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Episode 4: Advance at a cost
« on: October 06, 2010, 09:42:39 AM »
January 29

Tau Ceti turns out to contain some profitable Resource sites. However, the number of planets is rather low, so it does't reach the profitable Home System.

February 29

It is a sad date for the Federation.
Outworld's lead Archaeologist, Sophie Golz, has been killed on duty in a terrible accident in a digsite on Outworld B I, at the age of just 28.
This is a heavy blow for the Federations Xenoarchaeology Department;
The Administration, given the limited human resources and economy, was unconsciously accepting the Ruins as a replacement for the production and Research volume that could no longer match the Republic Levels.
In her Honor, B1 is renamed Sophie.

Within this terrible news, no one notices the bright spot; The economy is finally running in the positives again.

April 29

On Tau Ceti-A I, ludicrous amounts of resources have been found. The exploitation of those resources, though, is likely another 10 years into the future.

May 29

The Ruins on Sophie have been fully surveyed.
This is the last job for the Sophie Golz Xenology team, which will now disband and eventually reformed under Albert once there is need for a further survey.
There are two more ruin sites on Planets around the Primary, but all of them seem to be rather small, and the Federation has yet to actually excavate any of them.

The Research on Turret Tracking speed is finished, the Turrets can now track targets at 5000km/s without tracking gear.
Until the firecontrol at least catches up to 4000km/s, this will be a rather useless development, so no redesigns are issued.

After the Xenology Team is disbanded, Albert is instituted as the new Governor of Relic, and the Colonels Jana Fichthorn and Benedikt Stadler will be assigend to the 1st Xeno Division to help the upcomming excavation with their tremendous Knowledge.
Benedikt will be promoted to Brigadier General to lead the Brigade HQ.

June 29

The Rapid Embark class Troop Transports are ready.
They will immediately begin ferrying the first Xeno Division to Relic to start the excavation.
High Command has decided to also deploy the Federations two Heavy Assault Battalions to the Planet for protection.
The Incident on Sophie left everyone overly cautious.

News from the Frontier show that Tau Ceti is an incredibly research rich system, with several planets and moons being home to millions of tons of raw heavy materials, some of them in high accessibilities.

July 29

The Federation now has a second specialist in Genetic research. Sadly, it still has no use for that research.

August 29

A great month for the Federation.
The dedication to Archaeology is finally starting to pay off.
Engineer Brigades of the first Xeno have uncovered three mines
and a Research Facility that contained unknown technology.
Scientists expect this to be a whole new approach on Shield technology, but so far the recovered details do not allow further research to be made.

Also, the Naval Support Yard on Homeworld has finally finished it's second slipway, allowing for an additional Backbone to be constructed, and the Fake is finally ready for duty.
Furthermore, the fourth and for now last Argentina Cruiser, the CG Formosa, is finished.

The Economy of the Federation stabilizes when the first trade flares up between the homeworld and Relic, allowing for additional Taxes.


The excavation of Alien ruins on Relic continues and the results are already better than anyone expected.
The 19th Engineers have discovered another Research Facility, containing detailed Information on how to increase the mining speed to 16 tons per mine every year.

November 29

Geodruid 1 Jumps through the only known jump point in Tau Ceti and emerges in Centaurus, as well a Level 6 Nebula, only 180 Million Kilometers from an F6-V Protostar.

Centaurus-A  F6-V (P)  Diameter: 6.7m  Mass: 1.26  Luminosity: 0.63

Centaurus-A I:  Colony Cost: 0.00,  Temperature: 531.6,  Gravity: 0.76,  Orbit: 11.9m
Centaurus-A II:  Colony Cost: 56.18,  Temperature: 905.6,  Gravity: 0.90,  Orbit: 35m
    Carbon Dioxide 99%, Nitrogen Dioxide 1.00%,  Pressure: 168.55
    Total Moons: 1
Centaurus-A III:  Colony Cost: 54.11,  Temperature: 636.4,  Gravity: 1.21,  Orbit: 89m
    Carbon Dioxide 97%, Sulphur Dioxide 3.0%,  Pressure: 162.32
Centaurus-A IV:  Colony Cost: 2.00,  Temperature: -39.9,  Gravity: 0.39,  Orbit: 193m
    Nitrogen 80%, Oxygen (0.02) 13.2%, Sulphur Dioxide (F) 6.8%,  Pressure: 0.14

Especially the 4th Planet seems of Interest.

December 29

Captain Arnim von Cocceji, the Rear Admirals younger Brother, has been killed by an Accident during the coffee break while stationed on Geo Druid 1.
It will take a while until the message will reach the Admiral.

It turns out Centaurus is a Gold mine;

Centaurus-A III:
Duran 18,507,530 (0.1) 
Corb 28,965,920 (0.1) 
Boron 5,846,724 (0.1) 
Merc 28,132,420 (0.1) 
Vend 17,089,960 (0.1) 
Sorium 23,386,900 (0.1) 
Urid 16,451,140 (0.1) 
Corun 8,785,296 (0.1) 
Gall 9,734,400 (0.3) 

Centaurus-A II:
Duran 684,450 (0.3) 
Corb 16,040,030 (0.1) 
Boron 9,922,500 (0.8) 
Vend 13,950,230 (0.1) 
Urid 1,587,600 (0.1) 
Corun 11,390,630 (0.1) 
Gall 893,025 (0.1) 

January 30

It's been over 5 years since the Cut-off.
A statue of Earth is built in the Central Administration.

March 30

At 0000, first March 30, Geodruid one bursts through the Jump Point from Sigma Draconis to bring unsettling news:
A stable Jump Point has opened in Sigma Draconis.
The energy signature was strong enough to be detected 2.5 Billion kms away just by use of passive onboard sensors, and it seemed to have an optical signature as well.

High command is worried about this development, but currently, theres more pressing needs.

June 30

Engineers of the 16th uncover another research facility, including technical data on Jump Drive efficiency 8.
This will surely come in handy in future Ship designs.

August 30

Within a month, the deposits of both Uridium and Gallicite are exausted.
The ground is slowly mined dry, and the Federation has no profitable mining colony anywhere so far.
Luckily, the exploring of the ruins will compensate for the expected lack of production over short.
Current stockpiles are estimated to still last at least a few years.

October 30

Survey and Exploration of new systems has come to a halt, with the exception of a single Gravsurvey ship somewhere out in Tau Ceti.
The Federation is beginning preparations for an Assault into Proxima Centauri.

December 30 and on

It proved the caution that led to the deployment of the Assault Divisions was justified.
The 16th Engineer Brigade uncovered an underground Vault on Relic. Upon opening it, they reactivated unknown robotic soldiers that spilled into the digsite. While the 16th could withdraw into cover, the 17th was cut off and suffered 36% readiness.
The robotic Soldiers weren't invulnerable, though, and a good fifth of them were destroyed by counterfire of the Engineers and supporting artillery from the First Heavy Assault Battalion.
The Battle looked like it would end favorable when the Machines seemingly activated a defensive System in the vault.
The resulting explosion cost the lives of 25000 Miners that were working in an already recovered complex right next to the digsite.

In the next days, combat raged over the Digsite, with both sides digging in. No decisive move could be made by either side, and casualties on both sides stayed low.

On the 23rd, the enemies organization crumbled.
Seeing a hole in their defense, Brigadier General Stadler called for Assault Support.
With Combined fire, the Heavy Assault Battalions advanced into the Vault, wiping 76% of the robotic Defenders without suffering casualties.
The price, however, was still high, as a Construction Factory collapsed under stray fire, burying another 25000 colonists.
Under counterfire, the Assault Troops pulled back.

At Homeworld, the will of the populace to settle on the neighboring planets drastically decreases.
The 17th Engineer Brigade, cut off from combat, continued trying to recover abandoned Installations, but due to the frequent shatter of heavy weapon shells exploding in the proximity, they lost the installations.

On the 28th December, the first Civilian Mining colony was founded on a Moon of B-IX.

The Celebrations for the new year, and the anniversary of the birth of the Republic, are overshadowed by the combat on Relic.
In an attempt to relief the 16th Engineers still holding out, the second heavy Assault Battalion suffers 13% casualties.
However, they also destroyed more than 30% of the enemies remaining forces, which don't seem to thin out noticeably after the last successful attack on the Vault.

on the 12th January 31, the Robots struck again, leaving a destroyed Deep Space Tracking station in their wake.
Again, thousands of colonists lose their lives. In defense, the First Assault Battalion loses 9% of it's men, but they made the Robots pay heavily for it.
The administration considers ordering Garrison Divisions to be moved to relic to cover the Living habitats and work spaces better.

Over the next month, the Robots thinned out, and only rarely a group of more than a hand ful was seen.
The Engineers continued with business as usual; It wasn't a job without it's hazards.
However, it was still not clear if the enemy was really beaten, and they stayed on their guard.