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Antimatter - Devlog on Subsistence Economy

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The devlog on steam : https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1343010/view/3714951661245061716?

----This is the first part of a series of Devlogs on cities, regions, and industries. There is too much to write about, hence the division. ---

Here is an overview of the planet. We start at a date just after the universe's generation.

The entire planet surface of the planet (pre-explored for your convenience)

The northern region where the city of Drumin stands, with its claimed territory.

The city of Drumin has no industry to speak of, probably a city of despisable tree-hugging beatniks living in self-sufficiency.

Can we bring them to the heavenly light of heavy industry and consumerism? Let's see...

Its capital region, Savas has 12 000 inhabitants, and the entirety of its economy relies on subsistance.

Savas in the game represents an entire region, or hexagonal tile, on the planisphere.

Here we have all our existing industries and developments. Some are created naturally like "Wilderness" and others are human-built or indirectly created (ruins).

The subsistence "industry" is simulated like any other "industry" present on the tile. For example "Wilderness industry" is a simple one that evolves according to climates, biodiversity dynamics (flora), and the influence of other "industries".

The subsistence "industry" is created by default on a pre-industrialized generated city. If a population remains unemployed, it will slowly build subsistence slots for free, and draft jobs to the "industry".

 It aims to provide a minimal standard of living, with vital and basic needs such as housing, food, water, furniture, clothing, but also building materials. The profit is distributed entirely to the workers, and often the worker will buy back the entire production. The subsistence profit per worker also serves as an implicit minimum wage, no one will work for an employer if living on subsistence brings more revenue (ahem...).

While subsistence is created naturally, the "industry" relies on a lot of factors, not all subsistence slots are equal across the different regions. Subsistence in a lush forest, with a coastline and natural resources, will fare much better than in a heavily urbanized/barren region where the only game to hunt is sewer rats. A subsistence economy can even create excedent production for export or domestic uses.

As such, fishing, hunting, gathering, farming, water extraction (from aquifer or coastline),  production of furniture and even scavenging from ruins are simulated.

Even though subsistence is capable of operation without any input, this "industry" has some optional inputs that will increase productivity, if available in good supply.

Therefore, the best approach to careful and self-sufficient industrialization is to first expand the tool industry and supply energy.

About a quarter of the population is capable of working, this value can change according to policies.

The working population is generating a taxable :'-( income. It serves to pay for vital needs (in priority), basic needs, and luxury needs.

We see that no saving is being made across the population, but they sustain themselves pretty well.

A good chunk of the income (16$/year) is spent on food. Nothing on luxury goods.

The value of money : note that money doesn't have a fixed value in terms of actual wealth, the simulation drives the inflation/deflation accordingly and most products don't even have any base value.

[h1]Path to industrialization ?[/h1]
Drumin has a healthy subsistence economy, and 2 rich coal deposits to the northeast and east, but no significant iron deposits.  Coal can be used to fuel a power plant, and to produce iron bars (with iron ore).

The best way to produce tools is with wood and iron bars, but they can also be produced from wood and stones, so even if the importation of iron ore is impossible, industrialization is still viable.

--- The next devlog of the series will follow shortly ---

Watching this with interest.

I can't wait for the open play tests.... because there will be open tests, right?

Wow, Is it like a huge space 4X with super minimalist graphics?

Still looking *amazing*. Can't wait for more info :)


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