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Hello everyone! After a long hiatus from playing Aurora, I am back!

A new tutorial series is likely to be inbound once I get back into the groove. This new series will hopefully be significantly better than my last one. I am leaving the original post up for now.

Currently, I believe I will start posting videos starting early November, since it will be after midterms, and I'll have a bit a spare time.

--- Quote ---I am making a video tutorial series about Aurora. I'll be covering the basic, along with some more advanced stuff.

My videos
Installation: Starting a new game: The Menus: Part 1: The Menus: Part 2:
Videos by shadenight123
Installazione: feature=channel_video_title

Installation: Indisponible

Videos by Lightsout

Videos by lavenders2
Installing and setting up a new world:
System map and starting economics:
Economics continued:
--- End quote ---

Steve Walmsley:

--- Quote from: Din182 on September 22, 2011, 10:04:14 PM ---I'm strongly thinking about making a series of video tutorials to help new players to to understand the game. I still need to learn a few things, but I feel pretty comfortable playing it now. If I do make the tutorials, it will be on my YouTube channel, which I'll link once I get a video up.
And sorry if you don't want me posting here.

--- End quote ---

Sounds like a great idea. Good luck with it!


a simple video tutorial would help ease people into the interface.  I like it.  Sword of the Stars did them, and that really helped a lot.

Good. I'll try and get the first video up Sunday.

USS America:
One of the guys on the Matrix Games forums did a series of video tutorials for War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition.   They were extremely helpful.   I'm eager to learn from some Aurora video tutorials.    8)


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