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To celebrate the release of 2.4.0, I decided to set my local AI on the next big thing in Aurora - Flags!

Having learned some lessons from making my AI-generated race pictures, I had the AI generating flags that were already in the proportions that Aurora uses - no cutting down images; no worrying about things getting squished!

Anyway, all of these flags were generated from a base flag (either a real flag, a sci-fi/fantasy flag, or one of the default flags that Aurora comes with) and run through an image-to-image prompt of "Flag of the Iron Imperium" - which happens (not coincidentally) to be the name of my current race. This prompt tended to generate sharp corners, weapon-like objects, some knight and beast-looking imagery, and occasionally some Warhammer 40k-like images. Images were generated in batches of 12, and I ended up with about 500 images.

I've painstakingly gone through all those images and trimmed it down to the 125 that I liked the look of best.

Anyway, I hope that you get some utility out of these images - feel free to use some or all of them in your campaigns with my blessing.

Next up - maybe another run of flags with the prompt something like "Flag of the Tentacled Abominations" - see if I can get some really organic shapes going.

Edit: all my preview images appear to have broken - uploading to the forum for hosting instead...

Okay, that actually worked out really well - I'm very happy about this latest batch.

Here's 112 wiggly, squirmy, tentacled abomination flags, all created with the same method to the last batch, but with a generation prompt of "Flag of the Tentacled Abominations."

If anyone's got a some other key words they'd like to see, feel free to make suggestions.

Here's my newest batch - "Flag of the Robotic Eternal Gears"

Honestly, not nearly as successful as my previous attempts - even after generating 300-odd images, I only ended up with 60 images that I really felt worked well.

Ended up more gearpunk than I originally invisaged.

Next Up - "Flag of the Hive, the Endless Swarm"

70 flags focusing on insectoids.

"Flag of the Blinkenlights, AI Collective"

67 Glowing / Computer / Electronics-related flags.


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