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I've been playing around with Stable Diffusion, an AI image generator, for a couple days now. One of the first things I thought to work on with it was new race pictures - I could make* my very own! No need to scower through the internets for work of a correct type and in a style that I like that's been created by others to crop and resize... I can now get my computer to labor over new pics on its own!

Anyway, I've been running it through it's paces some, and I thought I'd share some of the more successful outputs.
This is "head and shoulders, cyborg soldier, sinister atmosphere, highly detailed, intricate line drawings, artstation", which gave me the following:

I then ran the one in the lower left corner through img2img, with the simple command of "trending on artstation":

The future is now, and it's pretty cool, I've got to say.

*For certain definitions of 'make'

That is really great  :o . Experimenting with some AI stuff myself atm. How can I get access to this image generator?


--- Quote from: TMaekler on September 08, 2022, 01:51:51 AM ---That is really great  :o . Experimenting with some AI stuff myself atm. How can I get access to this image generator?

--- End quote ---

I followed this installation guide (found through Reddit), which has excellent step-by-step instructions, with pictures.

If you've got a decently hefty graphics card (I'm running this on a 3060 Ti, and each image takes about 10 seconds to generate) and the space and ability to download several gigs of data to get everything set up; I totally recommend checking it out.

This is really cool. I'd love to have something like this hooked up to the ship designer to generate an illustration for my ships...

Just playing around with a random online image generator (no idea how sophisticated it is) got some results I wouldn't mind seeing in a thumbnail:

spaceship battlecrusier with spinal mounted laser

spaceship missile armed fighter

Bottom right on the top set looks like a cyborgified star wars First Order trooper


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