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How many FC's does a AMM ship need to defend against multiple salvo's?

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So I'm delving into missiles for the first time and I'm designing a AMM system for a ship which I want to be able to target multiple incoming ASM salvo's.  Do I need a FC for each additional salvo I want to defend against in the same time tick or can single FC target multiple salvo's independently, as long as it has enough missile launchers assigned?

Generally most folks will have one FC per group of launchers, so if your grouping 4 AMM's per target, its common to have 1 FC per 4 launchers. A lot of that depends on your AMMs and your chance to hit and figuring out the optimal number.

We have some math wizards who can chime in on the optimal ratio, im sure. :)

I usually use 6 launcher per FC but this is a made up number.
You could work out how large each salvo you expect to be fired at you will be and then how many missiles you will want to fire at each incoming missile and use that as a number but that has so many variables it is meaningless.
In general if you have too many FC it won't be a problem as multiple FC can engage each salvo but you could have too few

Thanks both, I'll aim for 5ish per FC and see how that does.

I think the crucial missing information here is the size of the Salvo.

Regardless of whether you choose to allocate 2, 3, 5, or any other number of launchers to Fire Controls, it's imperative to consider the size of the Salvo. Dealing with a 50 missiles Salvo is vastly different from handling just a 5 missiles Salvo.

Expanding the discussion, relying solely on AMMs as a PD strategy is excessively costly.

In my opinion, effective PD demands a layered system incorporating AMMs, decoys, and possibly turreted PD, or CWIS.

Back on topic, if the salvos are arriving simultaneously within the same 5-second interval, then you'll require 1 FC system per salvo. You could also opt to assign 1 escort ship per salvo rather than one ship for multiple salvos, and retain only 1 additional FC for redundancy (or split the barrage into 2) while reallocating the saved tonnage to incorporate more launchers.


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