longer term, but it's still wonderful news for everyone suffering after the wars.

  •  5:th February - Pacific Commonwealth of Nations start construction of the 8255 ton Colony Ship "New Singapore" in the Toyoshima Marine Industries orbital Shipyard. It's promised that within the year it will be taking habitats and colonists to Mars, but few experts think this plan is realistic.

  •  19:th April - New European Union launches a new Fighter for High speed record-breaking called "The Antelope" using conventional Engines, It Amazes the world as it travels at an astounding speed of 698km/s breaking all previous records, and completes a publicity flight to the moon and back in just below 19 minutes.

  •  12:th August - After having found evidence of a plot to attack the Federation of Nation headquarters in Dubai using stolen nuclear warheads Russian Federation forces consisting of 6 Infantry Regiments supported by most of the modern fighters in the Russian Airforce move into Iran with lightning speed, they encounter some resistance and two of their Regiments get ambushed taking some losses, but overall it's a very effective operation and the stolen warheads are recovered before terrorists can put them to use to the relief of the world. Large number of Russian forces are moved in to ensure the peace and stability in the Region and they gain a port in the Indian Ocean.

  •  3:ed October - After several aid shipments to Venezuela from United Socialist American Republic have been raided the warlords try to ambush an aid delivery guarded by 1st USAR Armor Regiment and supported by large portions of the USAR Airforce, the warlords forces withdraw back into the jungles after having suffered heavy casualties. The 1st USAR Armor Regiment soldiers are hailed as heroes by locals and citizen at home alike.

  •  November 9:th - The United Socialist American Republic Delivers the last of the four experimental Nuclear Thermal Wake Drive engines that was part of the original 0131 Resolution proposal to Saint Petersburg. They had hoped to deliver it on Unity Day but unfortunately the cargo ship USS Victory carrying it was delayed over a week for Administrative reasons and a thorough routine search when dropping of the Engine delivered to Europe in Amsterdam. This otherwise quick timetable was made possible thanks to Anthony Fords steadfast iron will to get it completed and the Federation of Nation Secretary-General personally thanks him for donating the engines without cost to speed up space exploration among all nations.

  •  December 26 - The Pacific Commonwealth of Nations New Singapore Colony ship launches and starts preparing for it's trip to Mars, the world watches in awe as not long after boarding and loading it embarks on it's over 1 month journey towards the red planet at a speed of 75km/s carrying over 400 brave souls from the Pacific Commonwealth and a few representatives from the Federation of Nations as well to found humanity's first colony on Mars.

Nuclear Thermal Wake Drive Engines ( Resolution 0131 )
The specifications of the Experimental Wake Drive Engine was publicly presented during late September. Scientists present did clarify that the technology was experimental so there could always be small risks of breakdowns, but they were looking forward to the feedback and with this rapid pace of engine development any issues that surfaced should be possible to correct quickly. The USAR project Commissar responsible also stated with a harsh face that nothing can be gained without risk. He said he was sure any of the excellent explorers graduated from the Academies were competent enough to deal with problems should they appear, and if not the Europeans had talked about using this "Antilope" as a rescue ship... An uncomfortable silence settled over the audience as they didn't know if they were supposed to laugh or not at this joke, since the Commissars face showed no expression.

The Commissar continued: Every single one of the graduates worthy of such a fine engine as this to power their craft also should be ready to risk a bit in return for the immortal fame of, as the wonderful Socialist Comrades from Star Trek would have said: Boldly go where no man has gone before! This time the crowd broke out in thunderous applause.

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Re: Radiant Dawn - Aurora 4X C# Roleplaying game
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Written by and full credits to Opti:

Monday the 13th of January 2042, 8PM Globally televised speech from President Yi-Kwon, Prime-Minister's Official residence, Tokyo, Pacific Commonwealth of Nations

It is with great pride that I stand here before you on this very special day, our Seijin-No-Hi (Coming of Age Day). For the longest time, our nation has heard nothing but bad news and we’ve been told to stand straight and remember the fallen. My government ran on the platform of hope. A hope of a brighter tomorrow, a hope of having food on the table and roof over our heads, for anyone willing to work to the benefit of our new society. And we have delivered. We expect within the next 5 years to be the leading nation in GDP per capita.


Such a small word. Yet so impactful.

It is with that wish of hope that I present my dedication to all nations of this great world. I have been tasked with leading this nation towards a hopeful future, and it is with that in mind that I speak to you of my dedication to venture forth into the great unknown, into space.

We dedicate ourselves to that within one year’s time, seeing the first settlers leave this Earth's orbit on our new flagship, the CSS New Singapore. They sail out into the unknown towards the red planet. The plans have been made and we start humble, as all ventures. On the Hellas Basin our first brave colonists will test their will against the harsh environment, but they will prevail. The first 465 colonists will consist of the brightest among us, scientists, engineers and observers. We invite 20 courageous astronauts from the Federation of Nations to join us on this journey as a reminder that this is not only for the good of the nation, but for the good of humanity. (edited)

Our partners at PAXA and JAMCO aerospace have together with PCN Jieitai (Self-Defence Force) secretly been tasked to create this program with great haste. I believe that we all should strive for this common goal of permanently building a base on Mars, as our spirit of exploration and the will to never surrender, no matter the cost, is greatly aligned with the exploration of this new Terra Incognita.

As we reach for the stars, no name for this Project could be more fitting than Kikaku Amaterasu (Project Amaterasu). Named after the ancient Goddess of the sun, we too shall strive for our place in heaven, for humanity’s place among the stars.

Good night PCN, I want you all to go to your beds tonight with hope. This new dawn of Humanity is an honour to be a part of.

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Re: Radiant Dawn - Aurora 4X C# Roleplaying game
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Written by and full credits to doodleSM:

2042: Russian News Broadcast

Iranian terrorists have attacked several key locations in the Federation. Their objective was unknown, they've withdrawn and returned back to the mountains in the Middle East. Russian intelligence services and investigations have led the Kremlin to believe that the objective of the raids were a lost nuclear weapons cache located near the border of Iran. Silayev Urvan Ilyich, military strategist, quoted to have said: "Three thermonuclear warheads in unknown conditions were seized by the terrorist cell. The Russian Defense Forces and agencies are going to recover them from the terrorists as soon as possible."

While many skeptics in the Russian government doubt the former general, the public is optimistic yet cautious about the prospects.

Few days later. The Kremlin, as seen on TV.
Silayev Urvan Ilyich stands at the podium, flanked by two soldiers and military officers. His posture is straight and he maintains a relaxed demeanor by his smooth and cool look. He clears his throat before saying "The Kremlin has reported that terrorist cells plans to detonate 2 working thermonuclear warheads in Dubai within less than a year. Moscow has decided, in good faith, upholding the laws of the Federation of Nations, to launch a full scale counter strike into Iran to seize and maintain security within the region. Operation White Opera is the planned annexation and occupation of Iran. God be with us all."

News reporters clamor around the former general, trying to get questions answered...

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Re: Radiant Dawn - Aurora 4X C# Roleplaying game
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Written by and full credits to Jaen:

Raphael approaches the podium in the FoN press conference held in Dubai. He looks nervous, but clears his throat and begins to read a handwritten speech.
"- When the Pacific Commonwealth of Nations heard that terrorists had attacked one of our peers in the Federation, we were filled with a great sadness. We strongly condemn terrorist actions, and are appalled that anyone would again threaten to use nuclear weapons against our fellow man. We will not tolerate the use of, or the threat to use any weapons of mass destruction."

He takes a sip of water and continues
"- We must prevent it at all costs, and hope that as Russia learns more about the terrorist cells that have WMDs that they share it with the FoN and all interested parties so that we may work together to restore peace.

Thank you."

He steps away from the podium, barely acknowledging the clamor for answers to more questions.

Written by and full credits to CaptainGrimlock:

Having heard of the act of terrorism in Russian territory, First Commandant Anthony Ford feels compelled to respond.

"- Our deepest condolences to the Russian people. This act of terrorism was, and remains, horrendous, and we must find the culprits and punish them with due fervour and haste. I have personal concerns as to the fact that Russia has, by their own admission, lost the location of at least one cache of nuclear arms. I hope the Russian government can find and secure any additional caches that might exist to keep this tragedy from repeating."
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Re: Radiant Dawn - Aurora 4X C# Roleplaying game
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Written by and full credits to Opti:

0900, Dec 22, 2042, Sawakura Space Launch Complex, Chiba Prefecture.
Melissa Zhao had been preparing for her first real mission for 6 years, and it seemed only yesterday that PAXA (former JAXA) would always stand in the shadow of it’s big brother NASA. To be fair, after the 3rd war, most of human space flight ground to a halt. The ISS was abandoned in 2032 due to a combination of old age and lack of serious funding from the international partners.

Since then PAXA had started their own project, In partnership with Mitsubishi, Hitachi and PCN Jietai, they created the first true State/Civilian conglomerate, Toyoshima industries, with a specific goal towards Space Exploration and research in trans-newtonian elements.

It did not take long since the cry for a PCN presence in space was heard from all corners of the nation, and the first Civilian station was built, Toyoshima Marine. Yet somewhat smaller than what the ISS was, Japanese astronauts now had their own station, which 20 years earlier was unthinkable. The construction began in 2038 and the first construction modules for ship building were added in 2040.

The station quickly grew in size and capabilities. Rocket engines from all over the world were shipped up and scheduled for serious vacuum testing. Consequently the performance of vacuum engines increased dramatically, especially after nozzles of duranium alloy were found to be able to handle almost a hundredfold increase in pressure difference. Suddenly the rest of space was accessible in a way never before thought possible.

This meant that the training program had skyrocketed in PAXA centers all across the nation. The Cadets have come from all over Asia, young and old. This meant of course that Melissa had to step up her game. Even though she had only been to space two times as a liaison between the extremely expensive hired American propulsion experts and her PAXA counterparts, she knew the ins and outs of zero-g training and exosuit-maneuverability. Still she could not let the rookies outdo her.

Now it was 4 days left. 4 days until the gigantic LE-X Engine of CSS New Singapore, the size of a smaller building, would ignite and send her and the rest of the crew off towards the red planet. No one had been there since the one and only private mission SpaceX managed to pull off in 2028 before the “means of production” was seized by the USAR the year after.

She usually was calm as a cucumber, but today she was going up to Toyoshima. This would be the last time she saw earth in a long time, and the media was everywhere. Even the Russians had sent their state media to cover this unprecedented event. Melissa thought she was going to throw up. "30 minutes to roll call", a mechanical voice called out that was promptly followed by a "T-57 minutes to launch".

Before Melissa could think, a microphone was shoved into her face and a smartly dressed woman asked something, she didn’t know what, she saw the lips moving but couldn’t hear what the lady was saying. After a second, the hearing returned..

-... saying, what are your feelings right now?

-  Uhhhh..  I’m sorry? She answered.

Today was going to be a bad day, Melissa reminded herself. After being told the question for a third time, she answered.

* - A lot on my mind to be honest. Everything is finally on schedule and we have proceeded loading up the crew and started accommodating our colonists.*

The reporter smiled warmly and followed up with a question from the left field.

- Soo Melissa, is there a certain someone you're leaving behind? Who is the lucky one?

Melissa had for very good reasons been private to the brink of paranoia regarding her personal life. Now her cheeks burned as she was thinking about her “boyfriend” Chet (an American propulsion engineer she met on her last rotation on Toyashima). They really haven’t had the ”talk” or anything but there was a very serious feeling. She hoped dearly that she would have time to sit down with him before setting off. According to the internal PAXA scheduling system he should still be on site.

*- Yes and no. I’m going to miss my family and my dear friends a lot. But I am not formally engaged in a relationship.. *

She paused for a bit and thought: What the heck, might as well give them something, before continuing, with a wink in her eye.

- But there is this one guy who might be..

The reporter gasped, before regaining composure.

- You have to tell us more! Who…

There was no more time for questions, time for suit-check, as a PAXA assistant forced the young reporter away.

Before Melissa could think much more, she was strapped into the seat with the rest of the pilot crew and waiting for the countdown to reach 0.

5…4…3…2… The engines started to roar and the sound was deafening 1…

Launch! The launch clamps released and the thrust was shocking as she was pushed back into her seat with a good 5G burn.

A smile grew across Melissa's face. She was ready.

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Re: Radiant Dawn - Aurora 4X C# Roleplaying game
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Lots of exiting stuff happening in the game! Who is your favorite or most interesting nation or character so far? ( No you can't vote if your an active player  ::) :P )

The PCN backstory was also updated with lots of images:

Aaand... We are still looking for more advisors that can help out, Especially New European Union lost their advisor so the leader there is currently looking for support. If you want to join you will get live updates and discussions + access to private channels with intrigues and discussions if you choose to become an advisor for one of the nations, don't hesitate to stop by!
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New Singapore Class Colony Ship - PCNs first design for the Stars
« Reply #29 on: January 31, 2022, 03:12:34 PM »

Notes: Credit to the Individual "Ranged" who's deckplan was the inspiration.
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