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Amazing game!


Count Sessine:
Hi Steve and all

I've been playing for a couple of weeks now, or three, and I thought it was time to drop in and say how amazing this game is.

Combat: Its very much like I always imagined space combat would be: fast, long range, complicated, deadly and with huge tactical depth... you know what I mean. No more Star Trek circling around each other like two neanderthals slugging it out with rocks. Aurora is uncompromising and I love it

Too bad about the new hardcore gaming rig I just bought with its highend graphics card.. not much use for it now, hehe

4X:  involved, complex and with lots of roleplaying in it.

I find that I like filling out the graphics with my own story... just like Elite back in the days. This game is a gem!

Thanks, Steve, and keep it up.

Steve Walmsley:
Thanks! Always good to be appreciated!


Count Sessine:
Back again and deep into a 1.13 game. Perfect way to spend some vacation hours :)

There is just nothing that compares to Aurora out there (and I'm keeping up on the new 4x games front)-

Playing this version, I can say that it is a lot smoother, no bugs apart from the occasional text box pop-up. On my computer it runs very smoothly, to the tune of 1 day per 0,5 seconds in auto-mode.

A myriad of small improvements is also felt throughout the interface and once you get the hang of it, it really is possible to progress rapidly through the game (that's not how it was back in 2010 when I wrote the original post here).

Well done, Steve. Lots of work have gone into the game since then. In fact, I'm deeper into this current game than any previous game as far as I recall.

Looking forward to 2.0 :)


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