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Aegyptus Rises: Introduction
« on: July 27, 2012, 07:57:56 AM »
It was late in the night, the cool Egyptian air was arid, as usual. It was late Autumn, 19 BC. Egypt was a Roman province for nearly 11 years, and many of them still resented the Romans for that fact. It was for that reason that a pair of people had gathered around the ruins of the recently collapsed palace, just off of the Nile.

“I’m telling you Dalia, there’s something about this place!”, Gerai exclaimed.

“Yes, it’s a crumbling icon of our former empire, nothing more. There probably isn‘t anything but stone and garbage here,” she replied.

 Gerai sighed. “Can we just take a look anyways? I think I see a bit of metal sticking out.”

“Fine, but remember, you’re the one whose idea this was.”

They both climbed over the crumbling, low wall. The palace was abandoned for a long time - way before the Romans attacked. It was just now that it’s supports finally started failing. Stepping into the main room, splintered and rotting boards, smashed vases and various other trash littered the floor. The walls were crumbling away, and it didn’t seem that the building would last too much longer.

“What’s this over here?”

Gerai gestured towards a corner of the room. The wall had collapsed, opening up a small stairwell, leading deep underground. They both followed the staircase to the bottom,  it was an open room, clad in a perfectly preserved metal that neither of them knew about. In the center of the room was a pedestal with a fist-sized metal orb floating on it.

“I told you so,” Gerai said.

“Alright, this doesn’t look right. Don’t touch anything,” Dalia chided.

She was a little bit too late; Gerai had already picked up the orb. There was a slight blue flash, and then it receded to  a slight glow.

“Woah!”  Gerai exclaimed, and then turned around. The orb was projecting a wall of  unrecognisable symbols, that slowly were changing to ones they could understand.

It told of a massive ship orbiting the Earth, one that could hold all of Rome itself. The orb finished by showing an image of the ship. Then, a loud churning sound filled the air. Retractable metal hatches slid back, opening up a shaft with a large rocket on it and a small bridge leading over. They walked across, and got in the rocket. Almost right after they got in, the rocket started descending, and then flew forward at an immense speed. Soon, they were in Low-Earth Orbit. The autopilot flew them over to the immense ship that they saw from the orb, and it clamped onto a docking bay. As they were walking down one of the hallways, Dalia shouted

“This could save all our people! Forever!”

20 years later:

Dalia and Gerai had finally filled up every last cryo-pod in the ship with people willing to go. In this time, they had studied the technology behind the ship; it’s computers, it’s structure, every last bit of it. From the computers they learn much - Trans-Newtonian physics, wormhole travel, and most importantly; the homeworld of the people who created the ship. Is was time to go there, and forge a history truly worthy of mankind; to make an empire far greater than Rome, and to make it stand the test of time.

Starting stats:
The Egyptians colonised the old homeworld of that lost race - it was completely in-tact, and they inherited all of their technology. They are a Trans-Newtonian empire called “New Aegyptus”. Now, hard numbers:

Starting Year: 1
Population: 450 Million
Manufacturing Sectors: 90
Shipyards: 3
Research Facilities: 18

Starting tech points: 108000