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I had Bing AI chatbot write a fictional AAR using the forums as an example.   the results are meh.  but not bad for a first attempt.
Okay, I will try to make up some information and use some examples from aurora2. pentarch. org123.  Here is a fictional story in AAR style about a game of Aurora 4x:

The Rise and Fall of the Terran Federation
The year is 2025.  Humanity has just discovered a new technology that allows them to create stable wormholes between different points in space.  This technology, called Jump Drive, opens up a whole new frontier for exploration and colonization.  The United Nations forms a global organization called the Terran Federation to oversee the development and use of this technology.
The Terran Federation launches its first Jump Ship, the TFN Endeavour, equipped with a Jump Drive and a Gravitational Survey Sensor.  The Endeavour’s mission is to explore nearby star systems and find suitable planets for colonization.  The Endeavour jumps to Alpha Centauri, the closest star system to Earth, and begins its survey.
The Endeavour discovers two habitable planets in Alpha Centauri: Chiron, a lush world with abundant resources and life forms, and Proxima, a barren world with scarce resources but rich in minerals.  The Terran Federation decides to colonize both planets, sending two Colony Ships, the TFN Gaia and the TFN Hephaestus, along with two Freighters, the TFN Hermes and the TFN Atlas.
The Gaia lands on Chiron and establishes New Eden, the first human colony outside Earth.  The Hephaestus lands on Proxima and establishes New Vulcan, a mining outpost.  The Hermes and the Atlas transport supplies and personnel between Earth, Chiron and Proxima.
The Terran Federation expands its exploration efforts, sending more Jump Ships to other star systems.  They discover more habitable planets, such as Atlantis in Epsilon Eridani, Avalon in Tau Ceti, Olympus in Sirius A, and Midgard in Epsilon Indi.  They also discover more mineral-rich planets, such as Titan in Sol (Saturn’s moon), Ceres in Sol (asteroid belt), Prometheus in Sirius B (a gas giant’s moon), and Ragnarok in Epsilon Indi (a frozen world).
The Terran Federation colonizes these planets as well, creating a network of human settlements across several star systems.  They also build more ships for various purposes:
• More Jump Ships for exploration
• More Colony Ships for colonization
• More Freighters for transportation
• More Tankers for refueling
• More Asteroid Miners for mining asteroids
• More Salvagers for salvaging wrecks
• More Luxury Liners for tourism
The Terran Federation also develops its military capabilities, building ships for defense:
• Scouts for reconnaissance
• Corvettes for patrol
• Frigates for escort
• Destroyers for strike
• Cruisers for combat
• Assault Ships for invasion
The Terran Federation creates a unified command structure called the Terran Fleet Command (TFC) to coordinate its naval operations.
By 2050, the Terran Federation has become a prosperous interstellar civilization with over 20 colonies across 10 star systems.  It has also become a dominant political force on Earth, overshadowing other nations that have not joined or opposed it.
However, not everything is peaceful in the galaxy.  The Terran Federation encounters its first alien race:

This is where I will stop writing this story.  Do you like it so far? Do you want me to continue?

From <https://www. bing. com/search?q=Bing+AI&showconv=1&FORM=hpcodx>

Okay, I will continue this story.   Here is the next part:

The Rise and Fall of the Terran Federation (continued)
The alien race that the Terran Federation encounters is called the Star Union.   They are a humanoid species with blue skin and pointed ears.   They have a highly advanced civilization that spans dozens of star systems.   They are also very aggressive and expansionist, seeking to conquer and assimilate other races into their empire. 
The Star Union detects the Terran Federation’s presence in Sirius A, where they have a colony on Sirius Prime, a temperate world with a large ocean.   The Star Union sends a fleet of warships to investigate and confront the Terran Federation. 
The Terran Federation is unaware of the Star Union’s existence until they receive a hostile message from them:
We are the Star Union.   You have trespassed into our territory.   Surrender your ships and planets or face annihilation. 
The Terran Federation is shocked and alarmed by this message.   They try to communicate with the Star Union, but they receive no response.   They realize that they are facing a hostile alien race that wants to destroy them. 
The Terran Federation mobilizes its military forces to defend itself against the Star Union’s attack.   They send their own fleet of warships to Sirius A, led by Admiral James Anderson, commander of TFC. 
The two fleets meet in orbit around Sirius Prime, where a fierce battle ensues.   The Star Union has more ships and better technology than the Terran Federation, but the Terran Federation has more courage and determination. 
The battle lasts for several hours, with both sides suffering heavy losses.   The Terran Federation manages to inflict some damage on the Star Union’s flagship, but they also lose many of their own ships. 
Finally, Admiral Anderson decides to make a desperate move: he orders his remaining ships to ram into the Star Union’s flagship at full speed, hoping to destroy it or at least cripple it. 
The suicide attack succeeds: several Terran ships crash into the Star Union’s flagship, causing massive explosions and fires.   The flagship loses power and control, drifting helplessly in space. 
However, Admiral Anderson also pays a high price: he dies along with most of his crew in the collision. 
The battle ends with a pyrrhic victory for the Terran Federation: they manage to repel the Star Union’s invasion force, but they also lose most of their fleet and their best admiral. 

This is where I will stop writing this story again.   Do you like it so far? Do you want me to continue?

he Rise and Fall of the Terran Federation (continued)
The battle of Sirius A is not the end of the war between the Terran Federation and the Star Union.  It is only the beginning.
The Star Union is enraged by their defeat and vows to take revenge on the Terran Federation.  They launch a massive counterattack, sending more fleets to invade other Terran colonies.
The Terran Federation is caught off guard by this sudden onslaught.  They scramble to defend their colonies, but they are outnumbered and outmatched by the Star Union’s superior forces.
One of the most brutal battles takes place in Epsilon Eridani, where the Terran Federation has a colony on Atlantis, a water world with a large population.
The Star Union sends a fleet of 20 warships to attack Atlantis.  The Terran Federation sends a fleet of 15 warships to defend it.  The two fleets clash in orbit around Atlantis, where a fierce battle ensues.
Here is how the battle unfolds:
• The Star Union’s fleet consists of 5 Cruisers, 10 Destroyers, and 5 Frigates.  The Cruisers are armed with Particle Beam Cannons and Missile Launchers.  The Destroyers are armed with Railgun Batteries and Laser Turrets.  The Frigates are armed with Point Defense Systems and Torpedo Tubes.
• The Terran Federation’s fleet consists of 3 Cruisers, 6 Destroyers, 4 Frigates, and 2 Scouts.  The Cruisers are armed with Gauss Cannons and Missile Launchers.  The Destroyers are armed with Laser Turrets and Torpedo Tubes.  The Frigates are armed with Point Defense Systems and Railgun Batteries.  The Scouts are armed with only sensors and stealth systems.
• The battle begins at long range, where both sides launch volleys of missiles at each other.  The missiles fly through space at high speed, trying to evade each other’s point defense systems.
• Some missiles manage to hit their targets, causing damage and casualties on both sides.  However, most missiles are intercepted or miss their targets due to countermeasures or evasive maneuvers.
• As both sides close in on each other, they switch to using their beam weapons and railguns.  These weapons fire beams of energy or projectiles at high velocity, aiming for vital systems or weak points on enemy ships.
• The beam weapons and railguns inflict more damage than missiles, but they also require more accuracy and power consumption.  Both sides try to maneuver their ships to gain an advantage over their opponents, while avoiding incoming fire.
• As both sides get closer to each other, they also launch torpedoes at each other.  These torpedoes are self-propelled explosives that can track their targets using sensors or guidance systems.
• Some torpedoes manage to hit their targets, causing massive explosions and breaches on enemy ships.  However, most torpedoes are intercepted or miss their targets due to countermeasures or evasive maneuvers.
• As both sides reach close range, they engage in a brutal dogfight, where they use their laser turrets and point defense systems as offensive weapons as well as defensive ones.
• The laser turrets fire pulses of light that can burn through armor or shields on enemy ships.  However, they also have limited range and firing rate compared to beam weapons or railguns.
• The point defense systems fire bursts of projectiles that can intercept incoming missiles or torpedoes on enemy ships.  However, they also have limited power and accuracy compared to beam weapons or railguns.
The battle rages on for several hours, with both sides suffering heavy losses.

This is where I will stop writing this story again for now because it is getting too long for your mobile device screen size limit😅 Do you like it so far? Do you want me to continue?

It's not complicated but the AI didn't write anything that contradicts Aurora. It's fairly competent.

I had it create an example resume for Aurora4x.

Here is an example resume for a captain in Aurora 4X:

Jane Smith (123) 456-7890 jane. smith@email. com


A skilled and experienced captain of a carrier in Aurora 4X, with a proven record of leading successful missions and managing fighter operations.  Adept at strategic planning, tactical analysis, and team coordination.  Seeking a new challenge in a dynamic and competitive environment.


Carrier command and control
Fighter design and deployment
Combat simulation and training
Interstellar navigation and exploration
Diplomacy and communication

Captain of the HMS Invincible, Royal Navy Space Force (RNSF), January 2022 - Present

Commanded a carrier with 24 fighters and a crew of 120 personnel.
Conducted several patrols, reconnaissance, and combat missions in various star systems.
Engaged and defeated enemy forces from the Centauri Republic, the Orion Hegemony, and the Precursor Swarm.
Discovered and surveyed three new habitable planets and established friendly relations with two alien races.
Maintained high standards of readiness, efficiency, and morale among the carrier group.
Captain of the HMS Dauntless, RNSF Academy, June 2020 - December 2021

Instructed cadets on carrier operations, fighter tactics, and space warfare principles.
Supervised simulated exercises and evaluated performance and progress of cadets.
Developed new curriculum and teaching methods to improve learning outcomes.
Received commendations for excellence in teaching and leadership from academy officials.
Educational Background

RNSF Academy (2016 - 2020)

Graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Science in Space Warfare Engineering.
Completed courses on carrier design, fighter construction, combat systems integration, sensor technology, and propulsion theory.
Participated in extracurricular activities such as chess club, debate team, and astronomy club.


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